Pennsylvania State Cemeteries
Mercer County, Pennsylvania

Cemetery Location
All Saints Cemetery Jefferson
Amasa Stone Cemetery Sandy Lake
Amish Cemetery Wilmington
Amish Cemetery Coolspring
Amsterdam Cemetery Liberty
Ball Cemetery Deleware
Baptist Cemetery West Salem
Baptist Cemetery Fairview
Bean Cemetery Pymatuning
Bell Cemetery French Creek
Bethany Cemetery Lake
Bethel Cemetery Deleware
Bethel U.P. Church Cemetery Hickory
Beulah Cemetery Shenango
Black Cemetery Wilmington
Blacktown Cemetery Springfield
Boyd Cemetery New Vernon
Brockway Cemetery Greene
Brown Cemetery West Salem
Busch Cemetery Otter Creek
Caldwell Cemetery Sandy Creek
Carpenter Cemetery Springfield
Carroll Cemetery Worth
Catholic Cemetery Pine
Centenary Cemetery Lake
Center Church Cemetery Pine
Chess Cemetery Sandy Creek
Clarksville Citizens Cemetery Clarksville
Coolspring Cemetery Coolspring
Coolspring Cemetery Fairview
Courtney Cemetery Findley
Covenantor Cemetery Findley
Crestview Cemetery Pine
Crocker Cemetery Wolf Creek
Dan Collins Cemetery West Salem
Daugherty Cemetery Pine
Deer Creek Cemetery French Creek
Deleware Cemetery Deleware
Deleware Grove Cemetery Deleware
Denniston Cemetery Springfield
Duncan Cemetery South Pymatuning
Dutch Hill Cemetery Hickory
Ebenezer Cemetery Wolf Creek
Fairfield Church Cemetery New Vernon
Fairview Cemetery Hickory
Fell Cemetery West Salem
Fell Cemetery Pymatuning
Freeland Cemetery Salem
Freewill Baptist Cemetery South Pymatuning
FrogTown Road Stone Cemetery Hickory
George Ruhlman Farm Cemetery Fairview
Gilliland Cemetery Mill Creek
Glenwood Cemetery Clarksville
Good Hope Cemetery West Salem
Hadley Cemetery Perry
Harthegig Cemetery Fairview
Haywood Cemetery Shenango
Hazen Cemetery Deer Creek
Henderson Cemetery Worth
Hillcrest Cemetery Hickory
Holy Cross Cemetery Farrell
Holy Trinity Cemetery Farrell
Holy Trinity Lutheran Cemetery Hickory
Homer Cemetery Hempfield
Indian Graves Cemetery French Creek
Indiana Cemetery Sandy Lake
IOOF Cemetery Pine
Jenkins Cemetery New Vernon
Jerusalem Cemetery West Salem
Jerusalem Reformed Cemetery Otter Creek
Jewel Cemetery Deer Creek
Keck Graves Cemetery West Salem
Keel Ridge Cemetery Hickory
Kelso Cemetery Perry
Lebanon Cemetery Lackawannock
Leesburg Cemetery Springfield
Long Cemetery Perry
Maple Grove Church Cemetery Deer Creek
McCreery Stone Cemetery Sandy Creek
Mennonite Cemetery Lackawannock
Mercer Citizen's Cemetery Findley
Methodist Cemetery Pine
Millbank Cemetery Fairview
Millbrook Cemetery Worth
Milledgeville Cemetery French Creek
Miller Cemetery East Lackawannock
Morfield Cemetery Farrell
Mount Hope Cemetery New Vernon
Mount Pleasant Cemetery East Lackawannock
Mount Washington Cemetery Jefferson
Moyer Cemetery Deleware
Nazareth Cemetery Springfield
New Findley Cemetery Findley
New Lebanon Cemetery Mill Creek
North Cemetery Greene
North Liberty Cemetery Liberty
Oak Grove Cemetery Fairview
Oak Grove Cemetery Pymatuning
Oakhill Cemetery Sandy Lake
Oakwood Cemetery Hickory
Old Catholic Cemetery Hickory
Old Findley Cemetery Findley
Old Findley Cemetery Hickory
Old Glory Cemetery Hempfield
Old Presbyterian Cemetery Sandy Lake
Old Salem Methodist Church Cemetery Sugar Grove
Old Salem Methodist Church Cemetery Hempfield
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cemetery Farrell
Pardoe Cemetery Findley
Parklawn Cemetery Greene
Patterson Cemetery Hempfield
Pearson Cemetery Jefferson
Perrine Cemetery Worth
Perry Chapel Cemetery Perry
Perry Corners Cemetery Wolf Creek
Pilgrim Fellowship Cemetery Deer Creek
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Jackson
Pope Stone Cemetery Shenango
Presbyterian Cemetery Findley
Presbyterian Cemetery Pine
Presbyterian Cemetery Jackson
Presbyterian Cemetery Shenango
Rainey-McElroy Cemetery Findley
Reed Cemetery Mill Creek
Reichard Cemetery South Pymatuning
Reichart Cemetery Pymatuning
Riverside Cemetery Sharpsville
Rock Ridge Cemetery West Salem
Rock Springs Cemetery Mill Creek
Rose Cemetery Pine
Saint Columbkill Cemetery Sandy Lake
Salem Evangelist Cemetery Otter Creek
Sample Cemetery Hickory
Scotch Hill Cemetery Pine
Seceder Cemetery Hempfield
Sewall Cemetery Lackawannock
Sheakleyville Cemetery Sandy Creek
Shenango Valley Cemetery Greenville
Springfield Cemetery Findley
St. Ann's Cemetery Farrell
St. Anthony's Cemetery Hickory
St. Elizabeth's Cemetery Farrell
St. John's Cemetery Deleware
St. John's Cemetery Hickory
St. Mary's Cemetery Hickory
St. Michael's Cemetery Hempfield
St. Michael's Cemetery Farrell
St. Rose's Cemetery Hickory
St. Stanislaus Cemetery Hickory
State Line Cemetery South Pymatuning
Stevenson Cemetery Salem
Stokely Cemetery Coolspring
Temple Beth Israel Cemetery Hickory
Transfer Cemetery Pymatuning
Trout Island Cemetery Hickory
Union Home Cemetery Wolf Creek
United Brethren Cemetery Shenango
Unity Cemetery Lackawannock
Waldron Cemetery Wolf Creek
West Side Cemetery South Pymatuning
White Chapel Cemetery Wilmington
Woodland Cemetery Pine
Yankee Hill Cemetery Sandy Lake
Zahniser Cemetery Jackson
Zion Cemetery Worth

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