Pennsylvania World War II Draft Registration

Archie Kreiger Knowles

BIRTH 31 JUL 1913 o Port Carbon, Pennsylvania
DEATH 2 OCT 1997 o Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania

Living in Reading, Berks County PA
Date of Enlistment 1/4/41 Harrisburg PA
Serial # -33011871

Discharged from Fort Dix NJ June 1945

We know he was in the Navy as a Private, Technician 5th Grade, we know that he served some time overseas near Japan due to the items we found in his home after his death. Uncle Arch never talked about his service time so we have no stories to refer to.
I did find out from my mother that Uncle Arch drove a tank in Africa against General Rommel and among most of the tanks in his regiment he was one of the only tanks that survived.
The National Archives has only payment records while at Fort Dix. Nothing else, not even a draft registration card due to the fire of 1973.

Contributed by Darlene Baylor

Pennsylvania World War II Draft Registration

Transcribed by Donald Buncie

Serial  Number Name Residence County State Age Place of Birth Contact Employer's Name
U 270 Bunca, Paul Bradenville Westmoreland PA 50 Macadue, New York Nellie Woitkoe, Latrobe, PA Unemployed
U 1278 Dias, Allen Brion Dilltown Indiana PA 45 Dilltown, PA Hannah Dias Superior Coal Co, Heishbon, PA
U 121 Dias, Alonzo A West Wheatfield Twp Indiana PA 62 Indiana, PA Lulu Dias, Blairsville, PA WPA, Indiana, PA
U 2699 Dias, Blair McKinley West Wheatfield Twp Indiana PA 46 Heshbon, PA Mitmara I Dias, Heshbon, PA Unemployed
U 30 Dias, Charley Grumbling Brush Valley Indiana PA 56 Indiana, PA E L Dias, Dilltown, PA Friel Coal Co, Indiana, PA
U 885 Dias, George A Washington Washington PA 58 Green Oak, PA Robert Dias, Donora, PA Unemployed
U 2293 Dias, Gilbert Richard Vintondale Cambria PA 55 Indiana Co, PA Mrs J D Bennett, Vintondale, PA Vaughn Bennett, Vintondale, PA
U 1871 Dias, Harry Earl Forest Hills Allegheny PA 55 Heshbon, PA Clara Bell Dias, Forest Hills, PA W E & M Co, West Pgh, PA
U 2136 Dias, Harry James McKeesport Allegheny PA 56 Coulter, PA Mrs William R Berg, Braddock, PA US War Engineers, Braddock, PA
U 2866 Dias, Ivan Claude Pitcairn Allegheny PA 58 Heshbon, PA Rebecca M Dias, Meadville, PA PA Railroad, Pitcairn, PA
U 2258 Dias, John Gilbert Duquesne Allegheny PA 62 Indiana Co, PA Sarah M Dias, Duquesne, PA Carnegie Illinois Duquesne Works
U 975 Dias, Milward Irwin Brush Valley Indiana PA 47 Heshbon, PA Lucy J Dias, Blairsville, PA Operate own farm
U 2608 Dias, Ralph M Brush Valley Indiana PA 51 Brush Valley Twp, PA Lavina Dias, Dilltown, PA Salt Farmer
U 1372 Dias, Robert Mack Dilltown Indiana PA 57 Brush Valley Twp, PA Hazel Dias, Dilltown, PA Ferrara, Latrobe, PA
U 2136 Dias, Thornton Lee Dilltown   PA 47 Dilltown, PA Edna Dias, Dilltown, PA Postmaster, Dilltown, PA
U 769 Dias, William Albert Langeloth Washington PA 45 Indiana Co, PA Mrs Wm Dias, Langeloth, PA Amer Zinc & Chemical Co
U 1889 Forsha, Chalmers Ross Ligonier Westmoreland PA 55 Derry Twp, Westm'd PA 331 F&AM Ligonier, PA Amer Loco Co, Latrobe, PA
U 1034 Forsha, Clyde Westen Wilkinsburg Allegheny PA 60 Millwood, PA Lillian A Forsha, Wilkinsburg PA PA Railroad, Pittsburgh, PA
U 603 Forsha, Earl Hill Monessen Westmoreland PA 55 Millwood, PA Geraldine Forsha  Pgh Steel
U 2412 Forsha, Harvey Lowman Penn Twp Allegheny PA 63 Millwood, PA Ida Mae Forsha, Wilkinsburg, PA Westinghouse, Pgh, PA
U 700 Forsha, Lawrence Edward Derry Westmoreland PA 51 Millwood, PA Hettie Forsha, Derry, PA PA Railroad, Derry, PA
U 81 Forsha, LLoyd Monessen Westmoreland PA 52 Derry, PA Earl Forsha, Monessen, PA Pgh Steel, Monessen, PA
U 936 Forsha, Philip Ford Derry Westmoreland PA 63 Westmoreland Co, PA Claire Forsha, Derry, PA Self
U 619 Forsha, Ralph Hugh Blairsville Indiana PA 59 Westmoreland Co, PA Sarah Forsha P R R
U 979 Frye, Ammon Erb Palmyra Lebanon PA 58 Palmyra, PA Sybilla Frye, Palmyra, PA Ober & Frye, Palmyra, PA
U 1016 Frye, Andrew Edward Hunker, Hempfield Twp Westmoreland PA 57 New Stanton, PA John Hayes, New Stanton, PA Hunker Sandstone Co, Hunker, PA
U 1347 Frye, Bert Alexander New Salem Borough Westmoreland PA 58 Franklin Twp, Westm'd Co, PA Cora E Frye, sister, Delmont, PA Self
U 1340 Frye, Carl Thornton Laughlintown Westmoreland PA 49 Laughlintown, Westm'd Co, PA Mrs Ida Frye, Laughlintown, PA WL Carstensen, Johnstown, PA
U 54 Frye, Charles James Shawtown Westmoreland PA 62 Shawtown, PA Minnie Frye, Shawtown, PA N Huntington Twp Schools
U 1052 Frye, Charles Lemon Waterford Westmoreland PA 61 Ligonier Twp, PA John Wolford, Ligonier, PA WPA Reservoir, Laughlintown, PA
U 2272 Frye, Charles Monroe Pittsburgh Allegheny PA 48 Greensburg, PA Mrs Katie Griffin, Pgh, PA Third UP Church, Rev Gibson
U 3339 Frye, Clarence Arthur Pitcairn Allegheny PA 51 Greensburg, PA Anna Frye, Pitcairn, PA Westinghouse, Pgh, PA
U 2721 Frye, Cloyd Wilmer Johnstown   PA 48 Windber, PA Ethel P Frye, Johnstown, PA Bethlehem Steel Co
U 267 Frye, Davis Orville Ligonier Twp Westmoreland PA 59 Ligonier Twp, PA Marie Ream, Ligonier Self
U 2551 Frye, Emanuel D Johnstown Cambria PA 63 Ligonier Valley, PA Mrs Howard Statler, Johnstown, PA Unemployed
U 1964 Frye, Ford Stanley Ligonier Twp Westmoreland PA 51 Ligonier, PA Jennie Matilda Frye, Ligonier, PA Rolling Rock Farm
U 2377 Frye, George D W Jeanette Westmoreland PA 55 Greensburg, PA Anna L Frye, Jeanette, PA AW & RB Mellon Estate, Pgh, PA
U 1920 Frye, George Uriah Export Westmoreland PA 51 Westmoreland Co, PA Emma Frye Elliott Co, Jeanette, PA
U 530 Frye, Glenn Rossiter Indiana   PA 46 Ligonier Valley, PA Clara Frye, Indiana, PA Bell Telephone Co, Greensburg, PA
U 690 Frye, Harry Harrison Greensburg Westmoreland PA 57   Robert Smith, Greensburg, PA Self - Farm
U 2599 Frye, Harry Leroy Pittsburgh Allegheny PA 51 Greensburg, PA Mrs Mary Frye, Pittsburgh, PA F W Blackburn, Pgh, PA
U 2995 Frye, Hezekiah Wesley Salem Westmoreland PA 60 Westm'd Co, PA Helen Frye, Greensburg, PA Farmer
U 1201 Frye, Ira David Monessen Westmoreland PA 64 Delmont, PA Lela A Frye, Monessen, PA Pittsburgh Steel Co
U 371 Frye, John Lawrence Latrobe Westmoreland PA 50 Latrobe, PA Mrs Emma Frye Amer Loco Co, Latrobe, PA
U 4607 Frye, John Ralph Mt Lebanon Allegheny PA 50 Westmoreland Co, PA Florence Frye, Mt Lebanon, PA Pittsburgh Railway, So Hills Junction
U 192  Frye, Joseph Wendell Rillton Westmoreland PA 57 Irwin, PA Mrs Joseph Frye, Rillton, PA Westm'd Coal Co, Hutchinson Mine
U 337 Frye, Ralph Wendell Donora Washington PA 51 Bouquet, Westm'd Co, PA F Patricia Frye, Donora, PA American Steel, Donora, PA
U 327 Frye, Raymen Harry Ligonier Westmoreland PA 58 Ligonier, PA Mrs R N Frye, Ligonier, PA Baken Coal Co, Wilpen, PA
U 1313 Frye, Russell T Ligonier Twp Westmoreland PA 47 Ligonier Twp, PA Harry Armer, Ligonier, PA Rolling Rock Farm
U 945 Frye, Samuel Archie Ligonier   PA 52 Latrobe, PA Paul Steel, Latrobe, PA First Nat'l Bank, Latrobe, PA
U 2359 Frye Samuel Hershberger Southfork Cambria PA 57 Westmoreland, PA Mrs Samuel H Frye Stineman's Coal & Coke #4
U 831 Frye, Thomas Gregg Ligonier Twp Westmoreland PA 56 Ligonier Twp, PA C D Clifford, Ligonier, PA T I Phillips, Ligonier, PA
U 1597 Frye, Walter Beam Latrobe Westmoreland PA 45 Latrobe, PA Irene A Frye, Latrobe, PA West Penn Power Latrobe, PA
U 4587 Frye, Wayne Vernon Dormont Allegheny PA 49 Westmoreland Co, PA Ola M Frye, Dormont, PA State Banking Dept, Pgh, PA
U 976 Frye, William Lewis Mt Pleasant Westmoreland PA 53 Weltytown, PA Mrs Tabitha C Rolla, Mt Pleasant, PA Westm'd Co Court House, Gr'bg, PA
U 1706 Frye, Sr, William Roy Penn Twp Westmoreland PA 48 Westmoreland, PA Pearl Edith Frye, Jeanette, PA Self
U 620 Hughes, Clarence Alexandria Hunker  Westmoreland PA 52 Mutual, Westm'd Co, PA Emily Hughes, Hunker, PA Youghiogheny & Ohio Coal Co
U 403 Hughes, Clyde Alfred Greensburg Westmoreland PA 50 Derry, PA Harriet C Hughes, Greensburg, PA PA Railroad, Pittsburgh, PA
U 602 Hughes, George Hostetter Westmoreland PA 46 Westmoreland Co, PA Mrs George Hughes, Hostetter, PA Jamison Coal & Coke Co #20
U 338 Hughes, George Warren Oakmont Allegheny PA 64 Youngstown, PA Nellie I Hughes, Oakmont, PA Edgewater Steel Co, Oakmont, PA
U 2015 Hughes, James Glassport Allegheny PA 57 Rostraver Twp, Westm'd Co Ethel Hughes, Glassport, PA P & L E Railroad, Glassport, PA
U 1391 Hughes, James David Penn Butler PA 62 Westmoreland, PA Myrtle U Hughes, Renfrew, PA Valveline Pipeline, East Butler, PA
U 1603 Marks, Albert Manor Westmoreland PA 47 Pittsburgh, PA Marie A Marks, Manor, PA PA Railroad Power Plant, Pitcairn, PA
U 2227 Marks, Albert O Rankin Allegheny PA 59 Braddock, PA Jean Marks, Braddock, PA McCradt Rogers Co, Braddock, PA
U 601 Marks, Bales McCauley Versailles Twp Allegheny PA 58 Westmoreland, PA Flora Marks, Versailles Twp, PA B & O RR, Pittsburgh, PA
U 1252 Marks, C E Latrobe Westmoreland PA 52 Mt Pleasant Twp, PA Mary Marks, Latrobe, PA Self - Farm
U 888 Marks, Charles Henry Cherry Tree Indiana PA 62 Charlton, PA Margaret Marks, Cherry Tree, PA NY Central RR Co, Jersey Shore, PA
U 1048 Marks, Cyrus Ephraim Rockwood Lebanon PA 47 Lebanon, PA Mrs Mary Hilton, Lebanon, PA Johnston & Farmer Chain Works
U 2471 Marks, Daniel H Quentin Lebanon PA 51 Berks Co, PA Anna Marks, Quentin, PA Hershey Estates, Hershey, PA
U 585 Marks, Domer Joseph near Trauger   PA 53 Westmoreland Co, PA Donald Marks JB Honse, Mt Pleasant, PA
U 1253 Marks, Edward Bryan Greensburg Westmoreland PA 45 Unity Twp, Westm'd Co, PA Myrtle E Marks Jamison Coal & Coke Co #20
U 2504 Marks, Edward Gordon Ligonier Twp Westmoreland PA 56 Ligonier Twp, PA George Marks, Laughlintown, PA WG Marshall, Ligonier Twp, PA
U 1684 Marks, Edwin Franklin Lancaster Lancaster PA 57 Berks Co, PA Sarah Cameron Marks Merchant & Evans Co, Lancster, PA
U 2761 Marks, Elmer Benjamin Quakertown Bucks PA 55 Hereford, Bucks Co, PA Laura Marks, Hereford, PA Bestmade Hoisery Co, Quakertown
U 216 Marks, Frank Whitney Westmoreland PA 52 Whitney, PA Margaret Marks, Whitney, PA Stupakoff Ceramic & Mfg Co, Latrobe
U 583 Marks, Franklin K Bernville Berks PA 51 Lancaster Co, PA Mrs Franklin K Marks, Bernville, PA None
U 1714 Marks, George Augustas Hollidaysburg Blair PA 64 Indiana Co, PA Mrs George Marks, Hollidaysburg, PA Retired
U 2302 Marks, George Hiram Laughlintown Westmoreland PA 47 Ligonier Twp, PA Odessa Marks Ligonier Twp, PA
U 469 Marks, George Magnus Selinsgrove Snyder PA 63 Selinsgrove, PA Benjamin G Shields, Selinsgrove Self
U 789 Marks, George Millard Glassport Allegheny PA 47 West Newton, Westm.d Co Bertha Marks, Glassport, PA National Tube Co, McKeesport, PA
U 1766 Marks, George Washington Manor Westmoreland PA 47 McKeesport, PA Eva P Marks, Manor, PA Westinghouse Electric,E  Pgh, PA
U 2912 Marks, Harold Kemmerer Allentown Lehigh PA 55 Emmaus, PA Mrs Harold K Marks, Allentown, PA Muhlenberg College, Allentown
U 457 Marks, Harry Edward Mammoth Westmoreland PA 55 Kecksburg, PA Elsie Marks, Kecksburg, PA Kecks Bottling Inc, Kecksburg, PA
U 423 Marks, Sr, Harry Edward Mt Pleasant Twp Westmoreland PA 56 United, Westmoreland Co, PA L B Fisher, United, PA Hockensmith, Penn, PA
U 970 Marks, Ira Edward Mammoth Westmoreland PA 47 Mammoth, PA Homer Crouse, Mammoth, PA Self - Farm
U 1200 Marks, Jacob Lawrence Greensburg Westmoreland PA 64 Weltytown, PA Mabel Marks PA Railroad, Greensburg, PA
U 1462 Marks, Jacob Logan Whitney Westmoreland PA 54 Whitney, Unity Twp, PA Florence Marks Retired
U 2347 Marks, Joel Methias Laughlintown Westmoreland PA 55 Laughlintown, PA John Marks, Laughlintown, PA Self
U 1684 Marks, John Cleveland Youngstown Westmoreland PA 57 Ligonier Twp, PA Mary L Marks Latrobe Electric Steel
U 2505 Marks, John Henry Laughlintown Westmoreland PA 53 Laughlintown, PA Mr Joe Marks, Laughlintown, PA WG Marshall, Ligonier Twp, PA
U 1496 Marks, John Michael New Stanton Westmoreland PA 59 Westmoreland Co, PA Dora B Marks, New Stanton, PA Railway Industrial Engr Co, Grb'g, PA
U 2668 Marks, Theophilus C Lilly Cambria PA 60 Indiana Co, PA Sharpy Marks, son, Lilly PA W L Delozier, Lilly, PA
U 503 Marks, Thomas Ray Whitney Westmoreland PA 47 Mutual, PA Pauline Marks, Whitney, PA Union Supply Co, Hostetter, PA
U 309 Marks, William Benjamin Greensburg Westmoreland PA 57 Greensburg, PA Rachel Marks, Greensburg, PA Interstate Accounts Serv, Grb'g, PA
U 2343 Marks, William Cleveland Laughlintown Westmoreland PA 56 Ligonier Twp, PA Viola Marks, Laughlintown, PA George H Soffel, Ligonier Twp, PA
U 3203 Stumpf, Albert Valentine Mt Oliver Allegheny PA 56 Pittsburgh, PA Mrs Mary Stumpf Carnegie Illinois Steel Co, Homestead
U 1839 Stumpf, Bernard Henry Wilkinsburg Allegheny PA 47 Wilkinsburg, PA Myrtle Stumpf, Wilkinsburg, PA Self - Hauling
U 1225 Stumpf, Charles Franklin Portage Cambria PA 54 Carrick, PA Matilda M Stumpf, Portage, PA WPA, Portage, PA
U 149 Stumpf, Conrad N Lebanon Twp Lebanon PA 59 Austria-Hungary Carolina Stumpf, Lebanon, PA Keystone Macaroni, Lebanon, PA
U 1906 Stumpf, Conrad A Pittsburgh   PA 59 Pittsburgh, PA Marie Stumpf, Pittsburgh, PA Allegheny Co Office Bldg
U 2344 Stumpf, Daniel Conrad Pittsburgh Allegheny PA 62 Pittsburgh, PA Ruth Broderick, Pittsburgh, PA P & L E Railroad, McKees Rocks, PA
U 1594 Stumpf, Edward D Pittsburgh   PA 61 Baldwin Twp, Allgheny Co, PA Elizabeth Stumpf, Pittsburgh, PA Unemployed
U 69 Stumpf, Francis William Pittsburgh Allegheny PA 55 Greensburg, Westm'd Co, PA Myrtle M Stumpf, Pittsburgh, PA Westinghouse Electric, PA
U 2666 Stumpf, George William Pittsburgh Allegheny PA 53 Pittsburgh, PA Bertha Stumpf, Pittsburgh, PA J & L Steel Corp, Pittsburgh, PA
U 1468 Stumpf, Harry Domonick Wilkinsburg Allegheny PA 64 Pittsburgh, PA Mrs Harry D Stumpf, Wilkinsburg, PA Self
U 288 Stumpf, Harry Edward Pittsburgh Allegheny PA 60 Pittsburgh, PA Geo Cauley, Hazlewood Unemployed
U 2816 Stumpf, Herman Joseph Pittsburgh Allegheny PA 64 Allegheny, PA Walter W Stumpf, Pittsburgh, PA Unemployed
U 1781 Stumpf, James Oliver Reynoldsville   PA 60 Indiana Co, PA Nettie Stumpf, Reynoldsville, PA WPA Franklin, PA
U 1840 Stumpf, Jesse Myrle South Fork Cambria PA 55 Indiana, PA Robert Beskebile, South Fork, PA Murry Smith, Indiana, PA
U 791 Stumpf, Joseph George Latrobe Westmoreland PA 52 Homestead, PA P R Shutt, Latrobe, PA Pearce Mfg Co, Latrobe, PA
U 381 Stumpf, John I Blairsville Indiana PA 61 Burrell Twp, PA Myrtle Jane Stumpf, Blairsville, PA WPA Blairsville, PA
U 2352 Stumpf, Norris Odin Hillsdale Indiana PA 53 Montg'y Twp, Ind Co, PA Annie Stumpf, Hillsdale Self - Farm
U 684 Stumpf, William Conrad Latrobe Westmoreland PA 53 Pleasant Unity, PA Anna Stumpf, Latrobe, PA Valley Wholesale Co Inc, Latrobe, PA

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