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World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel
Unknown County PA

Transcribed by Tammy Clark

Update:  This was lost in my emails:  

Albert Floyd McCardle
Larry writes "I have a very small piece of information that some family will appreciate. Under the heading WW II Honor List…Unknown Counties is Lt. Albert Floyd McCardle. He was a resident of Indiana, PA. and attended Pitt c. of '42 where he was a member of Phi Gamma Delta. He was a friend of the author Bert Stiles. I am doing some research on Stiles and have letters he wrote about his friendship with Lt. McCardle. I would be happy to share these remembrances with any of his relatives. -- Larry Miller  lmiller4@comcast.net

Surname Given Name Serial No. Rank Status
ALEXANDER Robert S 33295548 PVT DNB
ASHFORD James C 33024457 TEC 4 KIA
AURENTZ Russell J Jr 02060449 2 LT KIA
BAIR Henry L 33292071 S SG DNB
BAMOTAI Charles G 02064505 1 LT KIA
BARROW John J 33810386 CPL KIA
BAUER Bernard D 32884173 S SG DNB
BAUS Paul Jr 0-773084 2 LT KIA
BEALE Charles L 33007225 SGT KIA
BERKOWITZ Philip 32897692 PFC DNB
BOYD George H 0-729600 2 LT KIA
BRANDON Joseph S 33030213 PVT DNB
BRENDEL John H 33162544 PVT KIA
BRIGHT Harold M 0-428652 CAPT M
BRUSASCO John L 32908614 S SG DNB
BUCKOVICH George P 33018541 PVT DNB
BUGNO Harold 01288002 CAPT KIA
BULFIN Everett C 32887210 PFC DNB
BURKLECA Daniel 02056548 2 LT FOD
BYRD Kenneth S 0-382312 2 LT DNB
CALDERWOOD Arthur A 0-887905 2 LT KIA
CALDWELL Fred 33287308 PFC DNB
CAMPBELL William P 0-509095 CAPT KIA
CARE John B 01046034 1 LT DNB
CASSIDY Charles H Jr 01557704 1 LT KIA
CHAPPELLE Roscoe 01325058 2 LT KIA
CHICKOTA Michael G 6559115 T SG DOW
CIESLAK Edward 6907088   DNB
CLARKE Frank K 0-234675 LT C DNB
COBBS Charlie T 33810689 TEC 5 DNB
COHEE John P 33897091 PFC DNB
CONNORS Robert M 32880449 PVT DNB
COMA Albert J 33081073 PVT DNB
CONWAY Fredrick H 32666333 PFC DNB
COOKE John A 32986956 PVT DNB
COSTELLO Clarence P 1033181 M SG DNB
CRAIG William C 01695378 1 LT KIA
CREEK Edward J 01318764 1 LT KIA
CSURICS Louis S 33873790 SGT DNB
CUTLER Alvin A 01314104 2 LT KIA
DE LONG Thomas H 6893304 PFC DNB
DELANEY Paul J Jr 01319931 1 LT KIA
DEMPSEY Joseph A 33146365 PVT KIA
DIXON William 32932404 PVT DNB
DRUCKER Nathan 32892933 PVT DNB
ELPERN Ivan I 0-385676 1 LT KIA
ELVERSON Frank W 01845565 1 LT KIA
EVANS Bruce W 0-822897 1 LT KIA
FEDOR George 33034051 TEC 4 DNB
FENSEL Albert J 0-792572 1 LT FOD
FILBURN Daniel M 01304195 CAPT KIA
FINEGAN John P 01306712 1 LT KIA
FITZERALD William J 32967908 PFC KIA
FOLEY Joseph M 33141358 PVT DNB
FORBES John 33596490 PFC DNB
GALLAGHER Jesse M 13030396 SGT KIA
GARIS Charles R 01822554 1 LT KIA
GEHRING Richard M 0-823837 1 LT KIA
GETZ Fred K 02068024 2 LT KIA
GINDER Charles H Sr 33486687 SGT KIA
GLASSEL John W T-138944 FL O DNB
GRAZIUL Henry E 01289900 1 LT DOW
HANDSHEW Troy W 6893264 SGT M
HARMAN James 0-412851 MAJ FOD
HARVEY Charles P 01317085 1 LT KIA
HARRISON Charles E 01327837 2 LT KIA
HINES Ralph M N 0-429736 1 LT DNB
HOUSER Oscar W 20315036 T SG FOD
JANKOWSKI Henry E 32933326 PFC DNB
KAY Stanford A 02060304 2 LT KIA
KAYE Martin S 32899262 CPL DNB
KENNEDY Thomas J Jr 02085106 2 LT DNB
KERFOOT George A 33103521 CPL DNB
KIESTER Charles W 33080528 S SG DNB
KING Harry 13025004 PVT DNB
KNAUSS John R 0-820510 2 LT KIA
KOLCHAK John 02000034 2 LT DOW
KOMOSINSKI Charles E 01312642 2 LT KIA
KORNS Charles B Jr 0-420171 1 LT DNB
KREBS Edward H 33875738 PVT FOD
LA VAN Roy E T-067162 FL O DNB
LEE James T 33732243 PVT DNB
LENTZ Ralph H 0-707285 1 LT KIA
LEVIN Solomon D 33004715 PVT DNB
LEWIS Charles T 02049623 2 LT KIA
LO CICERO Joseph L 32961235 PFC KIA
MACAROFF William E 32900275 PVT FOD
MARRON William A 01323270 1 LT KIA
MARR Alice A N-761670 2 LT DNB
McCARDLE Albert F 0-446528 1 LT KIA
McCARTHY Robert E 13025271 PVT FOD
McCLELLAN Robert F 02000538 2 LT KIA
McCOULEY Russell G 33153622 PFC DNB
McGRADY John F 02068427 2 LT KIA
MICHALSKI Alfred K 33036170 CPL DNB
MILLER John H 33671859 TEC 5 DNB
MINSER Ralph E 3562406 PVT DNB
MOORE Earl G 13080105 SGT DNB
MOSS James A 0-794281 CAPT KIA
NASCHOLD Karl F Jr 13099760 SGT KIA
NEWMAN Louis 33740542 PVT DNB
ODONNELL John A 13052466 PVT DNB
OHARRAH Ralph M 0-689182 2 LT KIA
OLEARY John F 32884757 PVT DNB
PARSON John E 0-438103 1 LT DNB
PAUZA Joseph M 1323349 2 LT KIA
PAVLENICH Thomas G 33163975 S SG DNB
PEARLMAN Philip 32999076 SGT DNB
PEPPER Charles E 35025386 TEC 4 KIA
PERKINS Robert E 33297432 T SG FOD
PHELAN John J 01308044 2 LT KIA
PHILIPOVICH Alex 0-777803 2 LT KIA
RAEZER Charles E 01292232 1 LT KIA
RASOR Edward C 35025507 S SG DNB
REESE James M 0-792634 1 LT FOD
REGNIER Robert F 02066198 2 LT KIA
RENDA George J 33161965 PFC KIA
REPASKY John 6529135 PFC KIA
RIEGEL James S 13026997 PVT DNB
RIMER Steve 32154192 PVT DNB
ROCHE Charles W 01315866 1 LT KIA
RODGERS John E 33507201 SGT KIA
ROMMEL William 01307079 2 LT KIA
ROWE Joseph A 33293915 TEC 5 KIA
RUBBO Philip C 33071776 CPL DNB
SASSAMAN Joseph A Jr 33827526 SGT M
SCHANTZ Elmer G 01316218 1 LT KIA
SCHERPE William A 32899898 PFC DNB
SCHLECHT Eric 0-695976 1 LT M
SCHOLAERT Lawrence 33712751 PVT FOD
SCHULMAN Jack M 32897766 PVT FOD
SCOTT Edward M 32887497 PVT DNB
SCRABIS Charles Jr 02000018 2 LT KIA
SHOBER Joseph N Jr 02074606 2 LT DNB
SHULLO George R 0-758868 2 LT KIA
SKISCIM John A 0-712319 1 LT DOW
SMITH Robbie W 33443105 PVT DNB
SMULIK Bolick 6890110 TEC 4 KIA
SNYDER Daniel S 33370907 S SG KIA
SPEAR Albert S 0-764492 2 LT KIA
SPLEEN Robert F 13164590 PFC KIA
STRASSNER Bright M 33612222 PVT KIA
SUCEVIC Stephen J 33140160 SGT KIA
SULESKI Anthony A 32153649 TEC 5 DNB
SWIECHOCKI Edward J 33304238 S SG KIA
TEMAR Charles J 33177456 PFC KIA
THOMPSON William S 01304147 2 LT KIA
TIDESWELL Albert R 0-904644 CAPT DNB
TRAVIS Laird D 0-823176 2 LT KIA
VATASSEK Edward J 36111200 TEC 5 KIA
VITOUS John F 33136555 PFC KIA
WALDEN James M 32981919 SGT DNB
WALSH Harold F 0-668850 2 LT DNB
WASSON Charles O 0-516677 2 LT DNB
WEISS Alfred A 01289659 CAPT KIA
WERST Lester E 33834253 PVT DNB
WHALEN Matthew 0-022102 MAJ KIA
WHEELER Ernest E 0-811161 1 LT FOD
WHITE Bruce W 33750232 PVT DNB
WILLIAMS W P Jr 0-659854 2 LT DNB
WINGFIELD Keith D 0-754797 1 LT KIA
WINKIS Alexander J 16100545 PFC DNB
WOODLE Kenneth A 0-431323 2 LT DNB
WOOLCOCK Daniel B Jr 0-548044 1 LT KIA
WRAY Joseph A 01309643 2 LT KIA
YINGLING Robert C 20319873 TEC 4 KIA
ZELLERS Kenneth E 33011286 M SG M

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