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Montgomery County PA Baptisms

Baptisms by the Rev. John Peter Miller 1731 - 1734

Source: A History of the Goshenhoppen Reformed Charge
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (1727-1819) Pages 277-281
By Rev. William John Hinke, Ph.D., D.D. - 1920

Transcribed by Vicki Koller Hartman for Genealogy Trails July 2009

Name Date Parents Witnesses
LABAAR , Elisabetha Aug 1731 Philip Labaar and wife Fridrich Hillegas and wife
MAURER , Anna Maria & Jacob Aug 1731 Fridrich Maurer and wife Anna Maria Segler and Jacob Maurer
WELCKER , Maria Susanna Aug 1731 Johan Georg Welcker Maria Susanna Zimmermann
FISCHER , Anna Catharina Aug 1731 Herman Fischer and wife Anna Catharina, wife of Joh. Mack
HAG , Johann Wilhelm Aug 1731 Andreas Hag and wife Joh. Wilhelm Schmidt and wife
RETHER , Johann Adam Aug 1731 Henrich Rether and wife Michael Rether and Susanna Zimmermann
LUTZ , Elisabetha Barbara Aug 1731 Joh. Michael Lutz Friddich Hilligas and wife
DECKER , Anna 6 Jun 1731 Herman Decker and wife Anna, wife of Georg Best
HEYDER , Johann Adam 6 Jun 1731 Michael Heyder Johann Adam Blanck
LABAAR , Johanna Elisabetha 6 Jun 1731 Joh. Wilhelm Labaar and wife Johanna Elisabetha, Frantz Stupp's daughter
TRANSOU , Johann Abraham 6 Jun 1731 Abraham Transou and wife Michael Schell
KOB , Johann Adam 22 Aug 1731 Johann Jost Kob and wife Johann Adam Beuscher and wife
DANCKEL , Johannes 22 Aug 1731 Jacob Danckel and wife Johannes Bingeman and wife
HENCKEL , Anna Maria Elisabetha 22 Aug 1731 Jost Henckel and wife Valentin Griesemer and his wife
and Marie Elisabetha Henckel
RATENBUSCH , Maria Margaretha 21 Sep 1731 George Rautenbusch and wife Jacob Danckel and wife
HUTH , Johann Philip 21 Sep 1731 Johannes Huth and wife Johann Philip Emmerth and wife
SCHMITT , Johann Jacob 31 Oct 1731 Wilhelm Schmitt and wife Jacob Keller and wife
LANG , Maria Magdalena 9 Apr 1732 Elias Lang and wife Maria Magdalena, wife of Ludwig Schlosser,
Anna Maria, wife of Georg Philip Schuman
BLEULER , Anna Elisabetha 9 Apr 1732 Johannes Bleuler and wife Peter Diethert and wife
SELER , Johann Jost 9 Apr 1732 Joh. Host Seler and wife Jost Henckel and wife
SCHMITT , Wilhelm & Abraham 11 Apr 1732 Jacob Schmitt and wife Wilhelm Schmit, Abraham Saler
EMMERT , Johannes 15 Apr 1732 Johan Philip Emmert and
Maria Catharina, his wife
Johan Hut and wife
HOFFMAN , Andreas 16 Apr 1732 Burckhard Hoffman and wife Andreas Maurer and
Anna Maria Zimmermann
WETZEL , Johann Peter 16 Apr 1732 Jacob Wetzel and wife Johann Peter Muller
BLANCK , Johann Wilhelm 4 Jun 1732 Hans Adams Blanck and wife Wilhelm Labaar and wife
HILLIGAS , Elisabetha Barbara 4 Jun 1732 Fridich Hilligas and wife Anna Barbara, daughter of Kaspar Kamm
HAMMAN , Anna Maria 4 Jun 1732 Thomas Hamman and wife Anna Maria, wife of Christian Lehman
BISSBING , Anna Clara 4 Jun 1732 Henrich Bissbing and wife Henrich Bissbing and wife
SCHELLHAMMER , Christophorus 4 Jun 1732 Philip Jacob Schellhammer and wife Christophorus Schmitt
GRIESHEIMER , Johan Leonhard 11 Jun 1732 Valentin Griesheimber and wife Johann Leonhard Hochenuch
EBERHARD , Johann Michael 11 Jun 1732 Joseph Eberhard and wife Johan Micahel Eberhard
RENNBERG , Elisabetha 11 Jun 1732 Johannes Rennberg and wife Adam Wanner
EBERHARD , Anna Margaretha 11 Jun 1732 Joseph Eberhard and wife Margaretha, wife of Michael Eberhard
LAUER , Johann Georg 30 Jul 1732 Johan Peter Lauer and wife Johann Georg Zimmerman
MAURER , Andreas 30 Jul 1732 Jacob Maurer and wife Andreas Maurer
EUCHELING , Leonhard 24 Nov 1732 Johann Adam Eucheling and wife Leonhard Schmid and
Anna Maria Herbig,
both single.
GUCKER , Susanna 24 Nov 1732 Bartholomeus Gucker ans wife Christopher Schmit and wife
WALBERT , Christophorus 24 Nov 1732 Peter Walbert and wife Christopher Schmit and wife
STADLER , Susanna Catharina 21 Jan 1733 Johan Adam Stadler and wife Philip Emmert and wife
MAURER , Johann Fridrich 21 Jan 1733 Johan Fridrich Maurer and wife Fridrich Hilligas and wife
STAP , Johannes 25 Mar 1733 Paul Strap and wife Johannes Hut and wife
DOTTERER , Maria Margaretha 25 Mar 1733 Michael Dotterer and wife Hermann Fischer and wife
HUTH , Johann Conrad 22 Apr 1733 Balthasar Huth and wife Conrad Kolb
FISCHER , Johann Jacob 20 May 1733 Jacob Fischer and wife Jacob Hoffman and wife
EMMERT , Maria Catharina 20 May 1733 Johann Philip Emmert and wife Adam Stadler and wife
HERTZEL , Johann Georg 20 May 1733 Ulrich Hertzel and wife Peter Moll
MOLL , Catharina 20 May 1733 Christopher Moll and wife Jacob Fischer and wife
BINGEMAN , Henrich 20 May 1733 Johan Bingeman and wife Henrich Rether and wife
RAUTENBUSCH , Peter 20 May 1733 Georg Rautenbusch and wife Peter Rautenbusch
ZIMMERMAN , Joh. Michael 20 May 1733 Michael Zimmerman and wife Michael Rether and Susanna Zimmermann
HOLTZHAUSER , Johannes 17 Jun 1733 Casparus Holtzhauser and eife Johannes Bingeman and wife
WANNER , Anna Margaretha 17 Jun 1733 Adam Wanner and wife Martin Budding and wife
FISCHER , Maria Barbara 15 Jul 1733 Herman Fischer and wife Andreas Eccert, single and
Maria Barbara Mack, single.
HESS , Johann Henrich 12 Aug 1733 Peter Hess and wife Henrich Rether and wife
LABAR , Anna Maria 12 Aug 1733 Wilhelm Labar and wife Adam Blanck and wife
DIETERTH , Anna Maria 16 Sep 1733 Peter Dieterth and wife anna Maria, wife of Joh. Bleuler
LOHER , Feronica 17 Oct 1733 Andreas Loher and wife Johannes Zechler and wife
DANCKEL , Anna 17 Oct 1733 Jacob Danckel and wife Georg Heilig and wife
STEINMAN , Anna Barbara 11 Nov 1733 Joh. Georg Steinman and wife Anna Barbara Steinman
WILLAUER , Johann Adam 1 Jan 1734 Christian Willauer and wife Johann Adam Beuscher and wife
MATERN , Maria Margaretha 1 Jan 1734 Peter Matern and wife Henrich Buskerk and Margaretha, his wife
TRANDSU , Johan Jacob 28 Jul 1734 Abraham Trandsu and wife Jacob Keller and Anna Maria, his wife
HEITER , Anna Maria 28 Jul 1734 Michael Heiter and wife Catharina Anna Maria Heck
BUTZ [Lutz] , Johan Adam 28 Jul 1734 Hans Michael Butz [Lutz] and Maria Margaretha, his wife Johann Adam Beuscher and wife
KRONER , Margaretha 28 Jul 1734 Joh. Georg Kroner and Anna Elisabetha, his wife Johannes Geiger and Anna Margaretha, his wife
HUTH , Johannes 28 Jul 1734 Joh. Hut and Anna Maria, his wife Joh. Philip Emmerth
EMMERTH , Anna Maria 28 Jul 1734 Joh. Philip Emmerth and Maria Catharina, his wife Joh. Hut and Anna Maria, his wife

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