Oath of Allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania

Contributed by Linda Dougan

We whose names are hereunto Subscribed. Do solemnly and sincerely Declare and Swear, ( or affirm). That the State of Pennsylvania is and of right out to be a free and Sovereign State and independent State--and I do forever renounce all Allegiance, Subjection,and Obedience to the King or Crown, of Great Britain, and I do further swear, (or solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm), that I never had since the declaration of Independence, directly or indirectly aided, assisted,abetted, or in any wise countenanced the King of Great Britain, his Generals, fleets,or armies; or there adherents in there claims upon these United States, and that I have ever since the Declaration of Independence thereof demeaned myself as a faithful citizen and subject and subject of this or some one of the United States, and that I will at all times maintain and support the freedom, sovereignty, and Independence therof.

Taken from the Oath of Allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania, between the years of 1777 and 1789

By Thompson Westcott


Decr.11, Henry Schwalbah

12, Benjamin Loxly,Junr, late prisoner in Europe.

14, David Jones, Farmer

15, John Crowden (his mark) of Philada,Labourer.

John Weyant.

16, John Stone

Adam Hubley, of Philada, Mercht

Jacob Harmen, of Philada, Mercht, Affirmed

James McGill (his mark), do. Labourer

Decr. 18, John Nixon

J.M. Nesbitt -------- Auditors of Accounts.

Benj. Fuller

Bartholomew Moore, Mariner, lately in the State fleet.

19, Abraham Levering, Roxborough. Affirmed.

Jacob Gilbert, Jinr.

Jacob Gilbert, the elder.

Caspar Sauder.

21, Michael Orner, Labourer

Andrew Brand, Grocer

Leonard Kromer, Northern Liberties

Everhart Geiss (his mark), Northern Liberties

John Righter, Roxborough.

22, Benjamin Pasciall, Esq. Affirmed

Robert Jewell. Affirmed

Charles Bower, Sworn Dec 24th

Joseph Reed, President of the Executive Council.

George Bryan, Vice President

Joseph Hart

John Macky

Matthew Smith

James Reed

Jacob Arndt

Thomas Scott

Timothy Matlack

Daniel Righter, Roxboroug

25 Michael Righter, do

John Righter, do.

James Horner, of Philada, Sadler


Decr.27,Joseph Stretch, of Philada, Merct. Affirmed

Samuel Langdale, do. do do

George Chandlers, of do escort do

William Matlack, do watchmaker do

28, Andrew Doz, Philada, Gent

30, Jacob Conrad Jr, ( his mark), Lower Merrion


Jan, 1, Fredrick Seegez, Shopkeeper

Samual Lyon, Commissary

James Dunlap, Philada, Physician

2, Peter Crispn, Roxbury

John Tibin Jr, do

Joseph Leaman (his mark), do

Michael Smith (his mark), Merrion. Farmer

William Kidd, Schoolmaster.

4, Philip Rumble (his mark), Labourer

Michael Metzinger (his mark) Weaver

5, Nicholas Jacobs, Cordwainer

William Lawrence, Hatter. Affirmed

Philip Truckenmiller (his mark) Affirmed

Jonathan Draper, Corwainer

John Gardner, do

Martin Benner (his mark)

Peter Sutter, Hatter

George Atkinson, Ship Capt

Adam Myrtelus, Blacksmith

Jacob Eringer, of Philada, Hoser

Miles Hillborn, Mercht, Affirmed

Andrew Tybout, Hatter

Levy Marks, Taylor

1779, Names.

Jan 5, Barnaby Dempsey (his mark) Labourer.

9, John Frey (his mark) of Abbendon

James Claypool Esq. High Sherriff

John Keble, Clerk

Richard Salter, Shipwright

Thomas Vaughn, do

Nathaniel Green, do

Lewis Hazlewanger, (his mark) do

Conrad Lutz, do

John McKim.

13, Jacob Graff, Philada

Jacob Beecher, Lancaster Co

John Andrews, (his mark) Philada, Waterman

14, Andrew Mervine (his mark) Cooper

Benjamin Leavering (his mark) Cordwainer

16, John Kelly, Asst. Bar. Masr. Who also took oath of office.

18, Edward Kearn, of Philada, Scrivener.

21, John Weaver, late in the American Military Service.

26, Joseph Shriver, of Philada, Butcher

28, John Amos, Lower Merrion, Shoemaker,

Jacob Amos, (his mark), Roxborough

29, Christopher Baker

30, Thomas McDowell, of Philada, Soapboiler

Feb 3, Joseph Sellers, Kingsessing. Affirmed

4, William Hllingshead Esq

William Albrecht, Philada, Barber.

Wendall Kingsfield, Lower Merrion

10, William Cochran, L. Merrion

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