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Somerset County Cemeteries


Please note this is not a complete listing of the cemeteries in Somerset County, PA

  Transcribed from the WPA Project Cemetery Listing transcribed by Terri Griffiths 

                    CEMETERY NAME                                 TOWNSHIP
  Ackerman Cemetery                                                     Northampton
  Addison Borough Cemetery                                          Addison
  Altfather Burial Ground                                                 Brothersvalley
  Altfather Cemetery                                                        Brothersvalley
  Altfather Cemetery                                                        Stonycreek
  Amish Mennonite Cemetery                                          Summit
  Amish Mennonite Church Cemetery (#1)                       Elk Lick
  Amish Mennonite Church Cemetery (#2)                       Elk Lick
  Anderson Cemetery                                                      Lower Turkeyfoot
  Ankeny Cemetery                                                         Somerset
  Ankeny Square Burial Ground                                       Somerset
  Augustine Burial Ground #1                                          Addison
  Augusting Burial Ground #2                                          Addison
  Baer Burial Ground                                                        Somerset
  Baker Burial Ground                                                      Jefferson
  Baker Cemetery                                                             Larimer
  Bakersville Lutheran Cemetery                                        Jefferson
  Baptist Church Cemetery                                                Jenner
  Barons Cemetery                                                            Middlecreek
  Bauman Cemetery                                                           Middlecreek
  Bauman Graveyard                                                          Jefferson
  Beachley Burying Ground                                                 Elk Lick
  Beachley Cemetery                                                          Brothersvalley
  Beachy Farm Cemetery                                                    Elk Lick
  Beachy Grave Yard                                                          Elk Lick
  Beam Cemetery                                                                Lincoln
  Beechley Burial Ground                                                    Addison
  Bender Cemetery (#1)                                                      Summit
  Bender Cemetery (#2)                                                      Summit
  Bender Farm Graveyard                                                    Elk Lick
  Berkey Cemetery                                                              Paint
  Berkey Cemetery (#1)                                                       Jenner
  Berkey Cemetery (#2)                                                       Jenner
  Berkey, Joseph Grave Yard                                               Paint
  Berkley Cemetery                                                              Brothersvalley
  Berkley Cemetery                                                             Stonycreek
  Berkley's Mill Cemetery                                                    Summit
  Berlin I.O.O.F. Cemetery                                                 Brothersvalley
  Berlin Lutheran Cemetery                                                 Brothersvalley
  Berlin Reformed Cemetery                                               Brothersvalley
  Bethany Evangelical Church Cemetery                             Jefferson   
  Bethel Church of God Cemetery                                      Upper Turkeyfoot
  Bethel-Paddytown Cemetery                                           Upper Turkeyfoot
  Beulah Evangelical Church Cemetery                               Lincoln
  Bittner Cemetery                                                             Northampton
  Black Burial Ground                                                        Brothersvalley
  Blauch (old Henry) Cemetery                                          Quemahoning
  Blauch Cemetery                                                              Brothersvalley
  Blaugh Cemetery                                                              Brothersvalley
  Blough Cemetery                                                              Quemahoning
  Blough Cemetery (#1)                                                       Conemaugh
  Blough Cemetery (#2)                                                       Conemaugh
  Blough Cemetery (#3)                                                            Conemaugh
  Blough Mennonite Cemetery                                               Conemaugh
  Boardman Burial Ground                                                     Addison
  Bockes Cemetery                                                                    Summit
  Bowman Cemetery                                                                Northampton
  Bowman Farm Cemetery                                                      Northampton
  Bowser Burial Ground                                                            Addison
  Bowser Burial Ground                                                            Summit
  Bowser Cemetery                                                                    Addison
  Boyer Burial Ground                                                              Stonycreek
  Boyer Cemetery                                                                      Jenner
  Boyts Burial Ground                                                              Quemahoning
  Brant Cemetery                                                                       Allegheny
  Braucher Cemetery                                                                Brothersvalley
  Brendle Burial Ground                                                           Lincoln
  Brenhiser Burial Ground                                                        Summit
  Brenison Cemetery                                                                 Brothersvalley
  Brenneman Graveyard                                                          Elk Lick
  Bretheran Church Burial Ground                                         Summit
  Bretheran Church Cemetery                           Ogle
  Bridegum Cemetery                                                               Northampton
  Broadwater Cemetery                                                            Northampton
  Brooks Grave                                                                           Lower Turkeyfoot
  Brooks Tunnel Grave  (#1)                                                    Lower Turkeyfoot
  Brooks Tunnel Graves (#2)                                                   Lower Turkeyfoot
  Brown Burial Ground                                                             Summit
  Brown Cemetery                                                                     Greenville
  Brubaker Cemetery                                                                Brothersvalley
  Buckstown Cemetery                                                             Shade
  Burkhart Burial Ground                                                         Fairhope
  Burkholder Burial Ground                                                     Summit
  Burkholder Cemetery (#1)                                                    Summit
  Burkholder Cemetery (#2)                                                    Summit
  Burkholder Grave Yard                                                         Summit
  Cable Cemetery                                                                    Brothersvalley
  Calvary Cemetery                                                                  Jenner
  Campbell Burying Grounds                              Addison
  Casebeer Burial Ground                                                        Lincoln
  Casebeer Lutheran Church Cemetery                                Lincoln
  Catholic Cemetery                                                                  Brothersvalley
  Catholic Cemetery                                                                  Somerset
  Catholic Priests Cemetery                                                     Allegheny
  Centerville Lutheran Cemetery                       Milford
  Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery                Jenner
  Christ/Crist Farm Burying Ground                                       Quemahoning
  Christner Burial Ground                                                         Elk Lick
  Christner Cemetery (#1)                                                        Summit
  Christner Cemetery (#2)                                                        Summit
  Church of Brethern Cemetery                         Somerset
  Church of God Cemetery                                                      Upper Turkeyfoot
  Clark Cemetery                                                                       Stonycreek
  Claypole Cemetery                                                                 Summit
  Cober (Elias) Cemetery                                                          Brothersvalley
  Cober Cemetery (#1)                                                              Brothersvalley
  Cober Cemetery (#2)                                                              Brothersvalley
  Collier Burial Ground                                                             Addison
  Comp Cemetery                                                                      Southampton
  Confluence Baptist Cemetery                         Lower Turkeyfoot
  Confluence Borough Cemetery                                           Lower Turkeyfoot
  Cook Cemetery                                                                       Southampton
  Countryman Burial Ground                            Brothersvalley
  Cramer (Luther) Burial Ground                                            Addison
  Cramer-King Burial Ground                             Milford
  Croner Burial Ground                                                             Brothersvalley
  Crossroads Burial Ground                                                     Lower Turkeyfoot
  Custer Cemetery                                                                     Paint
  Custer Cemetery (#1)                                                             Conemaugh
  Custer Cemetery (#2)                                                             Conemaugh
  Daly/Potts Cemetery                                                              Shade
  Davidsville Cemetery                                                             Conemaugh
  Deeter Cemetery                                                                     Allegheny
  Dively Risling Cemetery                                                        Stonycreek
  Dorsey Cemetery                                                                    Allegheny
  Dovey Burial Ground (#1)                                                     Conemaugh
  Dovey Burial Ground (#2)                                                     Conemaugh
  Downey Cemetery                                                                  Stonycreek
  Draketown Burial Ground                                                     Lower Turkeyfoot
  Dumbauld Farm Burial Ground                                           Upper Turkeyfoot
  Dumbauld Grave Yard                                                          Upper Turkeyfoot
  Easch (Eash) Burial Ground                                                 Conemaugh
  Eash Cemetery                                                                        Quemahoning
  Eash Cemetery (#1)                                                                Conemaugh
  Eash Cemetery (#2)                                                                Conemaugh
  Edie Reformed Cemetery                                                      Lincoln
  Emerich Cemetery                                                                  Fairhope
  Emert Burial Ground                                                              Lincoln
  Endsley Burial Ground                                                           Addison
  Faidley Farm Burial Ground                             Upper Turkeyfoot
  Fairview Cemetery                                                                  Upper Turkeyfoot
  Feydig/Leydig Cemetery                                                       Northampton
  Fike Burial Ground                                                                 Elk Lick
  Fike Burial Ground                                                                 Summit
  Fike Cemetery                                                                         Summit
  Finks Cemetery                                                                       Southampton
  Finley Cemetery                                                                      Greenville
  Fitchner Cemetery                                                                  Northampton
  Flickering/Flickenger Burial Ground                                    Somerset
  Folk Farm Burial Ground                                                      Elk Lick
  Foust Burial Ground                                                               Brothersvalley
  Foustwell Cemetery                                                                Paint
  Friedens Cemetery                                                                  Somerset
  Friedline Burial Ground                                                          Lincoln
  Friedline Cemetery                                                                  Jenner
  Fritz Lutheran Church Cemetery                                         Brothersvalley
  Fryock Cemetery                                                                    Paint
  Fullem Cemetery                                                                     Summit
  Gardner Cemetery                                                                  Jenner
  Garlitts Farm Burial Ground                                                 Lower Turkeyfoot
  Garrett Union Cemetery                                                        Summit
  Getz Cemetery                                                                         Southampton
  Glade Cemetery                                                                      Stonycreek
  Glade Reformed Cemetery                               Stonycreek
  Glen Savage Cemetery                                                          Allegheny
  Glessner (Harry) Farm Cemetery                                         Stonycreek
  Glessner (Roy) Farm Cemetery                                            Stonycreek
  Glessner (Roy) Farm Cemetery                                            Stonycreek
  Glessner Farm Burial Ground (#1)                                       Brothersvalley
  Glessner Farm Burial Ground (#2)                                       Brothersvalley
  Gnagey Burial Ground                                                           Summit
  Gnagey Cemetery (#1)                                                           Summit
  Gnagey Cemetery (#2)                                                           Summit
  Good-Cover Burial Ground                              Brothersvalley
  Greek Catholic Church Cemetery                                        Jenner
  Greenville Township Union Cemetery                                Greenville
  Greenville Union Cemetery                               Greenville
  Grenke Farm Burial Ground                             Allegheny
  Hamp (old) Burial Ground                                                    Lower Turkeyfoot
  Handwerk Cemetery                                                              Elk Lick
  Hanning Farm Grave Yard                               Elk Lick
  Harden & Humbertson Burial Ground                               Addison
  Hartje (Frank) Cemetery                                                       Allegheny
  Hauger Burial Ground                                                            Black
  Hauger Burial Ground                                                            Brothersvalley
  Hauger Cemetery                                                                    Summit
  Hauger Church Cemetery                                                     Black
  Hay Burial Ground                                                                 Brothersvalley
  Hay Burial Ground                                                                 Somerset
  Hay Reformed Cemetery                                                      Brothersvalley
  Heckman Cemetery                                                               Conemaugh
  Heiple Burial Ground                                                             Lincoln
  Hershberger Farm (old cemetery on)
  Hershberger Graveyard                                                          Elk Lick
  Hess Cemetery                                                                        Stonycreek
  Hileman Graves                                                                      Addison
  Hill Cemetery                                                                           Elk Lick
  Hoffman Burial Ground                                                        Jenner
  Hoffman Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery                        Jenner
  Holley Cemetery                                                                     Northampton
  Holsopple Graveyard                                                             Conemaugh
  Holy Family RC Church & Cemetery                                 Shade
  Hone Burial Ground                                                               Addison
  Hooversville Reformed Cemetery                                       Shade
  Hopewell M.E. Church Cemetery                                        Jenner
  Hoppert Cemetery                                                                  Allegheny
  Horner Burial Ground                                                            Lincoln
  Horner Burial Ground                                                            Summit
  Horner Church Graveyard                                                    Quemahoning
  Horner Lutheran & Mt. Taber Reformed Cem                 Quemahoning
  Hostetler Cemetery                                                                 Elk Lick
  Hostetler Cemetery (#1)                                                        Greenville
  Hostetler Cemetery (#2) on William Shultz farm             Greenville
  Husband Cemetery                                                                Somerset
  I.O.O.F. Cemetery                                                                   Upper Turkeyfoot
  Imhoff Cemetery                                                                    Allegheny
  Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery, New                                Lower Turkeyfoot
  Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery, Old                                 Lower Turkeyfoot
  Jersey Church Cemetery, New                                              Lower Turkeyfoot
  Jersey Church Cemetery, Old                           Lower Turkeyfoot
  Johns, Joseph Burial Ground                                                Conemaugh
  Johnsburg Cemetery                                                               Allegheny
  Johnsburg Cemetery, New                                Northampton
  Johnsburg Cemetery, Old                                                      Northampton
  Jones Farm Burial Ground                                                    Conemaugh
  JR. O.U.A.M. Cemetery                                                         Somerset
  Kammerer Cemetery                                                              Fairhope
  Kaufman Burial Ground                                                       Jenner
  Kaufman Cemetery (#1)                                                       Conemaugh
  Kaufman Cemetery (#2)                                                       Conemaugh
  Kaufman Cemetery (#3)                                                       Conemaugh
  Keim Burial Ground                                                               Conemaugh
  Keim Farm (Jerry) Cemetery                            Elk Lick
  Kimmel Cemetery                                                                   Brothersvalley
  Kimmel Cemetery                                                                   Jefferson
  Kimmel Cemetery                                                                   Stonycreek
  Klingman Cemetery                                                               Greenville
  Knepp Cemetery (#1)                                                             Larimer
  Knepp Cemetery (#2)                                                             Larimer
  Knepper Burial Ground                                                          Brothersvalley
  Kregar Farm Burial Ground                              Upper Turkeyfoot
  Kretchman Cemetery                                                             Elk Lick
  Lambert Cemetery                                                                 Stonycreek
  Lambertsville Cemetery                                                        Stonycreek
  Landis Burial Ground                                                             Brothersvalley
  Lape Cemetery                                                                        Brothersvalley
  Larimer Township Cemetery                           Larimer
  Laurel Cemetery                                                                     Black
  Lavinsville Lutheran Cemetery                                            Somerset
  Lavinsville Reformed - see Salem Reformed Cemetery  Somerset
  Lehman Cemetery                                                                  Brothersvalley
  Lehman-Hoffman Cemetery                                               Paint
  Lenhart Burial Ground                                                           Jefferson
  Lepley Cemetery                                                                     Southampton
  Levingston Cemetery                                                             Jenner
  Lichty (Christian) Burial Ground                    Elk Lick
  Lichty Burial Ground                                                             Summit
  Lichty Cemetery                                                                     Somerset
  Lichty-Thomas Burial Ground                                             Elk Lick
  Ling Cemetery                                                                         Shade
  Lingo Cemetery                                                                       Middlecreek
  Listie Cemetery                                                                       Somerset
  Listonburg Southern Methodist Cemetery                         Addison
  Livengood (Mahlon) Burial Ground                                    Addison
  Livengood Burial Ground                                                      Elk Lick
  Livengood Cemetery                                                              Elk Lick
  Livingston Burial Ground                                                      Conemaugh
  Maple Glen Church Cemetery                                              Elk Lick
  Maple Spring Church (Brethern) Cemetery                       Conemaugh
  Marker Burial Ground                                                            Summit
  Martz Farm Cemetery                                                           Northampton
  Maust (Old Jonas) Farm Grave Yard                                  Elk Lick
  Maust Burial Ground                                                             Elk Lick
  McCampbell Burial Ground                            Addison
  McClintock  Burial Ground                              Addison
  McClintock Graveyard                                                          Addison
  McCollough Burial Ground                              Addison
  McDaniel Burial Ground                                                       Conemaugh
  McGregor Cemetery                                                               Shade
  McIntyre Cemetery                                                                Allegheny
  McKenzie Cemetery                                                               Greenville
  Meadowbrook Farm Grave Yard                                        Jenner
  Menges Cemetery                                                                   Shade
  Merrill Cemetery                                                                     Greenville
  Meyers Burial Ground                                                            Summit
  Middle Creek Cemetery                                                         Middlecreek
  Miller Burial Ground                                                               Conemaugh
  Miller Burial Ground                                                               Greenville
  Miller Burial Ground                                                               Stonycreek
  Miller Burial Ground (#1)                                                      Summit
  Miller Burial Ground (#2)                                                      Summit
  Miller Burial Ground (#3)                                                      Summit
  Miller Burial Ground (#4)                                                      Summit
  Miller Cemetery                                                                       Allegheny
  Miller Cemetery                                                                       Middlecreek
  Miller Cemetery                                                                       Shade
  Miller Cemetery                                                                       Summit
  Miller Cemetery (#1)                                                              Conemaugh
  Miller Cemetery (#1)                                                              Stonycreek
  Miller Cemetery (#2)                                                              Conemaugh
  Miller Cemetery (#2)                                                              Stonycreek
  Miller Cemetery (#3)                                                              Conemaugh
  Millhouse Cemetery                                                               Somerset
  Mishler Cemetery                                                                    Jenner
  Mizpah Cemetery                                                                   Stonycreek
  Moon Cemetery                                                                      Black
  Mountain Cemetery                                                               Allegheny
  Mt. Carmel Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery      Ogle
  Mt. Lebanon Cemetery                                                         Northampton
  Mt. Taber Cemetery                                                               Jenner
  Mt. Union Cemetery                                                               Upper Turkeyfoot
  Mt. Zion Cemetery                                                                 Allegheny
  Mt. Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Cem                    Jenner
  Mt. Zion United Brethern Cemetery                                    Upper Turkeyfoot
  Mull Burying Ground                                                             Jefferson
  Mull's Congregation Burial Ground                                     Northampton
  Musser Burial Ground                                                            Brothersvalley
  Musser Cemetery                                                                    Somerset
  Musser Cemetery                                                                    Stonycreek
  Negro Cemetery                                                                      Summit
  New Catholic Cemetery                                                         Allegheny
  Newberry Cemetery                                                                Lower Turkeyfoot
  O'Connor Burial Ground                                                        Jenner
  O'Connor Cemetery                                                                Jenner
  Odd Fellows Cemetery                                                           Elk Lick
  Odd Fellows Cemetery                                                           Quemahoning
  Old Burial Ground                                                                   Addison
  Old Burial Ground  on John Bender farm                          Elk Lick
  Old Burial Ground on Bender Farm                                    Elk Lick
  Old Burial Ground on Younkin Farm                                  Upper Turkeyfoot
  Old Burial Grounds (#1)                                                         Elk Lick
  Old Burial Grounds (#2)                                                         Elk Lick
  Old Burial Grounds (#3)                                                         Elk Lick
  Old Burial Grounds (#4)                                                         Elk Lick
  Old Burial Grounds (#5)                                                         Elk Lick
  Old Burial Grounds (#6)                                                         Elk Lick
  Old Burial Grounds on Andy Schrock Farm                      Upper Turkeyfoot
  Old Catholic Cemetery, Priests and Carmelite Cem         Allegheny
  Old Cemetery                                                                           Elk Lick
  Old Cemetery (Lloyd Hay farm)                                         Elk Lick
  Old Cemetery on Hershberger Farm Cemetery                 Elk Lick
  Old Grave Yard on King Farm                                              Elk Lick
  Old Grave Yard, McCloskey Farm                                      Elk Lick
  Old Graveyard in woods                                                        Upper Turkeyfoot
  Old Graveyard on Beachy Farm                                          Elk Lick
  Oldham Graveyard                                                                 Shade
  Ott Graveyard (#1)                                                                 Paint
  Ott Graveyard (#2)                                                                 Paint
  Otterbein United Brethern Church Cem                             Shade
  P.O.S. of A. Cemetery                                                            Shade
  Paint Boro Lutheran Cemetery                                            Paint
  Peck Burial Ground                                                                Elk Lick
  Penrod Cemetery                                                                    Brothersvalley
  Penrod Grave Yard                                                                 Paint
  Peterman Burial Ground                                                        Shade
  Pfeil Cemetery                                                                         Paint
  Pike Church of the Brethern Cemetery                               Stonycreek
  Pine Hill Cemetery                                                                  Brothersvalley
  Piper Burial Ground                                                                Jenner
  Pleasant Hill Cemetery                                                          Milford
  Pleasant Hill Cemetery                                                          Somerset
  Pletcher Farm Burial Ground                            Upper Turkeyfoot
  Poyslus Mill Cemetery                                                           Black
  Presbyterian Church Cemetery                                            Jenner
  Pretoria Catholic Cemetery                                                   Paint
  Prinkey Grave                                                                          Lower Turkeyfoot
  Pugh Cemetery                                                                        Stonycreek
  Queer Cemetery                                                                      Brothersvalley
  Rayman Burial Ground                                                         Stonycreek
  Rayman Church Cemetery                                                   Somerset
  Ream Cemetery                                                                      Lower Turkeyfoot
  Reformed Cemetery                                                               Summit
  Reformed Church Cemetery                                                Jenner
  Reiber-Lepley Cemetery                                                        Southampton
  Reitz Cemetery                                                                        Stonycreek
  Rhoades Farm Burial Ground                                              Lower Turkeyfoot
  Rhoads Cemetery                                                                   Black
  Rhoads-Will Cemetery                                                           Somerset
  Ridge Cemetery                                                                       Brothersvalley
  Ridge View Cemetery                                                             Summit
  Ringer Cemetery                                                                     Summit
  Ringler Cemetery                                                                    Stonycreek
  Rockwood I.O.O.F. Cemetery                                              Milford
  Roman Catholic Cemetery                               Conemaugh
  Romesburg Cemetery                                                            Summit
  Roth Cemetery                                                                        Stonycreek
  Salem Reformed Cemetery (Lavinsville Reformed)        Somerset
  Salisbury Cemetery                                                                Elk Lick
  Samuels Lutheran Cemetery                           Somerset
  Sanner Church Cemetery                                                      Black
  Sanner Lutheran Church Cemetery                                    Summit
  Sarver Cemetery                                                                     Allegheny
  Saylor (Samuel) Cemetery                                                    Conemaugh
  Saylor Burial Ground                                                             Summit
  Saylor Cemetery (#1)                                                             Middlecreek
  Saylor Cemetery (#2)                                                             Middlecreek
  Saylor Farm Cemetery                                                           Summit
  Schmucker Cemetery                                                             Jenner
  Schrock Cemetery                                                                  Somerset
  Schrock Cemetery (#1)                                                          Summit
  Schrock Cemetery (#2)                                                          Summit
  Schrock Farm Burial Ground                          Upper Turkeyfoot
  Schrock Graveyard                                                                 Middlecreek
  Schrock Graveyard                                                                 Upper Turkeyfoot
  Sculton Cemetery                                                                   Upper Turkeyfoot
  Sechler Cemetery                                                                    Black
  Seese Cemetery                                                                       Paint
  Sell Cemetery                                                                           Quemahoning
  Sem K. John's Cemetery                                                        Conemaugh
  Shade Lutheran Church Cemetery                                      Shade
  Shaffer Burial Ground                                                           Jenner
  Shaffer Cemetery                                                                   Paint
  Shaffer Church Cemetery                                                     Allegheny
  Shanksville Cemetery                                                            Somerset
  Shetler Burial Ground                                                             Conemaugh
  Shoemaker Burial Ground                                                    Elk Lick
  Shultz Cemetery                                                                      Black
  Silbaugh M. E. Church & Cemetery                                    Addison
  Simpson Burial Ground                                                         Jenner
  Sipesville Church of the Brethern Cemetery                      Lincoln
  Six Poplars Burial Ground                                                     Lower Turkeyfoot
  Six Poplars Cemetery                                                             Lower Turkeyfoot
  Slick Cemetery                                                                        Shade
  Slovak Lutheran Church Cemetery                                    Shade
  Smearman Burying Ground                                                  Black
  Somers Burial Ground                                                            Stonycreek
  Specht Cemetery                                                                     Quemahoning
  Speicher-Hershberger Cemetery                                           Conemaugh
  SS Cyril & Methodicus Church Cemetery                          Paint
  St. Anthony's Italian Cemetery                        Paint
  St. James Lutheran Church Cemetery                                Jenner
  St. John's Cemetery                                                                Somerset
  St. John's Evangelical Church Cemetery                            Lincoln
  St. John's Slovak Roman Catholic Church Cemetery    Paint
  St. Joseph's Cemetery                                                             Quemahoning
  St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery                          Greenville
  St. Mary's Greek Catholic Cemetery                                   Paint
  St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cemetery                             Elk Lick
  St. Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery                                   Addison
  St. Paul Reformed Church Cemetery                                  Elk Lick
  St. Phillip and St. James Cemetery                                      Summit
  St. Thomas Lutheran Cemetery                                           Paint
  Stahl Mennonite Church Cemetery                                     Conemaugh
  Statler Cemetery                                                                     Shade
  Stoystown Cemetery, East                                                    Quemahoning
  Stoystown Cemetery, West                               Quemahoning
  Stull Cemetery                                                                         Stonycreek
  Stump Cemetery                                                                     Shade
  Sturtz Cemetery                                                                      Southampton
  Swank Burial Ground                                                             Lincoln
  Swarner Cemetery                                                                  Summit
  Thomas Cemetery                                                                  Conemaugh
  Thomas Mennonite Church Cemetery                               Conemaugh
  Thompson Grave                                                                    Lower Turkeyfoot
  Tressler Graves                                                                        Addison
  Turney Burial Ground                                                            Addison
  Union Cemetery                                                                      Somerset
  Union Cemetery                                                                      Summit
  Union Greek Catholic Cemetery                                          Conemaugh
  United Brethern Cemetery                                                    Jenner
  Unnamed Burial Ground                                                       Summit
  Unnamed Cemetery                                                               Black
  Unnamed Cemetery                                                               Brothersvalley
  Unnamed Cemetery                                                               Greenville
  Unnamed Cemetery                                                               Jenner
  Unnamed Cemetery                                                               Stonycreek
  Unnamed Cemetery (#1)                                                       Summit
  Unnamed Cemetery (#2)                                                       Summit
  Ursina Cemetery                                                                     Lower Turkeyfoot
  Vought Cemetery                                                                    Black
  Vought Cemetery                                                                    Elk Lick
  Vought Cemetery                                                                    Summit
  Wagler Cemetery                                                                    Stonycreek
  Walker Cemetery                                                                    Stonycreek
  Walter Cemetery                                                                     Jenner
  Walter Cemetery #1                                                               Somerset
  Walter Cemetery #2                                                               Somerset
  Ware Cemetery                                                                       Allegheny
  Weaver Burial Ground                                                           Conemaugh
  Weigle Burial Ground                                                             Stonycreek
  Weigley Cemetery                                                                   Brothersvalley
  Weisel Burial Ground                                                             Northampton
  Weller Burial Ground                                                              Somerset
  Wellersburg Cemetery                                                            Southampton
  Wengerd Miller Cemetery                                                      Conemaugh
  Werner Cemetery                                                                    Northampton
  Wertz Plot                                                                                 Conemaugh
  Wertz-Miltenberger Cemetery                          Conemaugh
  Wesley Chapel Cemetery                                                      Upper Turkeyfoot
  Whitaker Graveyard                                                               Ogle
  White Oak Cemetery                                                              Larimer
  White Oak Evangelical Cemetery                                        Larimer
  Wilhelm Burial Ground                                                          Addison
  Williams Burial Ground                                                         Conemaugh
  Williams Cemetery                                                                 Upper Turkeyfoot
  Will-Rhoads Cemetery                                                           Somerset
  Wills Church Cemetery                                                          Somerset
  Wiltrout Burial Ground                                                          Summit
  Wright, A.R. Farm Burial Ground                                        Elk Lick
  Yoder Cemetery                                                                      Conemaugh
  Yoder Cemetery (#1)                                                              Stonycreek
  Yoder Cemetery (#2)                                                              Stonycreek
  Yoder Cemetery and Burial Ground                                   Summit
  Yoder, Amos J. Farm Burial Ground                                   Elk Lick
  Yoner Cemetery                                                                      Allegheny
  Young (Ludwig) Burial Ground                                            Somerset
  Young Cemetery                                                                     Brothersvalley
  Younkin Cemetery                                                                 Upper Turkeyfoot
  Younkin Graveyard                                                                Upper Turkeyfoot
  Younkin-Paddytown Cemetery                                           Upper Turkeyfoot
  Zerfoss Cemetery                                                                    Stonycreek
  Zimmerman Farm Old Burial Ground                           Jenner



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