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Washington County, PA Cemeteries
Source: GNIS

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Beth Israel Cemetery 401109N 0801418W  
Buckingham Cemetery 400031N 0800144W  
Calvary Cemetery 400740N 0795410W  
Calvary Cemetery 401153N 0795832W  
Carroll Cemetery 400201N 0802123W  
Center Cemetery 402132N 0801741W  
Chapel Cemetery 395950N 0802756W  
Charleroi Cemetery 400753N 0795425W  
Chartiers Cemetery 401536N 0801240W  
Chartiers Hill Cemetery 401429N 0801035W  
Cherry Valley Cemetery 402101N 0802151W  
Chestnut Ridge Cemetery 402502N 0802809W  
Covanter Cemetery 401807N 0801334W  
Eastern Cemetery 400337N 0795303W  
Elliott Cemetery 400308N 0802055W  
Fairview Cemetery 400310N 0802213W  
Fairview Cemetery 402202N 0802320W  
Finleyville Cemetery 401503N 0800108W  
Forest Lawn Gardens 401639N 0800721W  
Franklin Cemetery 400118N 0800730W  
Gilmore Cemetery 401120N 0795133W  
Grandview Cemetery 402629N 0802631W  
Gregg Cemetery 400514N 0795354W  
Grimes Cemetery 400530N 0795631W  
Havely Cemetery 400556N 0795128W  
Highland Cemetery 400311N 0795400W  
Horn Cemetery 400031N 0800517W  
Horseshoe Bend Cemetery 400934N 0795542W  
Hupp Cemetery 400816N 0802900W  
Immaculate Conception Cemetery 401103N 0801428W  
Independence Cemetery 401511N 0802929W  
Maple Creek Cemetery 400657N 0795657W  
Memorial Park Cemetery 401028N 0795238W  
Miller Cemetery 400227N 0801053W  
Monongahela Cemetery 401126N 0795521W  
Mount Hope Cemetery 401319N 0802744W  
Mount Zion Cemetery 400249N 0801947W  
Munntown Cemetery 401400N 0800511W  
Oak Spring Cemetery 401544N 0801214W  
Ohar Sholom Cemetery 401006N 0795347W  
Our Lady of Lourdes Cemetery 402316N 0802233W  
Payne Place Cemetery 401523N 0801144W  
Pigeon Creek Cemetery 400805N 0800351W  
Polish Cemetery 401612N 0801132W  
Queen of Heaven Cemetery 401808N 0800618W  
Rogers Cemetery 400733N 0802810W  
Saint Clements Cemetery 400616N 0800053W  
Saint Domanick Cemetery 401045N 0795226W  
Saint James Cemetery 400615N 0802905W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 401458N 0801150W  
Saint Lukes Cemetery 400649N 0800050W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 400131N 0800630W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 401935N 0801013W  
Saint Michaels Cemetery 401046N 0795235W  
Saint Michaels Cemetery 401620N 0801029W  
Saint Nicholas Cemetery 400036N 0800520W  
Saint Patricks Cemetery 401613N 0801144W  
South Buffalo Cemetery 400722N 0802157W  
Stoney Point Cemetery 400334N 0802400W  
The Old Immaculate Conception Cemetery 401138N 0801420W  
Trinity Cemetery 401109N 0801626W  
Trussel Cemetery 400127N 0802332W  
United Presbyterian Cemetery 400933N 0800751W  
Washington Cemetery 400925N 0801515W  
West Allegheny Cemetery 400641N 0803016W  
West End Cemetery 401718N 0802643W  
West Finley Cemetery 400057N 0802647W  
Westland Cemetery 400136N 0795808W  
Zion Cemetery 400258N 0795733W  

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