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Westmoreland County Pennsylvania

Genealogical Memoirs

Source: "History of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, Vol. II" Compiled by John W. Jordan, LL. D., of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania; published by The Lewis Publishing Company, 1906; transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team

As a proper accompaniment to such a narrative history as is contained in the first volume of this work, is the department of Genealogical and Personal History, prepared under the editorial supervision of John W. Jordan, LL. D., of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Its purpose has been to present many of the most important family records of Westmoreland county. History, proper, of necessity, is a narrative of what has been accomplished by people in the mass, and can take little note of individuals. Here begins the mission of the genealogist and investigator of the personal lives of those who have borne the heat and burden of the day, in tracing whence and from whom they came, in portraying their deeds and the spirit with which they were actuated, and holding up their effort as an example to those who come afterward. The story of such achievements is a sacred trust committed to the people of the present, upon whom devolves the perpetuation of the record. The custodian of records concerning the useful men of preceding generations, and of their descendants who have lived lives of honor and usefulness, who places his knowledge in preservable and accessible form, performs a public service in rendering honor to whom honor is due, inculcating the most valuable lessons of patriotism and good citizenship. This fact finds recognition in the warm welcome given in recent years to Genealogical and Family Histories. Such are in constant and general demand, and are sought for m the great libraries, by book, magazine and newspaper writers and lecturers, from foreign lands, as well as from all portions of our own country. Such a work as this now in hand will possess an especial value for those who, out of a laudable pride, seek to trace their descent from those who battled for the making of the United States, and who may thus establish their eligibility to membership in various patriotic orders.
With reference to the genealogical and biographical matter contained in these pages, it is to be said that in its preparation the publishers have observed the utmost care. With such a mass of material, as a matter of necessity, the work must needs be committed to various writers. If, in some cases, the sketch should be incomplete or faulty, the shortcoming is ascribable to the paucity of data furnished, many families being without exact records in their family line. In all cases the sketches have been submitted to the subject or to his representative, for correction and revision.
It is believed that the present work will prove a real addition to the mass of literature concerning the people of the historic region under consideration, and that, without it, much valuable information therein contained would be irretrievably lost, owing to the passing away of many custodians of family records and the disappearance of such matter.

Henry S. Ackerman

David Shaw Atkinson

Daniel Arter

Albert H. Bell
Boucher Family

Breniser Family

Frederick William Chichester

William Donaldson

George Dorn

Charles F. Ehalt

Alexander Eicher

Lloyd S. Findley

Charles H. Fogg

Paul Hugus Gaither

James Henry Gallagher

Freeman C. Gay

James E. Gilland

George W. Good

John Franklin Goodlin

John Rickey Hayden

William M. Hudson

George Franklin Huff

Lloyd Burrell Huff

Amos K. Hutchinson

Jamison Family

Dr. W. W. Johnston

Leonard Keck

Edward Barry Kenly

James Lawrence Kennedy

John H. King

Amos B. Kline

Rev. Philip Kretz

Daniel Kunkle

John Latta

James E. Loughrey

Samuel O. W. Lowry

Robert Anderson Fulton Lyon

Alexander Daniel McConnell

John Nevin McConnell

Joseph Alexander McCurdy

Martin Nelson McGeary

John F. Mitinger

Joseph Edwin Mitinger

William Leonard Mitinger

James S. Moorhead

Daniel A. Mowry

The Nunn Family

Lemuel Offutt

Colonel Israel Painter

William B. Parks

J. Howard Patton

Levi Portser

Edward Everett Robbins

Joseph Robbins

Joseph Robbins

Joseph Kemp Robinson

Michael Joseph Rorke

Albert Charles Snively

John B. Steel

Curtin Philip Steiner

Harry Franklin Thomas

William Stokes Turney

William Wesley Ulerich

Daniel Reamer Ulery

Romayne M. Waldron

Amos Pool Weaver

 James J. Wirsing

Frank R. Zahniser



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