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WILL BOOK 1 - 1811-1819 (Extracts)
Westmoreland Co., Pa

Source: Westmoreland County Court Records, Vol. 2, Publ. 1955 

Transcribed by Donald Buncie.

REED ROBERT - Fairfield Twp., Westmoreland Co., Pa - W.B. 1, p 136 - Greensburg Courthouse
WIFE: Mary Pomeroy
SONS: John, Robert, George
DAUS: Isabella, Martha Ann, Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, 1 daughter deceased
EXECS: Son-in-law, John Johnston, Esq., wife Mary Reed
WITNESSES: James Pollock, Henry Tash, Thomas Pollock
WRITTEN: March 3, 1795
PROBATED: September 14, 1796
(Served in the Revolution)
REED MARY POMEROY - Fairfield Twp., Westmoreland Co., Pa - W.B. 1, p 185, Will 293 - Greensburg
SONS: John Reed, son-in-law John Johnston, Esq., son-in-law John Piper
DAUS: Elizabeth Hoge, Martha Shannon, Isabelle Mc(Q)uaid, Margaret Piper
WRITTEN: August 9, 1803
WITNESSES: Tomas Pollock, Mary Shannon, Chillian Green
POMEROY GEORGE - Letterkenney Twp., Cumberland Co., Pa - W.B. A.B.C., page 227, Carlisle Courthouse
WIFE: Margaret
SONS: Col. John Pomeroy, George, Thomas
DAUS: Elizabeth, Hannah, Mary, Margaret, Isabel
EXECS: Wife, Margaret, son George
WRITTEN: October 5, 1773
PROBATED: November 6, 1776
WITNESSES: Alex. Peoples, M. Henderson
POMEROY THOMAS - Recorded in Franklin Co., Pa., September 9, 1803
WIFE: Mary
SONS: Charles, James, John
EXECS: John McClay, Jos. McKinney and James Strain all of Lurgan Twp
EXECUTED: July 28, 1802
BEAM ABRAHAM - Allegheny Co., Pa., Will Book 2, pp. 30-31, 1814. Revolutionary Soldier. Pittsburgh, Pa
WIFE: Esther
SONS: Elijah, John, Amos, Samuel and Jacob
DAUS: Five daughters not named
EXECS: John, Amos and Elijah (sons)
WITNESSES: James Patterson and Ebenezer Gaklaher
McCLURE THOMAS - Hanover Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa.
WIFE: Mary
SONS: William, Thomas
DAUS: Martha, Jean, Mary, Sarah
EXECS: William McClure and Samuel Finney
WITNESSES: Timothy Green and Samuel Sturgeon
WRITTEN: January 8, 1778
PROVED: February 2, 1778
Killed in the Revolution
McCLURE MARY - Hanover Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. (No dates)
SONS: John Thomas, William
DAUS: Mary, Martha, Jean, Sarah
EXECS: John and Thomas (sons)
WITNESSES: William Brown and William Branceis
WALLACE EPHRAIM - Wheatfield Twp., Indiana Co., Pa.
SONS: Robert and John
DAUS: Margaret
EXECS: Robert Wallace, Samuel Wallace
SONS-IN-LAW: Samuel and Joseph McKelvey
WITNESSES: David Brown, Abram Hendricks
WRITTEN: October 18, 1809
CLEFFORD JAMES - Bethlehem Twp., Hunterdon Co., N.J.
SONS: George, Charles, John and Edward
GRANDSONS: James Clifford, Charles Clifford
EXECS: Edward Clifford
WITNESSES: Elias Wickoff and John Hanna
WRITTEN: June 6, 1780
PROBATED: January 11, 1782
Records in Liber 25 of Wills, Folio 143

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