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Wyoming County Pennsylvania News
Accidents and Injuries

 Jonathan Carpenter's Son Killed by Rattlesnake
Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, July 9, 1828
Wilkesbarre, June 27
Sad Occurrence
About 3 weeks since a son of Jonathan Carpenter, Esq. of Northmoreland, aged about 6 years, strayed a short distance from his father's residence into the woods in company with another boy and was most shockingly bitten by a rattlesnake. It is thought that the child did not observe the reptile and that he supposed there were briers about his feet as he did not move from the place until bitten several times. The snake was discovered by his little companion who warned the unfortunate child of his danger. He attempted to escape but so furious had the snake become that it continued to thrust its fangs into him until he fell. Being unable to walk, the child crawled on his hands and knew to the road, a few yards distant, when the snake let go his hold, (by which he had been dragged through the brush) and retreated. By the time assistance was offered him the child was senseless and so badly swollen that he could not open his eyes. Medical aid was immediately called and every exertion made to relieve him - but of no avail. He lived about 36 hours, senseless, when the vital spark fled. - Democrat.

Samuel Stark Injured when Bin Bursts
Wyoming Democrat (Tunkhannock, Wyoming Co., Pa.) October 2, 1867
Samuel Stark, Cashier of the National Bank at this place, while cleaning away some rubbish on the outside of a coal-bin, on Saturday last, was thrown down and nearly covered up with the coal and lumber of the bin which at the moment burst out and fell down. Mr. Stark, after considerable delay was rescued from his painful and perilous position. Fortunately no bones were broken; but the injuries received are such as to make it impossible for him to attend to his duties up to this date.

Henry Rosengrant Crushes Foot
Wyoming Democrat (Tunkhannock, Wyoming Co., Pa November 13, 1867
Foot Crushed
Mr. Henry Rosengrant, Jr., while working about the stone-work at the R. R. bridge at this place, on Friday last, had his foot severely crushed. Though possessing fortitude and powers of endurance about most men, the excruciating pain caused Hank to think enough! - pretty nearly out loud.

John Diver and Wm. Raymond and Arab Squier Thrown from Carriage by Runaway Team
Wyoming Democrat (Tunkhannock, Wyoming Co., Pa November 20 1867
Runaway and Accident
On Monday evening last John Niver, Wm. N. Raymond and Arab Squier while returning home from this place to Nicholson, met with a serious accident from the running away of the team which they were driving. All three were thrown violently from the carriage. Messrs. Niver and Raymond were so much injured as to be for some time unconscious. The latter suffered a dangerous concussion of the brain and his case considered doubtful. Mr. Niver had a dangerous wound upon the head and other serious bruises. Mr. Squier, we believe, was but slightly injured. The carriage was badly broken to pieces. The horses became separated at the forks of the road at Dickson's, where one of them took the Factoryville road and the other kept his course on the Nicholson road. The horses were shortly overtaken and were found but slightly injured.

Team of James Bodie Fall Through Ice
Wyoming Democrat (Tunkhannock, Wyoming Co., Pa December 18, 1867
Dropped Through - The team of Mr. James Bodie of Eaton, while crossing the river on the ice at this place on Saturday last, fell through at a place where the water was five or six feet deep and were only extricated after much difficulty from their perilous position and cool bath. Mr. Bodie should make a liberal subscription to the stock of the proposed new bridge.

George Stansbury and Family Thrown Out of Carriage by Runaway Team
Wyoming Democrat (Tunkhannock, Wyoming Co., Pa December 18, 1867
Runaway - On Saturday last Mr. George Stansbury's team, attached to a sleigh, came furiously down the road past John Day's and Perry Marcy's, crossing the bridge in safety over Swail Brook and leaving the sldigh at the side of the road just before crossing the canal bridge at the aqueduct. The horses were caught near Michael McDermot's. Mr. Stansbury, his wife and two children were in the sleigh when the horses commenced running but were thrown out just after passing Mr. Day's except one child which was left between Mr. Marcy's and the aqueduct canal bridge. Fortunately no serious injury resulted to any of the occupants of the sleigh.

Mrs. Edward Sherman Killed by Train

The Indiana Gazette (Indiana, Pennsylvania), July 16 1890

Tunkhannock, Pa., July 11 - The south bound train on the Montrose railroad last night cut loose from a freight car to run it inot a switch at Springville station. Mrs. Edward Sherman, a lady 25 years of age, stepped on the track, not noticing the car approaching, and was struck by it and hurled to the side of the road in a dying condition.

John Cozine Saves Own Life

Daily Gazette and Bulletin (Williamsport, Pennsylvania), August 15, 1891

John Cozine, employed in a bobbin mill at Tunkhannock, Pa., saved his life recently by presence of mind and quick work. His left arm was caught in the machinery and his entire body was being drawn in. With his right hand he drew a knife from his pocket, and, opening it with his teeth, he cut the belt that drove the machinery. He will lose the arm that was caught.

Mrs. Kishpaugh Dies in Fire

New Oxford Item (New Oxford, Pennsylvania), January 14, 1898

Tunkhannock, Pa., Jan. 11

The house of Royal J. Kishpaugh, in Eaton township, was burned yesterday, and Mrs. Kishpaugh, who was upstairs when the fire broke out was cremated. The trunk without head, arms or legs was recovered after the fire.

Mrs. Henry Frawley Killed by Bull

New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania, February 8, 1916

Woman Is Gored to Death by Angry Bull

Tunkhannock, Pa., Feb. 8 – Returning to his farm late last evening, Henry Frawley, who lives in Wyoming county, near the Bradford county line, found his wife unconscious in the barnyard. She had been frightfully gored and trampled on by an angry bull. She died an hour later without regaining consciousness. Her body was badly torn by the animal’s horns.


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