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Court of Quarter Sessions Records York County PA

York County, Pennsylvania

Court of Quarter Sessions 1749-1754

Docket Book 1, Page 4-5

Note: This is the beginning of York County which was formed in 1749

At a Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace held at York for the County of York the thirtieth Day of January in the twenty third year of the reign of our Sovergn Lord George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Britian, France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith &c, Anno Domini 1749 Before John Day Esquire & his Associate Justices of the said Court &c, Assigned &c.

The Court being opened Hance Hamilton Esquire high Sheriff of the said County returned the following Persons who were all sworn and affirmed on the Grand Inquest for our Sovereign Lord the King & the Body of the Said County viz. (List of the 19 men on the Grand Jury)

Grand Jury Men

1. William McCeland, foreman Jur.

2. James Agnew Jur.

3. Valentine Ficks Jur.

4. John Morrison Jur.

5. Andrew Harrin Jur.

6. John Murphey Jur.

7. David Young Jur.

8. Ludowick Shriver Jur.

9. Martin Uncofare Jur.

10. Alexander Love Jr.

11. John W. Farran Jur.

12. John Ruddock ass.

13. Charles Jones ass.

14. William (torn) Jur.

15. Francis Worley, Ass.

16. Samuel Hendricks Jur.

17. Jacob Miller Jur.

18. Jacob Huggins Jur.

List of Constables of York County:

Peter Hughs ab.

John Duffield

Robert Vale

George Zigler

Christman Lowe

John Bishop

ex George Farr ab.

James Eager

Caleb Hendricks Dead

Jacob Graybill

William Coxon

Robert More

Leonard Luce

John Carrell

ex. Thomas Jameson Sick

Christopher Sleagle

Valentine Her

ex William Greer ab.

Vincent Small Dead

William Langley

John Carr

John Frankelberry

Hugh Low

York County, Pennsylvania

York County, Pennsylvania

Court of Quarter Sessions 1749-1754

Docket Book 3, Page 13, July 1753 Session

The Petitions of the following Persons praying the Recommendation of this Court to his honour the governor for Lycences to keep publick houses of Entertainment at their Several Habitations within this County were Read and Allowed, to wit:

1. Thomas Berwick

2. Jacob Bylmyre

3. Christian Croll

4. Michael Swoope

5. Zachariah Shugart

6. Benjamin Swoope

7. George Hooke - charged

8. Charles Barnet

9. George Keentz - paid

10. Paul Harborne - paid

11. John Read

12. Joseph Chambers

13. James Sinklar

14. Jacob Fockler

15. Abraham Noblet

16. Thomas Wilson

17. John Abbot

18. Garret Enoch

19. Michael Barth

20. George Shawler

21. Martin Eyugleberger

22. John Cook

23. Melchor Keener

24. John Nelson - Paid in a Note

25. David Hunter

26. Philip Forney

27. Nicholas Ryland

28. Hugh Wilson

29. John Frankleberger

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Warrington Township and parts adjacent setting forth that they stand in need of a publick Road from Christopher Huseys Mill to John Lanes Mill and from Lanes Mill through the Pidgeon Hills so as to fall into the road that leads to Patapsco and praying that proper Persons may be appointed to lay out the said Road the nearest and best way the Ground will admit was read and Considered by the County and ordered that John Abbott, John Frankleberger, James Hendrix, John Deardorf, Thomas Pettit and Peter Noel or any four of them View the Ground and if they see cause lay out a Road and make return thereof by Courses and Distances to the next court whether the same be for Publick or Private Use.

Exit Order

Court of Quarter Sessions 1749-1754

Docket Book 3, Page 28

About 28 Jan 1754 (from previous item on page)

The Courses of the Road laid out from Christopher Huseys Mill to the Patapsco Road is as followeth beginning at said Mill and Thence south 312 perches thence South 22 Degrees East 272 pchs thence South 256 Perches, thence South 34 Degrees West 320 pches South 22 West 220 Perches thence South 34 Degrees East 140 pches to conewago Creek 451 perches thence South 22 Degrees West 240 pches thence South 33 Degrees West 102 Perches thence South 22 Degrees West 124 Perches thence south 286 Perches thence South 22 Degrees West 272 Perches thence South 420 Perches thence So 22 Degrees West 150 pches thence South 11 Degrees West 100 pches thence South 34 Deg East 260 Perches thence South 22 Deg East 212 Pches then South 1020 P to the Patapsco Road thirteen miles & 274 pches. We appointed by the court have met & laid out the said Beginning at Christopher Huseys Mill Leading by Lanes Mill and extending on through the Pigeon Hills to the publick Road Leading to Patapsco the Nearest & best way and We appointed so all on the said Road for a publick Road and do all agree thereunto. Signed John Abbit, John Frankelberger, James Henricks

Confirmed Nisi and ordered to be opened.

Exit Order.

York County, Pennsylvania

Court of Quarter Sessions 1749-1754

Docket Book 4, Page 25

Dated 29 Oct 1754

At a Court of General quarter Sessions of the Peace held at York for the county of York the twenty nineth day of October in the twenty eighth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the second by the Grace of God of Great Britian, France & Ireland King Defender of the Faith &c. Anno Domini 1754 Before Patrick Watson Esqr. And his associates Justices &c. assigned &c.

John Adlum Esquire high Sheriff of said county returned the Writ of Venue to him directed &c with a Pannel annexed and thereupon the following Persons where Qualified of the Grand Inquest (to wit).

1. James Hendricks

2. John Lease

3. John Herret

4. John Frankelberry

5. Chris Cummingham

6. Michael Carl

7. Charles Coulson

8. William Lankey

9. John Hunt

10. Jost Wagoner

11. William Nelson

12. John Huston

13. James Carr

14. Henry Hendricks

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