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George Able
Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, April 9, 1828
We learn from the German York, of Friday last, that the body of George Able, who had been missing for some time was found in Mr. Miller's mill dam, on cross creek, a short distance from the place where he had last been seen. His money and watch were found on him, and it is therefore supposed that he missed his way, fell into the water, and was unable to get out.

John Adlum

Contributed by John and Gene Sharp

John writes " Attached is an obituary for the York County section of the Genealogy trails, Pennsylvania web page. This is from the Philadelphia Gazette, dated December 15, 1773. The obituary is for John Adlum senior (1699/1700-1773). John Adlum senior, was born in Ireland and immigrated to Pennsylvania circa 1732-33. He was a resident of York Town, Pennsylvania for much of his life. He served as the York County Sheriff and County Coroner at various times. He was an early supporter of the cause of independence and with his son, Joseph Adlum (1727-1817), and grandson, John Aldum (1759- 1836 Revolutionary War Soldier), he attended public meetings to celebrate the repeal of the Stamp Act.

Years later his more famous grandson, John Adlum, in his autobiographic Memoirs remembered his grandfather:

"My Grandfather was a poor Irish Gentleman of liberal education, and my father came to this Country with him at five years old in the year 1734 - He stopt some time in Chester County in Pennsa but soon removed to Lancaster County, but in the year 1736 he finally removed to York County my birth place - My Grandfather was the first Sheriff of the County and after he had served three years my father was elected by a vote of about two to one."

John Adlum (1759-1836) manuscript Memoirs of the Life of John Adlum Spent principally in Pennsylvania Maryland and the District of Columbia York Town Historcial Society pages 1-2 unpublished


Philadelphia Gazette

December 15, 1773

York Town, December 6, 1773

On Monday last died in this Town, JOHN ADLUM , Esq. in the 74th Year of his Age. He was an affectionate Husband, a tender Parent, a kind Friend, a worthy Magistrate, and a good Christian.

For several years during the latter Part of his life, he was concerned as one of the Directors in the building of an Episcopal Church at that Town, in which business he exerted himself to the utmost, it was the Joy and Pleasure of his sinking Years - whilst engaged in that pious Employment, he was frequently heard to wish, that might live to see the Edifice completed - and that he could die in Peace. The Deity was propitious to his Prayer - His wish was granted; he survived the finishing of the Church some Weeks, and was present at the Dedication thereof.- He received Death, that King of terrors, as the Messenger of Comfort, by which his immortal Soul would be delivered from this early State, and his feeble Body, which had been moldered by Time, and shattered by Disease , would be relieved from Pain.

In his Death the Public have lost an excellent Magistrate, the Church a godly Member, the Poor a steady friend and Protector, the Virtuous a true Patron, and his family a most affection Relation.

His remains, attended by a great Number of Persons of several Denominations were, on Wednesday last, interred in the Lutheran Burial ground, at York. An elegant and pathetic Sermon, suitable to the Occasion, was then preached by the Rev. Mr. LANDROM, of that Place.


York, Pa., Nov. 13, ae. 70. He had been for a number of years United States consul at Singapore, and was a resident of New York city in the years 1856, 1857.
Source Citation:
Annual OBITUARY NOTICES OF EMINENT PERSONS who have died in the United States FOR 1858; BY HON. NATHAN CROSBY; BOSTON: JOHN P. JEWETT AND COMPANY. 1859. Transcribed by Kim Mohler.

William Barber
Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, August 24, 1830
Died on Thursday evening last, William Barber, Esq. former Prothonotary of York county, aged about 60 years.

Jacob Barnitz
Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, April 30, 1828
Died in York, Pa on the 16th inst., Jacob Barnitz, Esq. for many years Register and Recorder of that county, aged about 70 years. The deceased was an officer of the Revolutionary War and suffered many privations in consequence of a wound received in the memorable struggle.

Daniel Billmeyer
Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, July 16, 1828
Died on Wednesday the 9th inst. aged about 41 years, Mr. Daniel Billmeyer, Editor of the "Wahre Republican," York, pa.

Conrad Brasch

Reading Eagle, Reading, Pennsylvania 27 Dec 1899

Contributed by Vicki Hartman

Out of Town Deaths:

Conrad Brasch, near York, aged 90 years.

Richard Bull

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania May 9, 1827

Suicide - Richard Bull of Conewago township, York county, committed suicide on Saturday the 28th ult., by hanging himself. Mental affliction, it is supposed, led to the commission of the dreadful act. - York Gazette.


David Cassat

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)

June 9 1824

Died at York, on Friday, the 28th May, David Cassat, Esq., aged about 56 years.

George W. Cline

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) November 2, 1825

Dreadful Accident

On Wednesday the 2d inst., George W. Cline, aged about 7 years, son of William Cline of Monaghan township, York county, was instantly crushed to death by a wagon load of boards oversetting and falling on him and two other children narrowly escaped sharing the same fate - one of them was slightly injured. - York Gazette.


P. Doll

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), June 6, 1827


A man of the name of P. Doll, from Fredericktown, in Maryland, was found suspended by a red silk handkerchief, on the 17th ultimo, about 12 perches from the road leading from Mount Vernon tavern, on the Philadelphia and Lancaster turnpike road to Sadsbury Friends Meeting House, in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. - Ib.


Edward Ebner

Reading Eagle, Reading, Pennsylvania 27 Dec 1899

Contributed by Vicki Hartman

Out of Town Deaths:

Edward Ebner, at York, aged 51 years, leaving 9 children.

Mathias Eichholtz

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
July 21, 1824

Fatal Accident

Mathias Eichholtz, an old and respectable inhabitant of Conewago township, York county, was found dead on his threshing floor. It is supposed, he ascended aloft to make arrangements for the reception of the products of the harvest field, from whence he fell on the barn floor, which put a period to his earthly career. - York Gaz.

Elias Eyster
Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, April 1, 1829
Died on Thursday last, in Westmachester Township, York County, Mr. Elias Eyster, in the 98th year of his age.


William P. Fisher
Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, August 24, 1830
Died on Monday the 16th inst. William P. Fisher, Esq. Register of Wills of York county, aged 35 years.


Bartram Galbraith

The Centinel (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), February 25, 1807

Died on Monday, the 9th instant, after a few days illness, at the late dwelling of Bartram Galbraith, Esq., Mr. Thomas Bayly, in the 45th year of his age. His disconsolate widow, and surviving bothers and sisters, will long lament his loss. The mild manners, and the untarnished integrity of the deceased gained the esteem and confidence of all who knew him, and we believe he has not left an enemy in the world. - York Recorder.

Jacob Graybill

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)

November 3, 1824

York, PA., Oct. 26

Fatal Accident.

On Wednesday last, Mr. Jacob Graybill was found drowned in Mr. Upp's spring. It is supposed, that attempting to drink out of the spring, he fell in it head foremost, and being a man in the 76th year was too much debilitated by age to recover himself from the fall. - Gazette.

John Greer

The Centinel (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) May 5 1813

Died suddenly at his house in York, on Thursday last, Mr. John Greer, merchant, of this place.


Richard D. Hall

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania November 29, 1826

Died in the borough of York, Pa., on the evening of the 16th instant, in the 36th year of her age, of Hepatitis, terminating in pulmonary affection, Mrs. Sarah Hall, consort of the Rev. Richard D. Hall, Rector of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the above place.

General Christian Hetrich

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania May 9, 1827

Died on the 24th ult., in Codorus township, York county, Gen. Christian Hetrich, aged 60 years. Gen. Hetrich was for five successive years elected a representative to the General Assembly.

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
July 25, 1821

Died on Sunday the 15th instant, in the 78th year of his age, Mr. Casper Hoke, of York county.


Charles Jones

The Centinel, Gettysburg, PA, June 26 1811

York, June 22


On Monday last, Charles Jones, a pauper in the poor house of this county, terminated his existence by cutting his throat. He was subject to fits, frequently succeeded by the highest degree of frenzy, in a paroxysm of which he committed the act.


Conrad Laub

The Centinel (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), February 25, 1807

Died on Saturday morning last, in the borough of York, Conrad Laub, esq.,

Eli Lewis

The Centinel (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), February 25, 1807

Died on Monday the 2d instant at Lewsburg, York county, Major Eli Lewis.


Maud Mallory

Obit: Died --- Miss Maud Mallory of Cherry Hill, Pennsylvania, who it will be remembered was engaged in the dress making business at this place not long since died near Arlington, Kansas, on 24th ult. After a brief illness of Typhoid Fever. Her remains were accompanied to her home, by J. E. Eaton, of the Arlington Enterprise. Miss Mallory was a useful fir. And by her happy ways and Christian character endeared herself to all she met Miss Mallory was a member of the Christian Church, and prepared to "stand before the King."

Sylvia Banner
Sylvia, Reno County, Kansas
Friday, January 2, 1891
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Contributed by FOFG

Samuel McIlhenny
Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), December 8, 1829
Died near Dillstown, York county, on Wednesday the 25th ult. Mr. Samuel M'Ilhenny, son of Mr. James M'Ilhenny, Sen. of Mountjoy township.

William McPherson

The Centinel, Gettysburg, PA, June 13, 1810

Departed this life, in the borough of York, on Friday last, of a consumption, in the 23d year of his age, Mr. William McPherson, partner in the late firm of Longwell and McPherson, of this place. The deceased labored under a consumptive complaint for a considerable time, but was closely confined but a short period before his death. As a citizen he was honest and punctual, as a companion cheerful and complaisant, as a friend sincere and frank.

Solomon Melhorn
Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, March 23, 1830
York, March 16
A Coroner's inquest was held on Thursday night last, over the body of Solomon Melhorn, aged 77 years. It appears he fell into the Creek at or near Shultz's Mill on the Canal road, about 4 miles from this place. The verdict of the jury was that he came to his death by drowning. - Gazette.

Constantine Miller

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
October 10, 1821

Died on Sunday the 30th ult., in the 59th year of his age, Rev. Constantine Miller, Pastor of the Moravian church in York, Pa.

General Henry Miller

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)

April 21 1824

From the York Gazette

Died on the 5th inst., at Carlisle, Gen. Henry Miller, for many years a distinguished and highly respectable inhabitant of this borough. By the death of Gen. Miller, another patriot and revolutionary worthy has passed into that invisible state beyond the grave, where soon all the heroes of the revolution will be gathered. They soon will exist only in the remembrance of a grateful county.

Gen. Miller was a native of Lancaster county, but when very young removed to York. In the year 1775, he marched from this place as a Lieutenant in Capt. Doudle's Company to Boston, where he soon was promoted to a captaincy on the resignation of his captain. He held the commissions of Major, Lieutenant Colonel, and Colonel, in the war of the Revolution. Gen. Wilkinson, in his memoirs, states that Maj. Miller's regiment was ordered by General Washington, to check the rapid movements of the enemy in pursuit of the American Army, whilst retreating across the state of N. Jersey; and the order was so successfully executed, and the advance of a powerful enemy impeded and embarrassed, that the author of the memoirs attributes the preservation of the American troops, which afterwards gained the independence of the Country, to the good conduct of Maj. Miller, which was admirably seconded by the late Gen. Hand.

Gen. Wilkinson, in a note to his valuable work, says "Gen. Henry Miller, of the City of Baltimore, was distinguished for his cool and deliberate bravery, and certainly possessed the entire confidence of Gen. Washington." This shows the high estimation in which the father of his county held him. He was along side of General Craig (then Colonel) at the battle of Monmouth, and had two horses killed under him.

On the western expedition he was appointed Quartermaster General; these arduous and responsible duties he performed to the entire satisfaction of the public. Gen. Miller's last services were performed at Baltimore, in 1813, when that city was menaced with imminent danger, by a large army and fleet in the Chesapeake Bay. He was appointed a Brigadier General by the later Governor, Levin Winder, and had the command of the troops stationed for its defence. His spirited and manly reply to a threatening letter of Admiral Warren, will never be forgotten.

Gen Miller was in many of the most important battles of the revolutionary war, and endured a large share of the trials and sufferings incident to that eventful period. He was also an excellent civil officer. He filled for many years the Prothonotary's and Sheriff's Offices of York county. He was the supervisor of th revenue for the district of Pennsylvania during the administration of President Adams and after this office was abolished he removed to Baltimore, where he resided for some years as a respectable and honest merchant. From that city he retired to a farm near the forks of the

Juniata and Susquehanna rivers, devoting his attention to agricultural pursuits. He was then appointed by Gov. Hiester to the office of Prothonotary of Perry county. He was also a member of the Legislature of this state, and of the convention that framed the state constitution. He was the candidate in opposition to Mr. Gallatin for the U. State's Senate. Mr. Gallatin being declared ineligible, and Gen. Miller declining to be a candidate again, Mr. Ross of Pittsburgh, was elected to that situation.

No man had more self possession and more fortitude to support himself against the darkening storms of adversity than the subject of these remarks. He was kind, liberal and sincere and with a mind characterized with peculiar strength and quickness of perception, he was prompt and firm in his decisions. He was decidedly at one time amongst the most popular men in the state, and so in part he remained during the many vicissitudes of party collisons. He now abides in that mansion where the wicked cease troubling and the weary are at rest, until the trumpet of the mighty angel shall awaken to a general resurrection those who have been sleepers for thousands of years.

Gen. Miller deceased at the age of 74 years, and at the time when the munificence of the Legislature had just made compensation for the important revolutionary services he rendered his native county - he did not live long enough to receive this righteous retribution. - G.

George Myer

The Centinel, Gettysburg, PA, February 21, 1810

The York Expositor of February 15, says - "A Mr. George Myer, shoemaker, of Newberry township, was, some time in the last week, frozen to death in a sleigh. It is said he was intoxicated. It is remarkable, though there were two persons in the sleigh besides himself, his situation was not notices until they arrived at home!"

Solomon Myer

The Centinel, Gettysburg, PA, March 13, 1811

Died at Winchester, V., on the 28th ult., Mr. Solomon Myer, formerly Printer and Brigade Inspector of York County.


William Nes
Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, October 19 1830
Died on Sunday morning the 10th inst. in the borough of York, Major William Nes, Inspector of the first Brigade, 5th Division, Pennsylvania Militia, aged 32 years.


George Porter
Harrisburg Telegraph, Harrisburg, Pa, January 2, 1914
Death of George Porter
George Porter died of dropsy at the home of his son at New Market yesterday morning. Mr. Porter was 75 years old and was born in England. He had been very ill the past eight weeks, but his death was unexpected. The funeral arrangements have not yet been made.


William Rieder

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
June 2 1824

Hanover, May 25

Fatal Accident

On Saturday afternoon last, Mr. William Rieder, a citizen of this borough, whilst assisting at raising a barn for Mr. George Winebreaner near this place, stepped on a thin and unsound board of the scaffolding, which had been placed there without the knowledge of the proprietor - the board broke and Mr. Rieder was precipitated nearly 30 feet; he lingered in a speechless and apparently painful condition until evening, when his spirit soared to the unknown regions of eternity; he was aged 29 years, 7 months and 14 days. On last Sabbath afternoon his mortal remains were interred, with military honors and in the presence of an almost unexampled concourse of people, on the German reformed cemetery on this place, on which occasion the Rev. J. H. Wiestling delivered a discourse calculated for the solemn feeling of all present.

All who are acquainted with this melancholy accident, and the solemn rites performed at his burial, will heave a sigh and pray: "God rest his soul." - Guardian.

Abraham Rodgers

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) August 3, 1825

York, Pa., July 26

On Friday afternoon, 22d inst., the death of two persons, William Schunk, hatter, and Abraham Rodgers, shoemaker, was caused by the great heat, in the borough of York. Same afternoon a teamster at Springforge died by drinking cold water. - Gazette.


John Whiteman
Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, March 9, 1830
Died on Saturday the 20th ult. Mr. John Whiteman of Franklin township, (formerly of York County) in the 64th year of his age.

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