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York County Pennsylvania News
Accidents and Injuries


Man Found Dead From Intoxication

The Centinel, Gettysburg, PA, June 14 1809

York, June 8

Last Sunday afternoon the dead body of a man was found on the commons near town. About half an hour previous to his being found dead, he was seen walking through town, considerably intoxicated, and a bottle with whisky in it, was found by his side. From appearance he was about 50 years of age - his name is unknown.

The Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA
August 11, 1819

On Monday last, a citizen of York county, on his way to this place, was taken ill a few miles below town, in the consequence of drinking too freely of cold water, and died that night - Republican

The Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA
November 10, 1819

A very singular casualty happened in the neighborhood of Wrightsville on Saturday last. Mr. Christopher Noel, was engaged in hauling logs, and after the spring-pole was tied, the rope broke by which is was fastened and recoiling with great force, struck him in the nape of the neck and killed him on the spot. York Gaz.

Gettysburg Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
November 20 1822 Page 1

York, Pa., Nov. 12

Melancholy Accident

On Monday the 4th inst. George Daron, Jr. and Jacob Fink, in Dover, York county, were blowing rocks in a well. Having loaded the rock and put fire to it, it would not go off - they went down and adjusted the priming. Mr. Daron had ascended but a few steps on the ladder, when it exploded, and injured him so severly that his life was despaired of, but he is now in a fair way of recovering. Mr. Fink who threw himself in the bottom of the well escaped unhurt, except being pretty severly stunned so as to deprive him of hearing for a time. - Gazette.

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
September 22, 1824

York, Pa., Sept 14

Most Distressing Accident

Yesterday morning being the anniversary of the battle of North Point, the Volunteer Artillery assembled, bfore the day, to announce it with their field-piece. The company contemplated going to Baltimore on the arrival of La Fayette, were trying to go through the firing expeditiously, discharging the piece four times in a minutes. Being discharges ten times in rapid succession, the piece became heated to such a degree, that the person who was stationed to confine the air by closing the touch hole was forced to take his thumb off. An explosion was the consequence, by which Francis L. Koons and G. P. Ziegler, who were in the act of ramming down the cartridge, were severely wounded. The fingers of the left hand of Mr. Koons were all blown away, except the thumb, and the other hand was so much injured that the little finger had to be amputated. The right hand of Mr. Ziegler has been carried off, and the arm above the wrist was so dreadfully lacerated, that it was found necessary to amputate the arm between the wrist and elbow. On his other hand the fingers were also much torn and the thumb entirely carried away. The cannon was stationed on George street bridge, and some of their fingers were found in the lower end of George street, about 100 yards from the Bridge.

They were both most promising and respectable young men, who had just verged into manhood, and no occurrence in our recollection, has called forth more universal regret than this deplorable accident, which has deprived them of those limbs which are indispensable to the proper discharge of the duties of life, and cut them off from the cheering prospect which they had before them, of occupying a place in this world with comfort to themselves and advantage to their fellow citizens. -- Gaz.

Adam Baum Found Frozen to Death

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) April 5, 1826

York, March 28

On Sunday morning last, Adam Baum was found frozen to death about a mile from this borough on his way home to his residence on Shank's Hill, near this place. On this conical eminence he led the life of a hermit having no one about him but his dog and his employment was cultivating the vine. - Ib.

Jefferson M'Cleary Accidently Shoots Samuel Cameron During Parade

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) May 24, 1826

York, March 16.

Another accident occurred on Thursday last. Several young men were going on horseback carrying their muskets to the parade of the Volunteer Battalion in Hopewell township. They had provided themselves with blank cartridges and by turns on passing a dwelling they discharged their muskets by way of salute. On coming near the house of Maj. Gemmil, Jefferson M'Cleary was called upon at being his turn to salute. He had his musket on his shoulder and drew the trigger with the same hand in which he held the bridle, supposing that Samuel Cameron was close along side of him. However by the time the musket went off, Cameron had fallen behind and received the contents in his head, being not a foot from the muzzle. The skull was fractured and we hear that he died of the wound on Saturday evening.

The practice of ringing loaded guns on parade has been reprehended, but al reprehension together with the many serious results have been inefficient in resisting it. But it is not from loaded guns alone that mischief proceeds. On this we have two additional instances to that of Lieut. Kuntz. We are informed that several persons were wounded on Saturday evening last after parade in Chanceford township. One is said to have had a bayonet thrust through his leg and the other (?) too far in his head to feel comfortable. - Gaz.

Infant Son of Michael Bollinger Dies from Scalding

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) May 31, 1826

Hanover, May 23.

On Friday last an infant son of Mr. Michael Bollinger, of Heidelburg township aged about 29 months, unfortunately fell into a bucketful of boiling water and before it could be taken out was so badly scaled that it expired in a few hours thereafter. - Guardian.

Jacob Frey Drowns

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) June 7, 1826

Drowned on Sunday morning last, a short distance below George street bridge, Jacob, aged 8 years, son of Jacob Frey, (shoemaker) of this borough. - York Gazette

Daughter of Simon Minnich Loses  Fingers Accident

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania November 8, 1826

York, Oct. 31


On Thursday last, as a daughter of Simon Minnich of York township aged between 5 and 6 years was employed in clearing the mill while grinding apples for cider, her left hand was unfortunately caught between one of the nuts and the frame and was so mashed and injured that the fingers and palm had to be taken off. - Rec.

Mr. Hews Drowns In Boating Accident

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania May 30, 1827

Afflicting Occurrences

In the early part of last week, while an ark was descending Culley's falls, in the Susquehanna, Mr. Hews, of Columbia, (the pilot) was thrown off by the oar and drowned. What added to the distress of the scene was that Mr. H's father (who was steering) had to see his son rise and sink to rise no more. While blowing a rock near the place, to raise the body, a man whose name is not recollected, had his arm blown off and has since died. --York Recorder, May 15.

David Klinedienst Drowns While Bathing

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), June 6, 1827

Melancholy Accident

On Friday afternoon the 25th ultimo, David, a son of Mr. David Klinedienst, of this borough, aged about nine years was drowned whilst bathing in the river Codorus, a short distance below the mill race of P. J. King, near this borough. - York Gazette

Child of William Sayers is Scalded and Dies

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), June 20 1827

York, Pa., June 12

Fatal Occurrence

On Friday last, a small child of Mr. William Sayers, of this borough, was carelessly left near a kitchen fire by its nurse. In moving about it unfortunately overturned on itself a kettle of boiling water and at the same time fell on its face into the fire. I was in consequence so severely scalded and burned as to expire in a short time. - Recorder.

Young Man Accidently Kills Mrs. Henry Louck
Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, April 15, 1829
York, March 31
Melancholy Accident
On Thursday last, a young lad was preparing for a hunting excursion, at the house of Mr. Henry Louck, of Monaghan Township, York County, and by carelessly handling a gun, the load was discharged, entering the side of Mrs. Louck. She expired three hours after receiving the wound. She was a daughter of Mr. Jacob Craumer of this borough. - York Gazette.

Thomas James Killed by Falling Tree
Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, March 23, 1830
An unfortunate accident took place in Faun township, York county on the 8th inst. at a chopping match in the woods, when by the falling of a tree against another, a dead limb struck a certain Thomas James on the dead and instantly deprived him of existence. - Shrewsbury Harbinger.

Peter Lefevre Killed by Lightning
Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, August 3, 1830
On Thursday afternoon the 22d ult. Peter Lefevre of Newberry township, York county, formerly of Windsor township, was struck with Lightning and killed instantaneously. He was in a field gathering wheat with 3 of his children, two of them were knocked down but recovered. He has left a wife and nine small children to mourn his sudden departure from them. He was an industrious, honest and careful man. - York Repub.

Child of George Forney Accidently Drowns
Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, September 21, 1830
Melancholy - The Hanover Gazette states that a child of Mr. George Forney, near that place, aged about 18 months, fell into a spring and was drowned, on Monday evening the 13th inst.

Myrtle Deardorff Injured in Accident
Harrisburg Telegraph (Harrisburg, PA) January 13, 1914
Miss Myrtle Deardorff, a student in the Dillsburg grammar school, sustained a fracture of the left forearm recently. Miss Deardorff slipped on the icy pavement and it was thought only sprained the arm. She went to school and while at play a fellow pupil gave the arm a twist, causing pain, and upon an examination by a physician, the arm was found to be fractured.


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