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The county was formed in 1746 by the transfer of part of
Bristol County, Massachusetts, to the state of Rhode Island, and was the subject of a long-running border dispute.  It is located on a peninsula bordered by Massachusetts on the northeast, Narragansett Bay on the southwest, and Mount Hope Bay on the southeast. The county was named after Bristol, England and is one of the smallest counties in the United States.

Cities & Towns
Barrington ~ Bristol ~ Warren

Bristol Boat shops

Bristol County Data



Church Histories / Records

Family Bibles

Miscellaneous Data

School Records

Wills/Probate Records

Website Updates:
December 2017: County Records - List of Freemen Admitted to the Colony 1747 - 1754 (Bristol)
September 2017: Newspaper Gleanings - Brith Announcements: Twin boys, s/b Robin Line
Feb 2017:  1774 Census - COMPLETE!





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