Kent County Probate & Wills

West Greenwich 

By Norman H. Isham & Howard W. Preston, Rhode Island Historical Society, 1903-1917



August 31, 1737;
September 7, 1737.

Ex.: Sarah Bennett, widow.

Appraisers: Stuckley Westcott, John Spencer, Peleg Spencer.
Inventory, 500 pounds, 13s. 11d.

I, 185


7th March, 1727/8;
13th April, 1728.

To son, Thom as, during life, lands in Portsmouth, rights in hunting swamps (to pay wife Mary Brayton, 20 pounds a year after age of 21) In case of death of Thomas, lands and premises to be given to sons, Gideon and Francis Brayton.
"  son Gideon, at age of 21, farm where he now lives, and two city lots, swamps and all the rest of lands at age of 21.
"  son, Francis, and hrs. farm and swamps.
"  my two daughters, Mary and Hannah, all the land given me by my father-in-law, Gideon ______?
"  my son, Thomas, my negro boy, Pero.
"  my daughter, Mary, my negro girl, Jessie.
" my wife, Mary, my negro woman, Betty, the remainder of the estate to be divided between wife and children.

Ex.: Wife, Mary, and son, Thomas, when he arrive at age of 21.

Test: John Green, Robert Vaughn, Thomas Spencer.

I, 72, 73, 74


9th September, 1727;
7th April, 1730.

To daughter, Hannah, wife of Joseph Gardiner, and heirs, 70 shillings.

" daughter, Martha, wife of Samuel Spencer, and heirs, 10 pounds.

" daughter, Deliverance Briggs, one feather bed and bedding, and 20 pounds.

"  daughter, Mary Briggs, one feather bed and bedding and 20 pounds.

" daughter, Deliverance and Mary Briggs, all my movables within doors.

To my son, Benjamin, exec and heirs, dwelling house and farm, and remainder of estate.

Test Thomas Mattison, William Remington.

Inventory: 323 pounds, 19s, 10d.

I, 111


29th March, 1733;
28th April, 1733.

To my wife, Exsperiance, 20 pounds and best room in my dwelling house during widowhood,
"    son, Richard, 5 pounds.
"    "       Francis, 5 pounds and about 8 or 10 acres of land north and east of my homestead farm,
"    son, John, and heirs, all my homestead farm, with all priviliges and appurtenances therein, except otherwise bequeathed.
"    son, Caleb 10 acres of land north and east of Capt. Peter Mawney's land, and south of highway, and west of Jonathan Nichols, and 5 pounds,
"    daughter, Sarah Aylsworth, 20 pounds.
"    "                Ann King, 10 pounds, 5 sheep and 5 lambs.
" sons, Phillip and Daniel, 10 pounds each, to be paid to the guardian of said sons.
" my daughters, Mary and Ada, 5 pounds each.
" " grandsons, Richard Briggs, Caleb Tarbox, and Richard Mattison, (bequest illegible) to be paid their respective fathers.

Ex.: John Briggs, son.__________

Test: Thomas Spencer, Jeremiah Jenkins, John Jenkins.

Inventory, 484 pounds, 0s, 0d.

I, 136


September 25, 1721;
April 10, 1722.

To son, Samuel, sole exec.

I, 22

October 2, 1727

Thomas Coggeshall, yeoman, sole ex.

I, 57


January 4, 1716;
July 27, 1716.

To wife. Elizabeth, admx. estate during Widowhood.
" son, James, hrs. and assigns, all of estate at marriage or death of wife afsd.
"  "  James, to pay brothers. Stephen, Samuel and Mathew, five pounds at age of 21.
"  "  James, to pay his sisters, Mary and Elizabeth, seven pounds at age of 18.
To my negro servant. John, his life and liberty.
Ex.: Pardon Tillinghast. Jeremiah Gould.
Test: Pardon Tillinghast. Jeremiah Gould, Richard Briggs.

I, 5


July 23, 1719;
August 31. 1719
To wife Eliiabeth. exec, estate during widowhood.
" son, William, one hundred acres of land and one grove
" "  John, one grove.
" "  Anthony, one house lot.
" my four daughters, 4 cowes.
Test: John Moss, Henry Mattison, John Carpenter.

I, 1


December 7, 1737;
December 21, 1737.

(late of Spanishtown, West Indies)
To wife, Elizabeth, one house and furniture.
" son, James, my negro boy.
" daughter, Elizabeth, one negro girl.
The residue of my estate to my son, James.
" my brother, John Markee, my sword.
I recommend to my children the care of my father, Phillip Markee, and my brother, John Markee.
Ex.: Phillip Markee, John Markee, both of Spanishtown, and John Brown of Newport, Peleg Spencer and his son, Benjamin Spencer of East Greenwich.

Test: Robert Estes & Jonathan Remington, Clement Cooper.
Inventory, 912 pounds, 19s. 9d.



February 25, 1737/8; 

Martha, widow, exec.
Inventory, 194 pounds, 15s. 6d.

I, 223


27th May, 1734;
31st January, 1735/6.

To my granddaughter, Elda Davis, dau. of William Davis, 5 shillings.
"    my son, Aaron Davis, 5 shillings and my wearing apparel.
"    "     " John, 5 shillings,
"    "     " Samuel Davis, and heirs, all my rights in the forge and all priviliges therein.
"   my grandson, Joshua Davis, and heirs, (son of William Davis) my house lot in East Greenwich. If he die under age or without issue, the house lot to go to his next eldest brother, his heirs and assigns.
"   my daughter, Rebekah Briggs, wife of James Briggs, 10 pounds.
"   my daughter, Katharine Godfree, wife of John Godfree, and to my granddaughter, Mary Pain, 10 pounds each,
"   my daughters, Rebekah Briggs and Katharine Godfree, all my pewter, marked with my wife's maiden name, to be equally divided between them.
"   my son, Jeffrey Davis, my negro boy, Fentain, my son, Jeffrey Davis to pay his brother, Samuel, 10 pounds, within one year, and to pay his brothers, Aaron, and John, 9 pounds, 15s, each within one year after my decease,
"   my wife, Mary, the whole profit of the part of my house I now dwell in, and all household goods, the whole profit of the northern most half of my homestead farm, or that my two sons, Jeffrey and Samuel Davis, shall provide one milch cow and riding beast between them, and pay my wife 10 pounds each year of her natural life, instead of her lawful thirds.

Ex.: Samuel and Jeffrey Davis.

Test: Thomas Mattison, Joseph Bery, Thomas Spencer.

Inventory, 241 pounds, 15s, 0d.

I, 157


July 3, 1721;
December 30, 1721.

To my daughter, Ida, hrs. and assigns, lands and orchards at age of 18.
"    my wife, Katharine, admx. remainder of estate.
Appraisers, Capt. Benjamin Nichols, Thomas Spencer.

I, 19

DRAKE, JOHN, yeoman

16th June, 1733;
27th June, 1733.

To my wife, Esther, and heirs, 1/3 estate.
"    Desier Arnold, wife of John Arnold, 5 pounds.
"    Fear Smith, wife of Christopher Smith, 5 pounds.
"    my daughter, Elizabeth Drake, and heirs, 100 pounds at age of 18.
"    my son, .Francis Drake, and heirs, the remainder of estate at age of 21.

If Francis or Elizabeth die before coming to age, their portion shall go to the survivor.
Ex.: Joseph Wever and Esther Drake, wife.
Test: William Greene, Benjamin Bentley & William Martin.

Inventory, 707 pounds, 14s, lOd.

I, 341


July 5, 1729;
April 5, 1731.

To son, John Dellenor, 5 shillings after death of wife.
"    daughter, Lidia Parker, 1 shilling after death of wife.
"    son, William, 5 shillings in manner aforesaid.
"    daughter, Mary Joshling, 1 shilling in manner aforesaid.
"    my daughter, Abigail Niles, 1 shilling in manner aforesaid.
"    my wife, Rachael Dellenor, exec, all my estate during life,
"    my grandson, William, son of Abigail, whole estate after death of wife aforesaid.

Test: Jeremiah Jones, James Reynolds, Benjamin Sweet.
Inventory, 65 pounds, 07s, 6d.

I, 118


October 23, 1735;
October 29, 1735.

Mary Gardiner, wife. exec.
Inventory, 258 pounds, 4s. lid.

I, 155

GREEN, BENJAMIN, Husbandman.

January 4, 1718;
March 5, 1718/9.

To wife, Humility, estate during widowhood.
" son, John, and hrs., farm he now lives on.
"   " Benjamin, and hrs. 1\2 homestead.
"   " Henry, other half of homestead.
"   " Caleb.


"  " Joshua.
To daughters, Mary Spencer, wife of Thomas, 20 sh.
"    "  Ann Tennant, wife of Daniel, 20 sh.
"    "  Phoebe Wells, wife of Thomas, 20 sh.
"    "  Sarah Green, Dinah Green, Deborah Green, Katharine Green—under 18.
Exec.: wife. Humility, Capt. Benjamin Nichols, of Kingston, John Coggeahall, and Joshua Coggeshall.
Test: Joseph Maxon, Joseph Lewis, Mary Lew1s.

I, 11, 12, 13


16th January, 1728/9.

Exec: Peter Mory
Inventory: 46 pounds, 12s, 2d.

I, 95.


June 17, 1718;
August 30, 1718.

Admx.: Widow. Mary.
Appraisers: Joshua Coggeshall, John Willson. Nicholas Whitford.

I, 9

 Mary Grinnell, widow, marries John Manchester. They pay Thomas Grinnell, eldest son of Matthew. 5 pounds. I8 sh. at age of 21.

To Matthew, second son, 36 pounds at age of 21.
" John, third son, 36 pounds at age of 21.

If any of three die before the age of 21, the sum shall be divided equally between the remaining two.

Dated January 21. 1719/0.

I, 18


15th May, 1735;
5th July, 1735.

To my wife, Martha Hopkins, the best room in my dwelling house, 1 cow, 2 hogs, and the keeping of said cow and hogs during her natural life, and all my household goods or movables, in lieu of her third or dowry in my estate.
" my son, Joseph, 5 shillings.
" " sons, William and Samuel, and heirs, my household farm to be divided equally.
" my son, John, 30 pounds.
"  "            Robert, 1/2 my outdoors movables except aforesaid and 30 pounds.
" my son, Thomas, 30 pounds at age of 21, if he dies before age of 21, the sum to be divided between his sisters, Phoebe Picher, Hannah and Theodosha Hopkins, and 1/2 my outdoors movables except otherwise bequeathed.
To my daughter, Phoebe Picher, 1 cow.
"     "    "                Hannah and Theodosha, 25 pounds and 1 cow each.

Ex.: Sons, William and Samuel Hopkins.

Test: Nicholas Whitford, Joseph Berry, John Jenkins.

Inventory, 173 pounds, 17s, 6d.

I, 350


November 27, 1729.

John Hyams, son, ex.

Inventory: 60 pounds, 19s, 4d.


January 1, 1738/9;
January 27, 1738/9.

To wife, Deborah, 13 personal estate. 1/3 use of profit of real estate.

" son, Jonathan, and heirs, my fulling mill and appurtenances, 2 acres of land in said town, beginning at southmost corner of said farm, extending northward along the highway until a line easterly parellel with Tentenbers', as they now stand, sixteen feet northward of said Tentenbers, to extend the same course easterly until a southward line will cross the middle of the old cellar whereon the old house stood, so as to extend to Samuel Davis' land aforesaid, all privileges and appurtenances there unto belonging.
" son, Elisha, 5 pounds.

" Benjamin, 5 shillings.
" Israel, and heirs, my farm which I purchased of Clement Wever, 227 acres, all privileges and appurtenances.
" son, Elisha, and heirs, all other lands and tenements, at age of 21.
" daughter, Elizabeth, all use and profits of said land during Elishas minority.
" six daughters, Elizabeth, Deborah, Jemima, Amy, Freelove, and Phoebe, each, one feather bed and furniture, thereunto belonging.

Ex.: Deborah, widow, and son, Elisha.
Test: Pardon Tillinghast, Alice Tillinghast, John Jenkins.

Inventory, 248 pounds, 18s. 8d.

I, 226

LEWIS, GEORGE, died intestate.

John Nicholas, sole admx. appointed 24th February, 1732/3.
Inventory, 44 pounds, 14s, 11d.

I, 136


Widow, Hannah, sole exec.

October 3, 1726;
November 5, 1726.

I, 43


April 14, 1738;
May 27, 1738.

Sarah Mackeen, exec.
Inventory, 95 pounds, 5s. 6d.

I, 209


July 29, 1738;
August 16, 1738.

Joseph Nicholas, exec.

Inventory, 201 pounds, 6s. 2d.

I, 213


26th September, 1725;
18th November, 1725.

To son, John, and hrs.; 1\4 farm, north side, 25 acres, 5 pounds.

" son Thomas,  1\4 farm, city lot lying north of country road and salt water, and 5 pounds.
" son Robert, other half of farm.

"  "  Joseph, remaining land, buildings and improvements.
" daughter, Susannah Cahoon, wife of Samuel, of Warwick, one feather bed, three blankets, etc., one coverlid, 15 pounds.

" daughter, Mary, 2 feather beds, blankets, coverlid, pillows, etc. one cow, 25 pounds, 2 brass kettles, all my pewter, except half a dozen pewter spoons,
"  my wife, Deborah, 10 pounds.
Ex.: Robert Nicholas, Joseph Nicholas.
Test: David Vaughn, Christopher Vaughn, Thomas Spencer.

I, 34. 35, 36, 37


5th April, 1721;
28th March. 1727.

To son, John, 1 sh.
"    "   Stephen, 1 sh.
"  granddaughter, Phoebe, my chest.
"  my six children, Richard, Robert, Jane Vaughn, Elizabeth, Sarah Mattison, Ann Underwood, the remainder of the whole estate.

Ex.: My son, Richard Nicholas.
Test: John ______, Elizabeth Cahoon, Thomas Spencer.

I, 53


June 1, 1736;
July 2, 1736.

To my wife, Sarah, all the profit my tools and benches, mare, colt and cow; all household goods, dwelling house in Newport, now in possession of Andrew Sherburn, during natural life, after her decease to descend to Anthony Peckham, son, and his heirs. In case of death of Anthony before his mother, the house to go to my cousin, John Peckham.

To my son, Anthony, and heirs, my two shops, and one stable with the land thereto on the Main street in Newport, when at age of 21. The profits in the meantime to be given to wife, Sarah. In case said son shall die before age of 21, said shop and stable and land shall go to John Peckham and heirs. Anthony to he sent to school by his mother to learn a trade.

Ex.: Sarah Peckham, wife and Ephraim Weeks, uncle, of Newport.

Test: John Brett, Joseph Nichols & Giles Peirce.

Inventory, 685 pounds, 1s, 5 and 1/4d.

I, 165


13th August, 1728;
28th September, 1728.

To wife, Frances, sole exec. 1/3 estate.

My three children, Mary, Benjamin, and Phillips, 2/3 estate.

Test: Benjamin Bentley, John Gay, Thomas Spencer.

Inventory, 158 pounds, 14s, 11d.

I, 91


died intest., August 8, 1726;
November 5, 1726.

Mary, widow, sole exec, estate to be divided among children.

I, 47

SEMERALT, HANNAH died January 17, 1729/30.

Henry Semeralt, brother, gives inventory April 11, 1730, 39pounds, 3s, 0d.


31st October, 1732;
27th January, 1732/3.

To my wife, Mary, exec, all movable objects.
"    my child, not yet born, all my lands and house, to its heirs and assigns, if said child die without issue after death of wife aforesaid, all lands to be given to cousin Thomas Rogers. If Thomas Rogers die without issue all lands to be given to my cousin, Thomas Green, and heirs.

Test: Caleb Corry, Joseph Corr, William Corr.

Inventory, 402 pounds, 05s, 1d.


14th November, 1728.

(Widow and exec. of Michael Spencer, died intest)
Exec: Thomas Spencer and wife.
Inventory, 69 pounds, 9s, 5d.

I, 91


27th March, 1736.

Ex.: Walter Spencer, brother.
Inventory, 33 pounds, 10s, 5d.

I, 163


February 23, 1722/3;
May 30, 1723.

To wife, Deborah, admx, whole estate, councilors, Major Thomas Ivy and Thomas Spencer.
" son, Thomas and hrs. at widow's death, 2-3 real estate with my work tools.
" son, Jeremiah and hrs. remaining 1-3.
" grandson Joseph Read, one bed and bedding at age of 21.
" my daughter, Susannah, wife of John _______?, 1\4 of whole estate after widow's death.
" my son, Thomas, remaining 1\4 at widow's death.
Test: John Spencer, John Spencer, 2nd, Thomas Spencer.

I, 23


January 14, 1724/5;
April 26, 1726.

Son of Israel Spink, Israel Spink, sole exec.

1, 40


May 5, 1728;
June 29, 1728.

To son. Henry. 5 sh.
"     " John, one half of farm.

"   wife. Mary, sole ex. whole estate, goods and chattels.
Test; Robert Vaughn,
         Samuel Shippe.
         John Carpenter,

1, 83, 84

STRAIGHT, HENRY , blacksmith

25th October, 1732;
16th November, 1732.

To son, Samuel, at age of 21, 1/3 of estate after bequests,
"    sons, John, Thomas, Joseph, and Henry, remainder of estate after bequests are paid.
To my daughter, Rebekah Beley, 5 shillings.
"     "    "               Elizabeth Straight, 5 shillings.
"     "    "               Hannah Westcote, 5 shillings.
"     "    "               Mary Straight, 5 shillings.
"     "    "               Sarah Straight, 5 pounds.
"     "    "               Abigail Straight, 5 pounds.
"     "    "               Mary Straight, 35 pounds for her bringing up and education, to be given her at age of 18.
"     "    son, Thomas, to be the guardian of Henry and Mary.

Thomas, Exec, and heirs, remainder of estate and lands, after legacies are paid.
Test: Mary Sweet, Nicholas Whitford, Jonathan Picher, John Jenkins.

Inventory, 172 pounds, 19s, 6d.

I, 122


September 15, 1726.

To wife, Ann, exec, whole estate during widowhood, and 50 lots in East Greenwich.
" son, Israel, 60 acres of land at age of 21.
" sons, William, John. Joseph, Elizabeth, Ruth and Alice.
(Friend Joseph Edwards, to find a trade for the sons).

I, 49, 50


19th December, 1728;
28th December, 1728.

Mary Vaughn, widow, sole exec.
Inventory: 2138 pounds, 17s, 4d.

I, 101


7th November, 1729;
29th November. 1729.

To son, George and heirs, homestead, farm with lot lying next to John Langford's land, with small lot lying adjoining to William Bennet, housing buildings, fencings,    and improvements, all privileges and appurtenances therein.

" son, Daniel and heirs, land adjoining Samuel Gerrys', with bogland and shore, 2 house lots between Country Road and salt water, privileges and appurtenances therein.

" sons George and Daniel, each one feather bed and furniture.

" daughter, Elizabeth, 60 pounds, one half of household goods, except what is given to sons.

" daughter, Jane, 60 pounds, one half of household goods except aforementioned, to be given her at age of 18 or day of marriage.

" son. Daniel, 20 pounds, one pair of oxen, three cows, 20 sheep, when he is 21.

" son George, remainder of estate.

Ex.: Christopher Vaughn, brother, and son, George.
Test: John Wever, John Peirce, Thomas Spencer,
inventory, 611 pounds, 19s, 4d.

I, 105


October 16. 1727;
April 26, 1728.

Exec: Son Peter Wells and his wife, Mary
Inventory: 163 pounds, 7s, 6d.

I, 101


October 16, 1736;
April 8, 1738.

To my son, Jonathan Wever, and heirs, farm where on I now live, which is 137 acres, with all houseing, dwelling, fencings, and orchards, and all appurtenances there unto belonging. One house lot in East Greenwich, all rights in Mishneck Swamp, and Menhungenct Swamp and West Cenage, and all my other out lands, except those otherwise mentioned.
" my son, Clement, and heirs, one farm and lot of 15 acres, housings, fencings, orchards, and priveliges there unt belonging, except the burying place of my honored father, which I reserve for a burying place for myself and heirs. Also land in Cowesett. one houselot in East Greenwich, one feather bed and furniture, one cow, one chest. In case Clement die without issue, Jonathan to inherit the land in Cowesett, and my grandson. Phillip Wever, to inherit the house lot in the new town, above mentioned, the goods and chattels aforesaid to be in equal parts inherited hy my daughter's children. Mary, daughter, to succeed, son, Clement, in the 15 acres of land, and after her death her son, Clement, and his heirs.
" my daughter, Mary Wever, 80 pounds.
" son, Gideon, and heirs, all land which I bought of Henry Mattison, in East Greenwich, housings, fencings, orchards, and buildings, one house lot in East Greenwich, also two small lots, one feather bed and furniture, one cow, one chest, in case he die without issue, his portion to be divided among son, Jonathan's children.

To my wife, Hannah Wever, all my household goods within doors, to have equal privileges with Jonathan in the house and in all movables, during her widowhood. To have chief power over my negro man, and after her death, or marriage, negro man to go to Jonathan.

Ex.: Hannah Wever, widow, and Jonathan Wever, son.
Test: Thomas Wickes, Dorcas Casey, Samuel Casey.
Inventory, 797 pounds, 15s. 0d.

I, 196

WEVER, CLEMENT, son of William Wever

December 31, 1737;

Inventory, 147 pounds, 5s. 7d.

I, 206


May 22. 1718;
July 14. 1718.

Admx.: Widow. Elizabeth.
Test: Cheman Wever. Joseph Wever.

I, 9


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