Meat and Poultry Dishes


This is made the same way as a Welsh rabbit, and placing a small poached egg, neatly trimmed, on top of each portion. Some prefer to use only the yolks of eggs for poaching purposes as this makes a neater looking portion. Put a tiny pinch of Nepaul or cayenne pepper in the centre of each egg just before serving.

Source: Modern Housekeeping Magazine, August 1905, Transcribed by C. Anthony


One pint of milk, four eggs, two cups of flour, two teaspoonsful of baking powder, one teaspoonful of salt, be careful not to get it too stiff; then place in the dripping pan; take a piece of roast beef and roast it until within a half hour's time of being done; drain off the fat, leaving only enough to prevent the batter from sticking to the bottom; lay the roast meat on a garter across the dripping pan and let drip on the pudding.

Mrs. E. J. Hardy, Newport, R. I.

Source: Pittsurgh Tested Recipes Prepared by The Ladies of Trinity M. E. Church, 1885, Transcribed by C. Anthony


Wipe and finedly chop two ounces steak from upper part of round, season with salt, and shape in a flat, circular cake using as little pressure as possible.

Heat small omelet pan, rub over with fat, put in meat, and turn as soon as under surface is seared, then turn and sear other side. Cook five minutes, turning occasionally, using a griddle cake turner that surface may not be pierced. Brush over with soft butter and sprinkle with salt.

Source: Modern Housekeeping Magazine, August 1905, Transcribed by C. Anthony