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JOHNSON, Capt. John





The Centinel, Gettysburg, PA, June 14 1809
On Sunday, 5th inst., Mr. Malbone , a Senator from the state of Rhode Island, on his way to attend divine service at the capitol, in Washington city, dropped down and immediately expired.
[Submitted by Nancy Piper]


At Baltimore on the 2d inst. Capt. John Johnson, aged 65 years, formerly a sea Captain out of this port (Rhode Island), but latterly a school teacher of Baltimore.

[Source: Rhode-Island Republican, July 17, 1839, Transcribed by C. Anthony]

Death of T. A. Tefft.--Mr. T. A. Tefft, State Commissioner of the Industrial Art Association of Rhode Island, died in Florence, Italy, this day, from a fever contracted in Venice, which almost immediately deprived him of reason, and within ten days of life, though he had the best of attendance. He was an accomplished architect, much esteemed at home, and had recently made a name among statists in Europe by a learned and able treatise on Universal Currency, including a plan for a common currency in France, England, and America, based on the decimal system. It elicited a complimentary letter from Count Cavour, highly recommending the scheme. - Friday, January 20, 1860.

[Source: Vincents Semi-Annual US Register, 1860, Transcribed by C. Anthony]


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