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Providence County, RI courthouse
Woonsocket, RI - Courthouse With Civil War Monument In Front

Cities & Towns
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Lincoln ~ E. Providence ~ N. Smithfield ~ Pawtucket ~ Providence ~ Scituate ~ Smithfield ~ Woonsocket

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Website Updates:
September 2017: Newspaper Gleanings -
Community News: Rev Lambert resigns, s/b Robin Line
Misc News: Hog Weighs 544 pounds, s/b Robin Line
Obit: Gen Nelson Vlall, s/b Robin Line

June 2017: Death Records: John A Brown; Oliver Johnson; Sanford Smith
Miscellaneous Data: Resident Members of the Rhode Island Historical Society (Providence) - Jan 1893 A - C
Obits: Rev D W Fannce s/b Robin Line
Misc Newspaper Gleanings: Gov Sprague's Wife; s/b Robin Line

Feb 2017:  1774 Census - COMPLETE!


Sep 2016:  1774 Census



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