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Muster Roll of Sloop



Muster Roll of Sloop Providence

A Muster Roll of all the Officers, Seamen & Marines belonging to the Continental armed Sloop Providence Commanded by John Peck Rathbun Esqr. dated June 19, 1777. From original manuscript now in the collection of Col. George L. Shepley.

Source: Rhode Island Historical Society Vol. XIV, No. 1, January 1921, Transcribed by C. Anthony

Names Stations Promotions
John Peck Rathbun Captain  
Joseph Vesey 1st Lieutenant  
Daniel Bears 2d Lieutenant  
George Sinkins Master  
John Trevett Capt. Marines  
William P. Thurston 1st Mastrs Mate  
William Gregory 2d Mastrs Mate  
  3d Mastrs Mate  
______ Richmond Surgeon  
James Rogers Purser  
Saml Bailey Clerk  
Oliver Whitwell 1st Midshipman  
Joseph Deveber 2d Midshipman  
Thomas Pain Steward  
Lillibridge Worth Gunner  
John Webster Boatswain   
Thomas Brewer Carpenter   
Amos Potter Gunnr M[ate]  
  Boatsn M[ate]  
Andrew Brewer Carpnr M[ate]  
  Surgs M[ate]  
Andrew Burnet Cook  
Richard Grinnell Ar[mo]rer  
Peleg Swe[et] Coxswain  
James Bridges Cooper  
John Wilson Sail maker  
Joseph Claghorn Sail mate  
Joseph Stewart Gunr Yeoman  
Francis Simons Mastr at Arms  
Alexr Ballingall Qur Master  
Dowty Randall Qur Master  
James Clarke Serjt Marines  
Toby Jacobs Seaman  
Anabony Seaman  
Thomas Perfect Seaman  
William Nichols Seaman  
John Nichols Seaman  
Isaac Read Seaman  
Edward Clanning Marine Promoted to Seaman
Joseph Weeden Marine  
James Vial Marine  
Barzillai Luce Marine  
Danl Paddock Seaman  
Niccols Stoddard Seaman reduced to a Marine
Thomas Allen Marine  
Thomas Collens Marine  
John Tinckom Marine  
Esek Whipple Marine  
Joseph Shaw Marine  
Saml Browning Marine  
Seth Baker Marine   
Thomas Bailey Boy  
John Shaw Seaman  
Andrew Burnet Boy  
Samuel Wood Seaman Reduced to a marine
Samuel Woggs Seaman  
Thomas Hay Seaman  
Thomas Connant Seaman  
Zaccheus Hinckley Seaman   
Benj Harding Marine   
Nathl Arnold Marine  
Joshua Joy Seaman  
Elnathan Lake Marine  
Stephen Read Marine  
Michael Wiser Coxswain  
Tristam Luce Pilot  
Henry Stoddard Marine  
William Howell Marine  
Solomon Hallet Marine  
Thomas Hawes Landsman  
James Blossom Landsman  
James Morton Seaman  
Richard Sampson Seaman  
Robert Falle Seaman  
William Sinnett Boy  
Imml Dusnaps Seaman  
Joseph Allen Marine  






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