The Southern Business Directory And General Commercial Advertiser
South Carolina

The Southern Business Directory And General Commercial Advertiser
First Part [Transcribed By Liz Dellinger]:

Containing A Reference To All Merchants, Manufacturers, Banking, Insurance, Railroad, Steamboat, Steam Packet And Mining Compainies:
Together With Statistics In Relation To Churches, High Schools, Amount Of Taxable Property, Population, Commercial Prosperity, Etc
Of The Several Counties And Principal Towns In The States Of Kentucky, Tennesee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas And Arkansas.
Also Some Of The Principal Towns In The Western States, On The Right And Left Banks Of The Ohio And Mississippi Rivers.
Second Part:
Will Contain The Cards And Advertisements Of Every Class Of Business And Professional Houses In Any Of The Citites Of The United States And Of Europe, That May Seek To Cherish And Extend Their Business Interests With Each Other, And With The Rich And Growing South And West.
By the Rev. John T. Campbell

No. 3 Broad Street
The State of South Carolina has an area of 16,217,700 acres of land, of which 4,072,651 acres are in cultivation.  Cotton and Rice are her staples, though in the Northern part of the State, Corn, Wheat, Oats, Rye and the usual grasses grow finely.
Annual products of 1850 -- Bales of Cotton 300,901; lbs. of Rice 159,980,613; bushels of Corn 16,271,454; bushels of Wheat 1,066,277; Sweet Potatoes, bushels of, 4,837,469; Irish Potatoes, bushels of, 136,494.  White population 274,563; Slave population 384,984; Free Colored 8,960.  Total population 668,507.  Clergymen 474; Lawyers 397; Physicians 995.
The credit of South Carolina has always stood fair.  In Banking capital she is, perhaps, the richest State in the Union, to her size and population.  Bank failures are unknown in this state.   The means for general education are ample.  The poor (not many of this class) are cared for.  The slaves, too, are cared for, both in reference to their souls and bodies.
In talents, general intelligence and statesmanship, the citizens of South Carolina compare favorably with those of any State in the Union.  She has been made "the scapegoat" of the principal political dissentions which have agitated the country.  In this, injustice has been done her.  Although it may be true that some of her ablest statesmen have erred on the question of "State Rights," (to err is human) yet, that the agitation of this question has contributed to advance the science of popular free governments, we think no one can doubt whose attention has been directed to this subject.  It is the glory of our republican institutions that they are provided with "checks and balances" which the agitation of free discussion only adjusts and puts right.
No fears need be entertained that South Carolina will "go off in a tangent" that she is not patriotic, loyal and sound on all questions of Constitutional liberty, or that she does not understand and love the union of the States.  Where a liberal system of education prevails, as here, and where the bible and the institutions of religion are honored, there need be no fears for the cause of liberty. 
A notice of the cities of Charleston, Columbia and other towns in the State will come under their appropriate heads.
It will be seen that our list of merchants for this State is very full, having returns from every District.  All Whose business is not designated are put under the head of "General Merchants."

Population 32,318.  The following are the Merchants; --Andrews & Sales, P & J Jordan, Lindsay & Sherard, Samuel Donald, A Gillespie.
Abbeville C.H. --MERCHANTS --Wm. M. Hughes, Wilson & Williams, G. T. Waller, White & Pullock, H. S. Kerr, James Shillots, R. H. Wadlaw, James A.. Allen, J. J. Lyon, W. Norton, Griffin & Agnew, J. L. Bouchillon, Wier & Miller, N. McIvoy & Brother, J. T. Waller, Benjamin & W. W. Waller, Wideman & Gibson, Chambers & Marshall, J. Forster Marshall
CARRIAGE MAKERS -- Thomas Jackson
TINNER -- Hiram W. Lawson
JEWELLERS -- Hiram S. Tusten, M. T. Owen
DRUGGISTS -- Wardlaw & Lyons
TAILOR -- Charles Murphy 
HARNESS AND SADDLERY -- James Moore, Edward Westfield, J.  Branch, M.D.
C. H. Allen, Editor and Proprietor of the Banner.
Calhoun Mills--Merchants --W. H. Taggart, Sayne & Rogers, McKee & Houston, J. W. Childs & Co.
Cambridge -- Leonard Lipscombe, merchant.
Church Hill -- Andrew Giles & Co. merchants.
Chesnut Hill -- John Cothran, merchant.
Cow Grove -- Nimrod W. Stewart, merchant.
Cokesbury -- Merchants. -- Griffin, Greavon & Co., Morris Strauss, F. W. Connor, John A. Stewart, F. F. Garey, James N. Cochran, J. N. Steele
BOOK STORE, & c. -- Rev. S. Leard
DRUGGIST --S. E. Graydon
Diamond Hill -- Wickliffe & Harper, W. P. Black, merchants.
Donaldsonville -- Cowan & Klinkscales, merchants.
Douglass Mills -- Roberts, Adams & Smith, merchants.
Due West Corner -- Merchants -- David O. Hawthorn, James Lindsey, Ellis & Sharp, Lindsay & Hawthorn, Cowan & Lyon.
CARRIAGE MAKERS -- Litton & McNutt.
J. O. Lindsay, Proprietor of Erskine Miscellany.
Ninety-Six Depot -- George Anderson, W. S. Anderson & Co., G. W. Calhoun, merchants.
Greenwood -- Merchants -- Merryman & Clinkscale, J. C. & J. M. Smith, F, G. Parks, Gilford T. Waller, E. R. Calhoun, Smith & Riley, D. P. Glymp, G. T. Waller.
DRUGGISTS --Calhoun & Mosely, Calhoun & Riley
CARRIAGE MAKERS -- Gerald & French
HARNESS AND SADDLERY -- R. M. Hitch & Brother
COACH MAKERS -- Emanuel Wise & Son
Harrisburg -- E. P. Everett, merchant
Hodges Depot -- Wm. Milford, merchant
Indian P. O. -- Cowan & Britt, merchants
Liberty -- John Harmon, merchant
Lodi -- Blake & Calhoun, S. & S. Blake, Bailey & Calhoun, M. Calhoun, merchants
Lowndesville -- Giles, Davis & Hill, Coke Dannerly, J. C. Dannerly & Co., merchants
TAILORS -- H. H. Scudday & Co.
Millwell -- Archeson & Hammon, merchants.
Mount Carmel -- Drenon & Hester, merchants, S. Holmes & Co., merchants.
Mount Hill -- Barsnore & Donald, merchants.
New Market -- J. A. Partlow, Perryman & Walker, merchants.
Temple of Health -- E & L w. Tribble, S. F. Cunningham, merchants.
Widman's Store -- E. Cowan, B. A. McCaslin, merchants. 
Willington -- Wm. H. Simpson, merchant.
Winter Seat -- A. Harmon, merchant.
White Hall -- S. S. Marshall & Co., merchants

Population 21, 475.  The following are the Merchants:
Anderson C. H. -- Stephen McCully, Benson & Sullivan, B. F. & T. S, Creighton, a. V. & Joel Towers, D. & J. F. Mattison, Cochran & Davenport, Fleetwood Rice, Wm. McGee & son, t. A. Evans, Osburn & Harrison, England, Blakely & Co., Wm. Martin, J. A. Stone.
JEWELLER -- Fred. C. V. Vorstal
DRUGGISTS -- J. W. Taylor, Dr. P. A. Wilhette
HOTEL -- W. E. Halcomb
COACH MAKERS -- Wearn & Robinson
PUBLISHERS -- Moore & Earle
Anderson P. O. --Merchants; Daniel brown,, Harrison & Son,, Saml. Milwee, Holland & Shorrod, Horton & Webb, f. E. Harrison.
Alex. Evans, M. D.; A. P. Cater, Druggist; Anson Bangs & Co., Contractors
Belton P. O. -- Jonathan B. Lewis & Co., J. t. Wait, Longshore & McConnell, Maddox & Brazell.
ButlersVille P. O. -- Jas. Jones
Creightonville P. O. -- Creighton Wright, Benj. F. Maulvin, Williams & Clement
Evergreen P. O. -- Julius W. Earle & Co.
Equality P. O. --Thos. H. McCann
Greenwood P. O. -- J. C. & J. M. Smith
Honeypath Station P. O. -- Brock & Armstrong, Miller & Rowland
Moffitsville P. O. -- Wm. Sherad, Reed & Simpson
Oak Grove P. O. -- Merchants; McAllister & Todd 
Pendleton P. O. -- Merchants; Issacks & Hasty, Enoch J. Benson & Son, John S. Lorton & Co.,  W. H. D. Gaillard & Co., J. E. Bellott & Co., J. S. Cherry, Symms & Sharp, M. D. and Druggists; J. T. Latta, J. P. E. Sloane & Co., J. B. Litton, carriage marker
Pendleton Valley P. O. -- Merchant: S. e. Maxwell 
Townville P. O. -- Brown & Vandizer
Rock Mills P. O. -- J. W. & J. M. carpenter
Williamston P. O. -- Leverett, Harper & Williams, Ira C. Williams, Wellborn & Murphy, Earle, Evans & Griffin; Pickles, Murphy & Co., tailors; J. W. Cobb, hotel; Acker, Reed & Smith, coach makers.
White Plains P.O. -- J Duckworth

 Population, 26,608.  Barnwell C. H. -- General merchants; J. J. Ryan, f. Miller,, B. F. Brown, B. Schwart, J. D. Allen, f. M. O. Neille, W. A. Owens, David Rice, A. P. Aldrich, John Aaron, G. L. Folk & son, Daniel & Wells, Richardson & Bradley, Joseph Neilson, M. D. Kindard, Hay & Bailey
  TAILOR -- J. C. Buckingham
  DRUGGIST -- S. B. Graham, M. D.
  COACH MAKER -- John D. Ray
  Aiken village -- General Merchants; Steedman & Mims, Talles Randall, Henry Wise, Jacob Cook, John Bush, J. Harberro, W. A. Schmidt, C. H. Ludicaus, Wm A. Merritt, Langley & Randal; Jas. Cummins, Merchant, J. Marjenhoff, Weyhe & Wessels.
  F. Schwartz, Proprietor of Aiken Hotel.  This is a fine house and a delightful summer retreat.
  Allendale P. O. -- Branhams & Kirkland. 
  Buford Bridge P. O. -- J & H Bradham, Geo. J. Priester, L. S. Hays, M. D., G. B. Ayer, J. Brunson, Rhodes & Bartlets.
  Blackville P. O. -- Ray & Riley, H & G. A. Addison, W. P. Walker, Jps. Kelly, tailor; W. M. Johnson, W. R. Enochs, E. J. Feilder, E. C. Behling, H. C. Stott, Henry Rice, Meetze & Stom, Michael & Waldheim.
  Graham's Turn Out P. O. -- C. C. Cooper, Rice & Counts, B. J. Ray, Faust, McMillan & Wotton Lowry, M. Brandenburg, Felder & Worlton, S. S. Tyler.
  Williston P. O. -- W. B. Beazley, M. R. Stansell, Ellis & Jacobus, A. P. Bojocki, E. F. Heidtman, J. E. Plunkett, J. H. Willis, A. H. Weathersbec, J. J. Manles, M. D., drugs.
  Clinton P. O. -- Murphey, Pooser & Co.
  Bamberg's P. O. --Bamberg, Izler & Co., G. Y. Patrick   
  King Creek P. O. -- Drugs, &c.; Dr. D. M. Lafitte
  River Bridge P. O. -- John Platts, J. V. Breeland, Chas. Ray.
  Midway P. O. -- Drugs, & C. Dr. E. Edgerton, A. E. Varn; Peter Carrson, W. L. Patrick.
  Boiling Spring P. O. -- O. P. & R. G. Hay.
  Beach Branch P. O. -- T. H. Willingham.
  White Ponds P. O. -- Benj. Williams, Jonathan Jowers, M. Schwartz.
  Duck Branch P. O. -- Mayer & Cohen.
  Dunbarton P. O. -- Easterlin & Killingsworth.
  Lowry's Turn Out P. O. -- J. M. Williams.
  Pole Cat P. O. -- John Weaver.
  Cooper Branch P. O. -- S. W. Eaves

    Population, 38,850.  Beaufort is a flourishing town, and has the following general merchants:  B. R. Bythewood, drugs; W. C. Daner & Co.,R. J. Adams, Cunningham & Co., Geo Mann, B Levy, A. & B. Peeples, J. S. Tyler & Co., M. Scott, Benj. W. Barnwell, J. A. W. Just, trader; S. E. O'Neal.
  Bluffton P. O. -- Thos II Coe, W. H. Wigg, A. G. Bulchen, Dr. J. S. Julian, M. J. Kirk, saddler.
  Robertville P. O. -- H. Jansen, John M. Taylor,, C. Joudon & Son, A. R. Norton.
  Pocotaligo P. O. -- J. H. Sanders, C. M. Hugenin.
  Coosawhatchie P. O. -- C. Wilcox, J. M. Farr, J. Frampton.
  Gillisonville P. O. --Jno Moore, T. J. Buckner.
  Grahamville P. O. -- J. T. S. Farr, Fred J. Ekiercukother, G. T. Sanders, A. Lines
  Brighton P. O. -- T. B. Baker.
  Whippy Swamp -- Roads -- Bellinger & Taylor, Phillip Terry.
  Duck Branch P. O. -- T. H. Willingham, Pilcher & Yourman.
  Edisto P. O. -- Jno Hannahan.
  Lawtoonville P. O. -- G. W. Rhodes.
  Combahee Ferry P. O. -- P. F. Buchannan.
  Steep Bottom P. O. -- B. J. Jourdon, W. J. Rushing 

Population, 18,038.  Chesterville has the following merchants;  E. J. West, C. F. Holst, carriages; McClure & Harris, Davega & DeGraffenail, G. A. Welch & Co., Wiley & Reedy, drugs; Williams & Co., Geo W. Curtis, McKee & Karothers, Henry & Gil, Lewis & Wilson,, C. D. Melton, editor of Standard; J. T. Howerton, Elliott & Robinson, tinware; Heyman & Co.,  C. B. smith, J. Bloomburg & Bro., Hardin & Mcalley, S.. W. Mobley, Carroll & Farley, tailors.
Chester C. H. -- J. & T. L. Graham J. T. & J. A. Albright, confectioners; A. G. Pagon, Dr. T. S. Mills, Lipford & Davis, J. L. McAffee, J. R. Nicholson, R. C. West, Chisolm & Carroll, Brawley & Alexander, W. F. Nelson, Dill & Devenon, Matthews, Henkle & Devon.
  Rocky Creek P. O. -- F. Torbitt.
  Cedar Shoals P. O. --Gaston & McCreery, Henkle & Co., Dr. J. B. Gaston.
  Lawrenceville P. O. -- John Ross.
  Crosbyville P. O. --c. Crosby
  Brush Ford P. O. -- Wilkes, Land & Co., Jno. W. Estis.
  Pedensville P. O. --T. G. Wylie, D. Moffatt.
  Lewisville P. O. --Wylie & Moffatt..
  Sands Ford P. O. -- Reeves, Judge & White, Graham & Jordan, W. W. & b. Jordon, W. D. Fudge.
  Black Stocks Depot -- Jos. Boyd, G. S. Hooper, Fant & Platt.
  Rick Hill P. O. --A. Barber, H. Simpson, furniture.
  Rossville P. O. -- Nichols & Stephenson.
  Baton rouge P. O. -- W. D. Cornwall.
  Oak Grove P. O. -- Dr. J. W. Godelock    
  Smith's P. O. -- McElheny & Saval.

  Total population, 10,790.  The following are the general Merchants in Cheraw:  c Holmes, tinner; R. R. Powell, d Malloy, Wm C J Read, Saml Craft, confectioner; J D Pickard, tailor; W H Tomlinson, Threadgill & Kendall, Dr A Malloy, J W Leak, C Kollock, drugs; Saml Keeler, shoes; Jas Lynch, John Kyle, J A Moore, D Matheson, D McNain, D B McArn,, Peter Hailey, J C Wadesborg, J A David, S C J A Brock, S H Robeson, J F Drake, N D Strickland, W A Malloy, C Lynch, J T Bright, R Shaw, J C Evans, J C Medlyn, Henry Gradyn, W T Moore, J C Chapman, W L Robeson, D S Pemberton & Co., H W Tomlinson, Col H Craig.
 Mt. Crigham P. O. --J II Taylor
 Gold Mine P. O. --Harrison Lee
 Jefferson P. O. -- H Evans

Total population, 39,505.  The following are the general merchants at Ridgeville:  John Clark, A B Poeples, H W Norris, T H Goodwin, P Burns, J M Cummings
 Walker P. O. -- Michael Hears, J Folk & Son
 Lattkopatchie P. O. --P S Buckner & Co
 Waterboro P. O. --H Weichman, S Sampson, J W Berlidge, H W Stewart, S P Cannady, W & P Bellinger, J J Kline, H Ferguson, J E Glover, M. D., J Rice, R T Banting, J F Rushing
 Bell's ? Roads P. O. --John Bell
 St John's P. O. -- Jas George
 Buckhead Causeway P. O. -- S P Van & Brother
 Brockston's Bridge P. O. -- A E Van
 George Station P. O. --J D J Dukes, George & Ustley, Jas Murray  
 Edisto ? Roads P. O. -- H F Bailey
 Adams Run P. O. -- Jas Legare
 Blue House P. O. -- Marvin & Sanders
 Branchville P. O. -- Jas M Foutt
 St. George P. O. -- Dr. John May
 Ross Station P. O. -- T H Spider
 Ashepoo P. O. -- Thomas Lining, M. D.

Total population, 16,830.  The following are the general merchants at Darlington C. H.; J F Erwin, F W Cooper, Brown & Jordan, A W Sargton, Charles C Williams, carriages; J & M Iseman, R V F Rallings, John Doten, S A woods, W H Sergton, Dr J Z Flinn, W H Stanley, H Williamson, M A Huggins, Bacot & Muse, dentists; E B Branson, & Tarrah, Dargan & Gindrat, M. D., Joseph Frank, J James, jr., Thos Frank, Wm Winn, furniture; terrah & Winn, sallers; H Hymes, tailor; Hymes & Nachman, grocer, &c.
 Effingham P. O. -- Timmons & Hicks, Miller & Steele, Wm P Lee, Stephenson & Steele
 Hartsville P. O. -- Wm Shy, S Holloman, J L Hart.
 Society Hill P. O. -- Coker & Bro., J H McIntosh, Dr. Thos Smith, W A Carragan, Dr. S H Pressley
 Cannon's Store P. O. -- Wm H Cannon
 Collingville P. O. -- D A McEachen, W G Rollings, Dr. W J Hepbum, E Cook, G M Morse
 Swift Creek P. O. -- D L Stuckey, J W Parrott
 Garver's Mills P. O. -- A G Gattin & Co.
 Green Branch P. O. -- Johnston & Kuykendale, Wm. Johnson, D M Jackson, Coker & Cambell
 Merchant's Cluff P. O. -- R R Cannon
 Rames's P. O. -- T A Thomas, H E Vaughn
 Cartersville P. O. --  G & W J Carter, H L Wilson, D W Cartier, coaches
 Leavensworth P. O.  -- Dr. J J Wilson
 Wilson's Mills P. O. Thos E Howte
 Timmonsville P. O. -- J Keith & Co., J E Hill, J E Bird, Eveleigh & Atkinson, W J Mott, Wm Mims, T Hill.
 Mount Elon P. O. -- W C Bruce & co., John Harral, J F A Elliott.
 Florence P. O. -- John Withington
 Lynche's Creek P. O. -- J James, sr,
 May Bluff P. O. R Williford

Population 39,262.  The following are the general merchants:
EDGEFIELD -- B C Bryan, G L Penn, Williams & Christie, M Frazier, , A G Teague, J B Sullivan, W W Havird, Mays & Pool, Wm. Reinhart, N A Norris, J H Brown, Koopman & Somers, McGregor & Smith, Wm P Butler; A Bushnell, John Leigh, carriages; John Colgan, tailor; C L Refo, tinner; F M Nicholas, hotel; Wm McEvoy, shoes; Dr R J Mims, saw mill, tannery, &c; R C  Griffin, M. D., A G Howard, M. D., druggists; H A Gray, jeweller; M Lebeshultz, clothing; South Carolina Paper Manufacturing Company. 
 Edgefield C. H. -- Howard & bro., lumber mills; Trouman Root, fancy store.
 Hamburg -- W & J Hill, hardware; H A Hendrick, grocer; J W Stokes, A Levy, A J Creighton, M. D. and Druggist; Robertson & Jackson,, hardware; Chas Hammond, commission Merchant; J Sibley & Son; S E Bowers, grocer; J B Johnson; h A Kinarck, President Hamburg and Edgefield Plank Road company; R J Gentry, grocer;a E M Howard; J Usher, Buley, Smith & Hudson, M O'Keefe, E Tallagher, Lewis Myer, grocers; Lark & buck master, commisson merchants; c Williams, R F & H L Cunningham, grocers; Richardson & McDonald: J B Rosser & Co., cotton factory; R M Fuller; T H Trent
 Elton P. O. -- J S & A J Smiley, William Smyley
 Duntonville P. O. -- John Cheatham, j C Storm, Cheatham & Morgan
 Park's Store P. O. -- S Lintentball
 Cold Spring P. O. -- J M Clarke
 Shipley's P. O. -- Sale & Andrews
 Sleepy Creek P. O. -- James Dorn
 Richardsonville P. O. -- J M Richardson, Wm Daniel
 Liberty Hill P. O. -- Quarles & Harrison, J G Shepherd, Lewis & Harrison, J M C Freeland, W B Dorn
 Graniteville P. O. -- T H Marshall & Son, J M Cleiland, Jas Jones, Vaucluse Factory, Graniteville Cotton Manufacturing Company, Wm Gregg, President; Glover & Taylor 
 Perry's Cross Road P. O. -- B Perry, E H Addey & Co.
 Dyson's Mills P. O. --Wm Haltwanger
 Big creek P. O. -- V B Weaver
 Coleman's ? Roads P. O. -- M W Cleary Lewis Coleman & Co.
 Winter Seat P. O. -- John Cothran, Harmou & Skinner
 Ridge P. O. Berry & Mathews, Richard Ward
 Mt. Willing P. O. -- W T Boyd
 Cambridge P. O. -- J M McBride & Son
 Lott's P. O. -- M Hurlong
 Germanville P. O. -- A W Lindler
 Kirksey's ? Roads P. O. -- Evans & Roundtree

Population 21, 404.  The following are the general Merchants:
 Winsboro' -- G M Leventritt, S Wolf, J S Brice & Co., D Lauderdale, J M Aikes & Co., H B McMaster, D A Williard & Co., Fisher, Agnew & Co., T S Winton, B P Ravenel, J M Zwicher
 CARRIAGES -- Thos. Jordan, M W Curry
 SADDLER -- M Chandler
 STEAM SAW MILLS -- John Campbell
 JEWELLER -- Jas W shaw
 DRUGGIST -- R A Buchanan, M. D.    
 Planters Bank of Fairfield
 Yougeville P. O. -- J L Younge
 Feasterville P. O. --A McConnell
 Gladden's Grove P. O. -- Beaty & McCrory, McCullough & Nichols, James Beaty
 Monticello P. O. -- Tailors -- Parker & Thompson
 Drugs &c. -- Morrison, Kitchen & Co.
 Grocers --Barkley & Stewman, Johnson & Oxder
 Druggist -- J F Davis, M D, Jas Stanton, R T Yarborough
 Ridgeway P. O. -- Clothing -- J T Boulware, J F Cloud, Kennedy & Walker
 White Oak P. O. --Clothing -- J Cockrill
 Buckhead P. O. -- J L Arnott
 Allston P. O. -- Welch & McCreery, Feaster & Bro., J Wolf, Kitchen & Gorden, Ashford & Walker, E Elkins
 Longtown P. O. Clothing -- E & J Harrison
 Shurley's Institute P. O. -- J R Shurley
 N. W. Port P. O. -- Clothing &c. -- C Crosby
 Rocky Mount P. O. -- N Mayburn
 Adgers P. O. -- John Adger
 Druggist -- W E Aiken, M. D.

Population 20,647.  The following are the General Merchants:
Georgetown -- G C & W J Munroe; B T Cuttino; Cougdon & Tilley; S R Carr; H M Heidleston; Rothmahler & Anderson, books, drugs &c.; Shackelford & Fraser, commission merchants; N Emanuel, confectioner; S & J Sampson; D A Sperry, carriages; C H Jones & Co. jewelers; W G Howran; W M McKnight; J C  Porter; B A Coachman & Co.; S Hirton; Seward & Drake; H Tobey, shoes; G L Emanuel; J G Sturns; Waterman & McGenney; A L Marianno; R O Bush; W S Croft & Co., steam saw mills; Leonard Dozier & Co., commission merchants; J M Carr M D and Druggist; Leighton & Sherman, steam saw mills and planing machine; S B Tumage, turpentine business; J H Smoot; J & H Baam; S W Roquie; Taylor & Moye commision merchants; Peter Brougham, dentist; S E McMillan, M D and druggist; J T Barnes, Wm Barnes, turpentine business; J J & P Tamplet & Co., steam saw mills; S P Ancker; H Somers; A Friedenberg & Bro.; Wm Grant; John Joyce.

Population 20,156; churches, 26; public schools, 48
  COTTON MANUFACTURERS  -- Waver, John; Bates, Hammit & Co.; McBee, V; Berry, M
  PAPER MILLS -- Lester, P C & Co.; McBee, V; Sherman, J B & co.
  MERCHANT FLOUR MILLS -- Berry, M; McBee, V; Morteller, John; Parkins, Eliza; Edwards, Joseph.
  DRY GOODS MERCHANTS -- Pliny P. O. -- Brockman, T P.  Simpsonville -- Lock, Jas.  Fountain Inn -- McNeely, Wm.  Cedar Grove -- Harrison & Berry.  Lickville -- Donaldson & Co.  Golden Grove -- McCullough, D.  Fair View -- Huff, P; Morgan, N.
  Greenville -- Population, 1500.  Newspapers -- The Southern Patriot, B F Perry, editor; Greenville Mountaineer __ Thomas, editor; The Southern Enterprise __ Rice, editor.  Churches, 4; 1 Baptist College; 1 male Academy; 1 female Academy.
  DRY GOODS MERCHANTS -- Beattie, F F & Co.; Irvine & Walker; Long, R; Mauldin, S & Co.; Powers P N; Roberts & Duncan; Watson W H
  MERCHANT TAILORS -- Bursy, John; Dyer, G B; Pickle, O H; Suandale & Irvine.
  APOTHECARIES -- Earle, Dr M B; Dean, Dr J H
  CARRIAGE MANUFACTURERS -- Cox, Gowers & Markley
  TIN WARE AND STOVES -- Westfield, D G
  TIN WARE -- Sherman, __
  BLACKSMITHS -- Carlisle, P; Cook & Montgomery
  C J Elford, Agent Life Insurance Company

Population, 7646.  The following are the Merchants in Conwayborro: Buck & Beaty, S Pope, Jno Burton, S & H Bell & Co., T H Holmes, E Gilliken, hotel; E Carmer, W S Reeves, Gtrganus & Moore, Perkins & Barnhill, B barnes, turpentine business; Woodward, Spivey & co., Readman & Turnage, timber; J H Hardwick.
  Waccamaw P. O. -- U A DeLettre, slaves business
  Little River P. O. -- T Randall

Population, 14,473.  The following are the Merchants in Camden; F Root, tinner; J S Depass, J McEwen, Workman & co., shoes; Z J DeHay drugs; M Ducker & co., John Rosser, grocer; George S Douglass, A M & R M Kennedy, Mrs. C F Carpenter, milliner W C Workman, George Alden, shoes Eli W Bonney, J Dunlap, A Young, books John Workman sr., W D McDowell, C F Matheson, T Wilson, c L Chattan, furniture; Francis L Zemp, drugs W Anderson, cotton factory, &c., P F Villipigue, J F Sutherland, W B Campbell, toys; L A Austin, R S Moffat, Jas J Villipigue, E E Adamson, S F Clyburn, robt latta, henry Pate, John M Miller, J Charles worth, Robert Mann, carriages Workman & Workman; deKalb manufacturing company; F J Oakes, Miss d H McEwan, milliner; D R Peebles, M J McKain, M. D. drugs; Robert Wilson, P Robinson, Love & Love, J M Gamewell; Kershaw steam mill company; J H Schrock, E G Robinson, Samuel Shiver, blacksmith; James b Cureton, William Johnson, J D Murray.
  Liberty Hill P. O. -- John Brown, Matheson & Gibbons, r C Patterson.  Flat Rock -- W G Kirtland, W B Fletcher, W B Fletcher, jr.  Lynch Creek -- Mongo.

Population, 10,988.  The following are the Merchants at Lancaster C H.; Jones Crockett, Hazeltine & Haynes, A C Dunlap, Magill & Heath, S A Rosser & Co., Fryon & Blackman, John Adams, S B Emmons, J E Cureton, J L Clyburn, R S Bailey, John H Adams, D A Button, J B Button, D M Pier, Twitty & Burgess, W S Harper, Robinson & Crockett, Wylie, Straight & Mobley, C A Plyer, F Emmons.
  Jacksonham -- Huey & Funderburk.  Pleasant valley -- George D Beckman, Bela Sizer, R G Potts.  Bell Air -- M S Sorrell & Brother, C P Evans, B Lownesburg.   Cureton's Store -- William J Cureton.  Waxam -- Taylor & Craig.  Texahane -- S F Clyburn & Brother, N Catoe.  Dry Creek -- Thomas W Mobley. 

Total population, 23,407.  The following are the Merchants:  Laurens -- Saml. R Todd, E Anderson, John Barksdale, S Fleming & Co.; John Burns, tinner;  A & S Barksdale, Edward Hix, R Denton, A Mairs, J Crews T C Risley, drugs; Thomas Jcalhoun, S W Anderson & Bro's, W C Dunn, E & J L Hix; Wright & Barksdale, clothing; Martin & Teague, grocers; Sol. Winebranner.
  Laurens C. H. --Shaw & Eppes, John Boyle, Wm. Hance, B Potter, D L & S H Neal; Dr. J H Henry, drugs; J L Williams, Smith & Cheshire; D T Compton, shoes; J W Arnold; John Simmons, hotel; Thos. Stenhouse, Davenport & McPherson, T A  & J Hudgins,B J Poole; Dr. H C Cosley, drugs; T J Mahoffe & Co., books; W B Henderson; Jordan & Anderson, harness; Terry & Bro's., leather; Duckell & Duncan, country store.
  Scuffletown -- Alex. McCurley, F Mosely, Reuben Martin, J H Todd, James French; Dr. M M Hunter, drugs.  Waterloo --Geo. Anderson, R W Anderson & Co., Dr. D A Ritchardson.   Harlington -- Wm Philson.  Huntington -- John F Kern, Dr. J F Dorroh.  Mountville -- Fuller & Cook.  Hill -- Jas. Caarter, Lafayette Martin, Wm. Lindsay.  Young's Store -- Dr. J N Young, Bomar & Jackson.  Mt. Gallaha -- John Smith.  Tylersville -- Craig & Cleaveland, Sheldon & McCracken.  Spring Grove -- J D Williams, J G Williams.  Hollands P. O. -- Henry & Little.  Marenga -- W G Coleman.  Boyd's  Roads -- Susan Boyd.  Mt. Pleasant -- J F & W A Fowler.  Darlington -- J Hoofman.  Martin's Depot -- Mettsbell & Co., JR & E Tribble.  Clinton -- Foster & Williams, Tinsley & Johnson, Walker, Pitts & co.  Eden -- GW & J Anderson.  Reynosa -- Young & Deans, tailors; T S Jacks.  Monroe -- Shell & Chambers.  Brewerton -- Smith & Medlock.

Population 12,920.  Lexington c. H. -- J E Garrett, M. D., Dr J N Boozer, Geo. P Drafts, Hotel; H & L Hendrix, J A Hendrix & Co.  Leesville -- S Banknight, H Holsten, Norris & Watson, J W Lee.  Countsville -- todd & Addy, J H Koone.  Pomarin -- Epting & Wilson.  Williams's Mills -- rich & Abel.  Stedman's P. O. -- A Stedman.  Hope Station -- Joseph Counts.  Sandy Run P. O. --Wm. Assman.   Hollowcreek P. O. -- Joseph Sawyer, A Crout & Son.  Rockville P. O. -- Jas. Wilson

Population 12,407.  Marion c. H. -- Iseman & Iseman, John McMillan, Agent and P. M., Wilcox & Young, R H Reeves, John B Platt Mcdonald & Crawford, Saml. F Gibson, L G & J N Hays, Nathans Evans, C B Brown, Dr. J W Singletary, McQueen & fore, Asn Godbold, Joseph Gregg, C Graham & co., Job F Jones, S Hale, John J George, W A McCall; James Belin, W H Moody, H S bond, A G Davis, W C McMillan, O J Bond, Iseman Iseman, J W Vaught.  Mars bluff -- John Eli Gregg, A H Brown, f M McCorkle,  F Killen, W H Cannon.  Wiggins Landing -- S Emanuel.  McGinnis Bridge -- W & J McRae.  Birch's Ferry -- J R Hinds.  Berry's - Roads -- G Berry, E berry.  Harleesville -- G W McRae & Co., McCormick & Walter, John W Bethen, John Douglass.  Campbell's Bridge -- J S Page & Co., B Shooter, A Campbell, Jr. & Co.  Godfrey's Ferry -- G W Christie.  Anderson's Bridge -- R R Brooks.  Allen's bridge -- Dr. Jas. Culbreth.  Red Bluff -- S L Hardie 7 Co.  Allison's Landing --E B Woodward.

Population 10,789.  Bennettsville -- John McCollum, Townsend & Douglass; N P Peabody, jeweller; Jas. T Barrentine, Alex. Sutherland, Philip Miller, J H Lane & Co., drugs; W L Smith, saddler; J B Breedan & Co., Dr. J Beattie Jennings, J S Thomas & Bro., Dr. W J David, Harris R Easterling, M.D., drugs; F W Emanuel.  Brownsville -- S Emanuel, Levi G Hayes.  Marlborough Factory -- R E & H Townsend.  Wrightsville -- Noah Gibson.  Clio -- McCall & Edens, McRae & McGee, Dr. J N Alford.  Steam Mill -- S R Thomas & Bro.

Population 20,143.  Newberry -- Stewart & Coates, W G & J F Glenn, Agnew, Fisher & Agnew, Charles M Jones, Samuel Warnock, Pratt & Carwell, W M Hatton, J S McMorris, N P Brooks, Smith & Coppock, John G Haltiwanger, Harrington & Guy, John Nesley, T W & W H Markley, W C Peeples & Bro., McMorris & Bro., W F Pratt & Co., Styles Hurd, V R Gary, Williams & Birge, Julius B Smith, Whitmore, Mays & Co., Mrs. E Thompson, Wm. Martin, W H Hunt & Co., W B D'Oiley, W R King, Kinard Levell, Steele & Morgan, N Brownson, J K Hinson, J M Cameron, N A Hunter, G D Amick, M Buzzard, J Bierfield, A P Marshall, John Long, Henry Halfacre, G T McKnights, Sims & Garcy, Dr. J C Olland, E S Bailey & Co., Harp & Ramage, B McKnight, J A Kenwick, Houscall & Bowers, Wech & Duncan, Bank of Newberry, Wm. Reeder, N P Brooks, C W Lindsay, Dr. David E Ewart.
  The WEEKLY NEWBERRIAN, issued every Thursday morning, at Newberry, S. C.  Joseph S. Reid, Editor and Proprietor.
  Terms:  The "Newberrian" is published weekly, in Newberry, at $2 in advance, or $2.50 after six months.
  Advertisements will be inserted at the usual rates.
  Belmont P. O. -- Longshore & McConnell
  Maybinton -- J D Simms, Geo. Ashford, Jeter & Henderson, J L Reed, C W Hodges.
  Wellsville -- Budd & Owens, J L Reed, Clark & Griffin, R W Payne.
  Pomaria -- Belton and John Countz, J W B Leven, Folk & Sons, Suber & Countz, F H Dominick, Dr. J A Berley, E B Farrow, Kibler & Wicker.
  Frog Level -- William Bridges, C Hinckley & Co., David Kibler, L B & R D Maflett, J M Spence.
  Beazman Depot -- G Ferguson
  Pagesville P. O. -- J Reeder & Co.
  Walton P. O. -- J M Suber & Co., Glymph & Glymph
  Chappell's Bridge -- A M smith, Vaughan & Winstock
  Prosperity Depot -- J R Perry, W C Aull
  Vaughan Ville -- Dunn & McFall
  Liberty Hall P. O. -- Cromer & Anderson
  Silver Street -- Levi Stawson, Peterson & Glenn, McCracken & Ducket

Population 29,582.  Orangeburg C. H. -- S Beach, Case & Bull, D Louiz, Luther Addin, F W H brigman, John Marchant, J W Larey, H B & E Argeo, Smoke & Ray, W R Treadwell, James Jones, W H Ehney, j F Bamberg, M Robinson, T R Collins, Oliver Murron, John Miller, Hall & Harley, Barnet Livingston, sr., Barnet Livingston, jr., John Adden, Miss m Wise, Dr. Lesser, Sanders & Carson, B D Clark.
  Branchville -- D Loeb, J D D Fairey, P Chartrand.
  St. Matthews -- R Evans, R W Bates, John Keller
  Lewisville -- R Cleckley
  Neur Vancey's Ferry -- Snider & Bro.
  Bull's Swamp -- Joseph A Jones
  Blackville -- James Williams
  McCantsville -- Philip McCants

Population 16,904.  Pichens C H -- P & E E Alexander, C F Seebs, Dr. J N Laurence, Dr. L B Johnson, J W L Carey, Craig, Alexander & Co., Stecle & Neville. 
  KEOWEE COURIER, Joseph W Rose, Editor; R A Thompson, Associate Editor.
  Terms:  $1.50 per annum, in advance.  If payment be delayed until after the expiration of the year, $2.  For six months, 75 cents, in advance.
  Advertisements inserted at the usual rates.
  Tunnel hill -- Chas. Barret & co., Garvin & Hanie, J C Boyson.
  Frirplay P. O. -- J H Maret
  Walhalla -- John Bremer, H Fagan, J P Neiburh, Schroder & Fagin, Henry Batmtze, D Bieman.
  Pickensville -- Holcomb & Hollingsworth
  Clayton's Mill's P. O. -- J B Clayton & Co.
  Salubrity P. O. -- W S & S P Williams.
  Dacusville -- n & B F Morgan, John Guerin
  Colonel's Fork P. O. -- Holmes & Phillips
  Wolf Creek P. O. -- W & A Hunter
  Whitestone P. O. -- A Robins & Son
  Bachelor's Retreat -- Leonard Towers, e P Vernon.

Poplation, 20,243.  The following are the merchants in Columbia:  C A Bedell, N A Hoxie, Marshall & Pea, Robert Bryce, Bolling & Friday, G M Thompson & Co., R L Bryan, Robert C Anderson & Co., Levi Hawley, P G McGregor, A C Squires, George S Bowers, J J & W T Walter, Hopson & Sutphen, Palmer & Hodges, Samuel Pierce, M H Berry, Archibald Thompson, Jacob Bell, John J Gracey & Co., G Van Antwerp, W W Walker, H C Freincke, Falls & Kinord, Peter B Smith, S Swafield, Samuel Gardiner, A M Hunt, W Comerford, H C Bresson & Co., Allen & Phipps, Hamilton & Oates, Fullings, Bostwick & Co., Christopher Volger, M Hinsdale, J J Makey, J C Jamey, john Stork, W B Stanley, J C Lyons, L Elias, Judith Barnet, M Ehrlick, Samuel Boatwright, G A Pelton, Richard O'neill, Walker & Bull, Boatwright & Barkaloo, J A Kenne, H & S Beaard, John S Dew, John Veal, J H Heise, H Hess & Co., John Frank, John Beard, Bruns & Ethart, C R Remson, H Hendrickson, Edward hope, Alfred North, J N Steen, Lewis Simmons, S Lilenthal, A Sterns, William Fayette, P H Frazer, G H Cathcart, agent; William McGinnis, P H Flannigan, Fishee, Agnew & Co., R A Young, G B Nunnimaker, Dougal & Young, Muller & Senn, P P Chambers, A Alexander, Mrs M C Walter, R Anderson, T W Radcliffe & Co., James Fenton, O Z Bates, Greenville and Columbia railroad company, Charlotte and South Carolina railroad company, J N Scofiled & Butler, G N Wright, Mrs. Mary S Cooper, D F Spigner, C Peixette, Fisher & Henitsh, John Segar & Co., J D Mordecai, J C McKemon, H E Nichols, P Scott, T W Berry, Thomas Lyles, Thomas R Brown, E Middlekauff, John Glaze, John Oliver, Mrs. Dial, Miss A Peers, J H Crawford, C H Moit, W R Gibbes, C S Lopez, H Reckling, R Cathcart & Co., Dr. J M Gaston, Charles Hoagland, Columbia Insurance company, J A Hendrix & Co., Mrs. A McKenzie, Mrs A Scott, Eberhart & Boschen, S & J T Fleming, Chambers & Marshall, William S Wood, Maybin & Vanwart, George Watkins, J C McDonald, March & Sharp, Peter Coyne, E Thomsuden & Son, E Hay, John Gorrick, A W Kennedy, Wm Glaze & Co., G M Johnson, Exchange Bank, F R Harrison, Wm Ramsey, Elias Pollock, John Cook, J & J B Ewart, John Altie, C P Resine, J F Zealy, Thomas Beggs, Hitchcock & Bollen, A G  Goodwin, j B Pollock, Dr. D W Ray, E Shiver, Greneker, DaMotte & Co. 

Population, 33,220.  The following are the Merchants in Sumpterville:  Benjamin Folsom, Miller & Britton, J H Clark & Brother, Feeman Hoyt, Louis B Hanks, A Anderson, Wjms & Clarkson, Brown, Lee & Co., Thomas D Frierson, Lewis & Richardson, J T Solomons & Co., T J Coghlan. R C Webb & Co., C T Mason, T J Dinkins, Tindall & Watson, John Chinn, J T Bruson, Mrs & E Gayle, Mrs. O C Hurlbart, A Chisolm, J O'Connor, T O'Connor, Mrs. Wm Bogan, W C Duncan, Samuel Magrant, Butler & Newberry, Dr. W J Dargan & co., Flowers & flowers, P Moses, j H due, j R Stuckey, W H McElveen, Andrew J Moses, Burgheim and Hoge, W S Mitchell, Rice & Thompson, White & Haynesworth, Moses Levi, James Cater, J H House.
  May's P. O. -- J A jMays & co.
  Lynchburg -- John Q Adams & Brother, R & S P Durant, W J McLeod, Chandler & Anderson, R G Potts
  Summerlin -- Dr. Ragin
  Bradleyville -- W Harris
  Spring Hill -- J & J Cats
  Manchester Depot -- Willis Ramsay
  Wright's Bluff -- Lynam & Belser, J H & R R Dingle
  Bradford Springs -- S M Boykin
  Mechanicsville -- B J Barnott
  Claremont -- Jackson & Guery
  Willow Grove -- E Spencer & Co., Dr. J & Sanders
  Friendship -- R & dollar, J Jones, James L Jones
  Clarendon -- June & Walker
  Shiloh -- C D Player, R H Fullwood
  Packsville -- Kelly & Ridgell, Dr. H Ridgell
  Salem -- A H Frierson, T C Timmons & Co.
  Statesburg -- Benjamin Hood, Dr. H Pool, J J Graham, & J Moore
  Providence -- W J Spann
  Fulton P. O. James Lawrence
  Privateer P. O. -- Wm Nettles, J B Christmas
  Bishopville -- Caines & Stucky, Rogers & Spencer, J W Ambrous, W H Hollyman

Population 26,400.  Spartanburg P. O. -- G & A Cannon, Foster & Judd, Alfred Talleson, Hiram Mitchell, Golding & Campbell, J M Elford, Samuel Morgan, David W Moore, Peyton Turner, B F Bates, J B Archer, Jackson Roberts, Kirby & Wilson, Henry White, James L Hill, W T Wilkins, A Templeman, J P Hanna, J M & R L Bowden, Mays & Wingo, J B Jackson & Co, R Bellinger & Co., McMakin, Thompson & Co., Lee & Twitty, J A Fowler & Co., Morgan & Moore, Webber & Cannon, E H Barton, Elford & McKae, J G Trimmier & Co., McCreary & Montgomer, Philip Holcomb, B Hood, A Brawley.
  Cross Anchor -- J Whitmire & Co., Geo. H Sheldon, Henry Ferguson, W. J. Whitmire
  Smith's Store -- E P Smith
  Bivingsville Cotton Manufacturing Company, Bivingsville
  Walnut Grove -- Dr. G H King, Samuel Catheart
  Woodruff P. O. -- J Calvert & Son, R & W G Martin, Z Lanford
  Moultrie P. O. -- Garrison & Littlejohn
  New Hope -- J A & P Miller
  Hurricane Shoals -- South Carolina Manufacturing Company, E L Linden
  Mount Zion -- Bowden & Foster, W. D. Chapman
  Glen's Springs -- R A Cates, Whitmire & Bobo
  Mount Shoals -- James Nesbitt
  Limestone Springs -- Clark & McArthur, R D Wilkins & Co
  Crawfordsville -- J & J D Bivings
  Black Jack Valley -- Cates & Bearden, Bearden, Smith & Bro.
  Poolesville -- H Posey
  Lawrenceville -- J McMakin
  Crowsville -- James M Lanhan, H H Love, Miles Nesbit
  Walker House -- Wm Walker
  Fingerville -- W P Compton
  Martin Springs -- F Cantrell
  Grassy Pond -- J Q Carpenter

Population, 19,850.  Unionville -- R S & C B Sims, Brandon & Nethers, John L Young, W P Gafford, C Kaiser, Henry Rogers, H G Dunn, B W Lee, Sims and Rawls, J M Gudburry, Meng & Peak, J Fant & Co., Thomas McNully, Goss & Gulp, James S Harden. 
  Gowdeysville -- Russell,, Gondeleck & Co., H C Poole
  Drayton Ville -- John McKee
  Grindal's Shoal -- J S Sims & Sons
  Fishdam -- Lawson, Sims & Co.
  Court House -- S & J Fant, J M Gregory, F Scaif & Sons, H Ward, Keenans & Norris.
  Wilkinsville -- Jackson & Copeland
  Pinckneyville -- McMahan & Hoey
  Cross Keys -- Jesse Lamb, E B Lawson, W S Gregorie, J Whitmore
  Oak Grove -- John W Gandelock, John Littlejohn
  Monesville -- West & Thompson
  Jonesville -- John Wright
  Cherokee Iron Works -- Swedish Manufacturing Company
  Goshen Hill -- H & J Whitmore & Co,.
  Cane Creek -- James & S Hill

Population 12,447.  Kingstree -- A & J Nelson, R C Brown, J & J L Armstrong, Dr. T M Mouzon, Daniel Jones, R H Flinn, Drs. J S and J T Brockinton, Staggers & McClary, James Snow, W W Ward, Nelson & strong, John Q Adams, Dr. H Thorne, D W Price, DuBose & Staggers, Dr. j W Sturges, W M Kinsler, R P Strong.
  Black Mingo -- Brockinton & Hanna, J Nesmith & Co., J J Steele, T C Finklea, C Beling, S T Cooper
  Murray's Ferry -- Patk. Clemons, J W Keels
  Williamsburg -- N M Graham
  Indian Town -- H E McFadden Sarah E Paisley, G W Cooper
  Johnsonville -- J C Dye  

Population 19,433. Yorkville -- F H Simrit & Co., John S Moore & Sons, Moore & Rainey, Addicks & Withers, Adams & McCorkle, James Jeffreys, Bowen & Farr, G R Ralchford, John J Evans, McClure & Neuffer, B F Whoder, S Sadler & Son, J L Claark, Barnett & Withers, Lindsay & Thomasson, Saml. N Stowe, Lindsay & Gordon, J S lewis & Co., Lowery & Avery, G S Doster, Lewis & Wilson, Jas., Pagan & Co., Thos. S Pagun & Co., J H Walker, John Roddy, Bowen & Johnson, W H Hatchet, J L Wright, Bloomberg & Bro., Funk & Flanagan, Mullinax & House, W E Rose, J M Anderson.
  YORKVILLE, (S.C.) Miscellany, Published by J E & L M grist, Editors and Proprietors, at two dollars per annum in advance, or two dollars and fifty cents, if not so paid.
  Spring Rock -- Hecklin & Russell
  Sardis Church -- M J & J R Hall
  Blainsville -- Dennis Crosby
  Fort Mills -- Mauney, Powell & Co., J N McElvee, Bamhart, Colthrup & Co., Drs. Cobb & Hand, Morrow & Potts
  Bethel -- J & R A Black, J H & R J Adams
  Stone Mountain -- B F Brigs, John Hudson
  Ebenezer -- J B Fewell & Co.
  Crowder's Creek -- W & A G McGill
  Mooresville -- J R Houser
  Bullock's Creek -- Davidson & White
  Rockhill Depot -- Massey, Broach & Co., J S Finley, Mingus & Nuly
  McConnell's P. O. -- L P Sadler & Co.
  Meek's Hill P. O. -- J M Whitesides & Co.
  Hopewill -- J Smith
  Boydton -- McGill & McElwee
  Cross Roads -- Wm. P McFadden & Co.
  Hickory Grove -- Wylie & Smith
  Elizabethville -- Alex. Fewell & Sons
  Wylee's Store -- S J Wylie & Brother
  McGill's Store -- John McGill
  White's Store -- Wm. E. White
  Ross's Store -- John M. Ross

  Beaufort is the oldest town in South Carolina, the original settlement of Landonnier being either the present site of the town or within a few miles of it.  It is remarkable for its healthiness during the whole year, and its principal entrance, the harbor of Port Royal, is considered the best on the Southern coast.  Its commercial importance has never been properly appreciated, having been only considered by the wealthy planters of the surrounding neighborhood as a desirable Summer residence, where they can enjoy at once exemption from the malariony influences of the Rice and Cotton Plantations and the benefits of cultivated society, together with the advantages of the best schools that the State affords.  The white population is about 800.  There is an Episcopal, a Baptist, a Methodist Episcopal and a Roman Catholic Church, also a handsome Arsenal.  The following are the principal business and professional men:
Drugs, Medicines, Brushes, Perfumery, Fancy Articles, Lamps, Books, Stationary, & c.
Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals
Attorneys at Law, Solicitors in Equity
House Carpenter
Merchant Tailor
P. EZEKIEL, (colored)
Draper and Tailor
Wholesale and retail dealers in FNCY AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, WINES, LIQUORS, ETC.
Boarding House
T. J. Wells, Principal
JOEL McKnight (colored)
Rev. Jno. Fielder, Principal
T. J. Wells, Principal
E. J. DURBAN, Baker
G. A. MAN, Confectioner
H. HAWLEY, Harness Maker
JNO. ZEALY, House Carpenter
Port Republic Lodge, I. O. O. F.
No. 19
Harmony Lodge, (Masonic) No. 22

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