Pension Application 
Abbeville County, South Carolina 
Transcribed by D. Whitesell for Abbeville County, SC Genealogy Trails

Pensioner/Town Service Company Pension Date
Black, Jeff Of Abbeville Cook Under Lewis Perr   05/05/1923
Bugg, Jim Of Abbeville Cook Under George Patterson Company A, First Regt 04/21/1923
Dennis, Jackson Of Abbeville Cook Under Brady Company A, Fifteenth Regt 04/07/1923
Frazier, Markus Of Abbeville Attendant To Capt James Frazier   05/19/1923
Grant, Fred Of Abbeville Attendant   05/08/1923
Jones, Henry Of Lowndesville Cook   04/23/1923
McAllister, Andrew Of Abbeville Cook Company G, First Regt 05/24/1924
McClinton, Jack Of Due West Cook Company G, Orr's Regt 05/28/1923
Power, Ben Of Abbeville Cook Company G 04/19/1923
Reed, Yancy Of Abbeville Cook   05/19/1923
Roche, Aaron Of Abbeville Attendant To Capt Partton   05/31/1923
Speed, Luke Of Lowndesville Servant   05/10/1923
Spencer, George Of Abbeville Cook To Mr Ben Harvely   04/14/1923
Tucker, Sam Of Iva Cook Company I, Fourteenth Regt 04/11/1923
Vause, Elvin Of Due West Cook Under Lt Ben Roper Company I, Seventh Regt 04/16/1923
Williams, Alex Of Due West Cook Under Dr Henry Klugh   05/14/1923
Winn, George Of Abbeville Cook   04/30/1923
Young, J. M. Of Abbeville Cook Under J. W. Thomas   05/10/1923

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Source: South Carolina State Archives,  Series 126088, BLACKS, CONFEDERATE SERVICE
Full Pension Records can be obtained through the South Carolina State Archives

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