Confederate Home Applicaton
"SC Archive Series: S128004 [male], and S128005 [female]"
Abbeville County, South Carolina Genealogy Trails

Board of Commissioners
David Cardwell...Columbia, SC
E. b. Cantey...Camden, SC
J. W. Reed...Chester, SC
Willie Jones...Columbia, SC
M. L. Bonham...Anderson, SC

Officers of the Infirmary
Capt. W. D. Starling...Commandant
B. F. Day...Adjutant
Dr. William Weston...Surgeon
Board of Commissioners
J. G. Long, Sr., Chairman...Union, SC
D. A. Dickert...Newberry, SC
H. C. Pauling...St. Matthews, SC
T. B. Crews...Laurens, SC
D. P. Scarborough...Darlington, Sc

Officers of the Infirmary
Major H. W. Richardson...Superintendent
Dr. F. W. P. Butler...Surgeon
Board of Commissioners
Dr. W. T. C. Bates, Chairman...Columbia, SC
Col. S. E. Welch, Secretary...Charleston, SC
Mr. J. A. Meetze...Columbia, SC
Col. D. J. Griffith...Columbia, SC
J. P. Caldwell...Laurens, SC
Mrs. Sophie S. Swindell...Columbia, SC
Miss Alice Earle...Columbia, SC
Mrs. C. J. Milling...Darlington, SC
Mrs. R. M. Bratton...York, SC

Officers of the Home
Capt. W. H. Stewart, Commandant...Columbia, SC
Dr. J. S. Fouche, Surgeon...Columbia, SC
Board of Commissioners

A. J. Bethea, Chairman...Columbia, SC
Clint T. Graydon, Columbia, SC
Enoch Smith, Columbia, SC
Chad. D. Gordon, Columbia, SC
W. M. Burney, Columbia, SC
Mrs. T. J. Mauldin, Pickens, SC
Mrs. H. S. Farley, Saluda, SC
Mrs. R. M. Bratton, York, SC

Officers of the Home
T. E. Cumings, Commandant...Columbia, SC
Dr. G. K. Nelson, Surgeon...Columbia, SC

Bowen, Thomas J.  Service in Company B, Third Regiment.  11/15/1922 Aged 76, nearest relative Hugh & Henry Bowen, Donalds, SC. Death cert: d. 12/10/1925
Bowie, H. W. . Service in Company B, Seventh Regiment, Infantry.  4/3/1915 Aged 81, unmarried, nearest relative J. R. Bowie
Broadwell, Wilson T.  Service in Company F, Thirty-Eight Regiment, Georgia Infantry.  4/11/1939 Aged 94, nearest relative Willie T. Broadwell, Calhoun Falls, SC, Lowndesville, SC. Several letters included with the application document. death cert: b. 9/29/1841, Ga., d. 10/2/1943, Abbeville; widowed; died age 102; father Y. M. Broadwell, Ga., mother Mellie Ann Turner, GA.
Burdett, H. K. . Service in Company A, First Regiment, Cavalry.  4/30/1909 Aged 82, widowed
Chapman, Mary L.  for the service of her father John A. Chapman in Company D, Nineteenth Regiment, Infantry.  6/2/1941
Edge, Elizabeth Jane  for the service of her father Littleton Asbury Edge in Company H, Second Regiment, Rifles.  10/30/1943 death cert: b. 3/9/1862, Pickens Co., SC, d. 7/22/1948; resident of home for 4 yrs; father L. A. Edge, mother Caroline McCay
Edwards, W. W. . Service in Company C, Seventh Regiment, Infantry.  11/21/1910
Edwards, W. W. . Service in Company C, Seventh Regiment, Infantry.  8/9/1915
Howard, D. H. . Service in Company F, Twenty-Fourth Regiment, Infantry.  2/22/1913
Hughes, C. . Service in Company A, First Regiment, Cavalry.  7/31/1909
Hughey, James M. . Service in Company A, First Regiment (McCreary), Infantry.  4/27/1909
Jones, Elizabeth Ida  for the service of her father David Slone Jones in Senn's Company, Post Guard. 10/25/1937
Klugh, Julia L.  for the service of her father Samuel R. Lomax in Company F, First Regiment, State Troops.  5/12/1937 death cert: b. 6/23/1862 Abbeville, SC,d. 5/20/1942 Richland Co, SC; widowed; father Samuel R. Lomax, Abbeville, mother Elvira Keller Lomax, Abbeville; husband Patrick Klugh.
Price, Lula C.  for the service of her father John R. Clinkscales in Company G, Sixth Regiment, Cavalry.  9/28/1949
Russell, Nettie  for the service of her father Louis H. Russell in Company A, First Regiment, Cavalry. 12/13/1943 death cert: b. 1867 d. 3/3/1946 Richland Co, SC; single; father Lewis H. Russell, mother Antoinette Boozer
Sharpton, J. P. . Service in Company G, Fourteenth Regiment, Infantry.  12/1/1913
Wilson, J. B. . Service in Company H, First Regiment, Infantry (McCrearys).  7/10/1909

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