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The Centinel ( Gettysburg , Pennsylvania ) October  14 1807
A duel was fought in Beaufort , South Carolina , lately between Mr. Arthur Smith and Mr. Thomas Huston.  They both fell and both died the same evening. - contributed by Nancy Piper

Palmetto Post, February 25, 1886, page 3
Wm. Johnson, assistant keeper of the lighthouse on Paris Island, died suddenly on Thursday last of heart desease.  An inquest was held.  This is the second keeper that has died suddenly at this place.   - contributed by Lois Anderson

The State, 1913-09-05
Death Penalty
First Legal Double Electrocution in South Carolina
Murdered Constable
Jasper Green and Davis Reynolds Were Charges With Killing J. C. Cooler
Sough Carolina's first double electrocution occurred yesterday, when Jasper Green and Davis Reynolds were put to death for the murder of J. C. Cooler, a liquor constable of Beaufort county, last March.  Both negroes went to the death chair protesting that they were innocent.  In reply to Capt. D. J. Griffith's question whether he had anything to say, Green said; "I didn't kill that man.  I don't know nothing about it.  'Fore God I am innocent"  Reynolds also denied as persistently his having any part in the tragedy.  Green who was charged as being an accessory to the crime was the first to die, being led into the death house at 10:51 o'clock.  Two minutes later a current of heavy voltage was shot through his body and kept on for one minute.  Two other shocks were necessary to render life extinct.  Immediately after the body of Green had been removed from the chair, Reynolds, the principal, was strapped down, the current being turned on at 11:05 and death being pronounced at 11:09.  Three applications of the current were necessary also in the latter case before Reynolds was pronounced dead.  The father and three brothers of the murdered man came up from Beaufort yesterday to see the negroes put to death. 

Laurensville Herald 2/21/1851, p3
abstracted by Edith Greisser.
Allen, William Gaston of Beaufort District was appointed an aide-de-camp to his Excellency the Gov. with the rank of Lieut. Col.

Transcribed by HC, A Friend of Free Genealogy
The State, January 2, 1916
Special to The State

Beaufort, Jan 1-The annual Christmas ball, which was held Tuesday evening, December 28, at the court house, far exceeded the expectations of even the most optimistic. It is generally agreed that it was one of the best that has ever been given in Beaufort. The music which was furnished by an orchestra from Savannah was excellent and those who attended the dance were loath to leave and did not do so until the small hours of the morning. The ballroom was decorated with Southern smilax, vines, ferns, Christmas bells and colored lights. On the walls hung garlands of green vines and when covered with smilax and tiny red, green and blue lights were suspended from the sides and corners of the hall and caught in the centre to the large chandelier, beneath which hung a beautiful Christmas bell. The Christmas bells were attached to the garland and other greens, and Japanese lanterns shaded the glare of the electric lights, giving a beautiful soft glow to the whole scene which was one fairyland enchantment. Many visitors from nearby towns were in attendance having motored to Beaufort for the occasion. The grand march was led by Mr. Polici  and Miss Isabelle Patterson, and the german by Frederick Christensen and Miss Edna Lawton. The chaperons of the evening were Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Mulcher, Dr. and Mrs. C. G. Luther, Mr. and Mrs. Hal Pollitzer, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Townsend.
The committees were made up of the following Music J. F. Odell, J. Ford Pilolenu , Alexander Sullivan, Brance Leamond A. Hall, Edgar  lilpp, Jr. Alexander Sullivan, Invitations, Harrison G. Otis, R. P. Paul, C. G. Luther, Hall Haskett, S, Rhett, Hal Wallace, John Marscher, reception, Charles C. G. Luther, Frederick Christensen Leamont Hall, H.  Otis and Ellis deTreville.
Refreshments of sandwiches and coffee were served at 12 o'clock. Fruit punch was served all during evening.

The Charleston Daily News, May 28, 1870
The following is said to be the plan of organization of the State militia: There will be two divisions of the militia. The First and Second Congressional Districts will constitute the 1st division. The Third and Fourth congressional Distircts will constitute the 2d division. The Congressional Distircts will be subdivided as follows:

Pierce L. Wiggins, colonel; Robert Smalls; lieutenant-colonerl; Edmund F. Gneligh, major; L. S. Langley, adjutant; Alfred Williams, quartermaster; 3d regiment, 1st brigade, 1st division.
W. E. Morrison, captian; Jos. H. Richardson, first lieutenant; Capers Harper, second lieutenant; Company A, 3d regiment, 1st brigade, 1st division.
Enoch M. Smith, captain; R. K. Carleton, first lieutenant; Samuel Mack Jr., second lieutenant; Company B, 3d regiment, 1st brigade, 1st division.
Lear Watkins, captain; James H. Simmons, first lieutenant; A. G. Jackson, second lieutanant; Company C, 3d regiment, 1st brigade, 1st division.
James w. Brown, captain; John Glover, first lieutenant; Ishmael Williams second lieutenant; Company D, 3d regiment, 1st brigade, 1st division.
J. Mitchen, captain; William Seabrook, first lieutenant; A. F. Jenkins, second lieutenant; Company E, 3d regiemnt, 1st brigade, 1st division.

Charleston Daily News, Apr 16, 1870
Recapture of an escaped murderer
It will be remembered that in 1866, a negro named William Singleton outraged and murdered a Miss Crook, in Greenville, SC for which he was tried and condemned, but escaped from the Beaufort jail some time in 1869. It appears that he went to Savannah and obtained employment at the mill of Mr. Jeff. Roberts. The sheriff of Beaufort, hearing of his whereabouts, went to Savannah and arrested Singleton; but again he was fortunate, and made a second escape by drawing himself from his coat and swimming the canal, leaving the garment in the hands of the sheriff. He was not again heard of till on Wed. night last, when Mr. T. M. Taylor, engineer at Mr. Robert's mill, recognizing him, interrogated him as to what he was doing, and was informed by Singleton that he was on the hunt for work. Further inquiries elecited information as to his abiding place, when Mr. Taylor took the proper steps for his recapture by calling upon officers Morgan and Endres, at half past twelve o'clock Wed. night, and conducting them to his lodging place, accompanied with a posse to assist in overcoming any resistance that might be offered. The party surrounded the house, when the officers and Mr. Taylor entered it and commenced their search. They found scattered over the floor of the den upwards of eight or ten couples of disreputable character. The last couple reached discovered the game, and Mr. Taylor nailed his captive, who, finding himself recognized, made an effort to escape through the window, but was brought to by a timely shot from the pistol of Mr. Taylor. It was with great difficulty that the officers prevented the crowd which was assembled from rescuing the prisoner. The following day he was committed to jail, to await a requisition from Governor Scott.

The State, 20 Oct. 1907, transcribed by Sue Carptenter
Beaufort, Oct. 20 -Mrs. J. M. Knowlton and little son of Fort Trotten, N. Y., are here on a visit to her mother, Mrs. W. P. Danner.
Miss Helen Kimball and children and Miss Minnie Nunez returned Sunday to their home in Charleston, after spending some time here as the guests of Mrs. C. A. Armstrong.
Mrs. J. F. Odell returned Saturday from Long Island, where she has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. T. C. Doremus.
Mrs. N. Christensen and daughter, Miss Andrea, returned Tuesday from the North, where they have been spending the summer months.
Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Hartley, after a tour of several weeks in the North and West, have returned to their home on Ladies' Island.
Mrs. Ellen Driscoll of Mulberry, Fla., was the guest of her daughter Miss Annie Driscoll, for a few days last week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Stokes returned this week in their home on St. Helena, after spending several months in Baltimore.
Miss Hamie [?] Sanders left Thursday for Charleston, where she will spend several weeks visiting relatives.
Mrs. T. C. Doremus arrived Saturday from the North and will be the guest of her mother, Mrs. J. F. Odell, for several weeks.
Mrs. P. W. Screven returned Monday to her home in Atlanta, after spending a few days with Mrs. T. H. Howard at Grahamville.
Miss Agnes Gregorie returned Tuesday to her home in Grahamville, after spending several weeks in McClellanville visiting relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Chesney and children have returned to their home on St. Helena, after a stay of several months in the North.

June 29, 1889, Savannah Tribune [Savannah, Ga.] Vol. IV, Issue 37, pg 1
Gabe Holmes, a very respectable negro, at Beaufort, S.C., was struck by lightning Wed. afternoon during a thunder storm. His injuries are very serious and may prove fatal.

The State, June 15, 1913
Beaufort, June 14
A social event among the young folk last week was the surprise party with which Misses Madeline Schwartz and Martha Smith complimented Miss Lulie McTeer of Greves Hill Friday afternoon at the home of Miss Schwartz, whose guest Miss McTeer was at the time...
Russel Burn of Asheville, NC, is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Burn.
Mr. and Mrs. Willam Nipson of Florida are here on a visit to the former's uncle, Dr. Chas. M. Griffin.
Misses Grace and Margie Bonneau are spending this week in Charleston with relatives there.
Mr. and Mrs. Freddy VanNess and baby left for Charleston Tuesday afternoon for a visit to Mrs. VanNess' mother before going on to Columbia for the summer.
Mrs. R.D. Densler of Savannah was the guest of Mrs. C.G. Luthe last weekend.
Miss Helen brown of Hilton Head and her friend, Mrs. Mattie Later of Richmond, Va., spent several days last week with Miss Doka Wilder.
Invitations have been issued to the wedding of Miss Bessie Shein to Samuel Levin to take place on Wed. June 25.
Miss winifred Pratt returned to her home at Rawford, NC, Monday afternoon.
Miss Helen Haddon of Greensboro, NC, is the guest of her sister Miss Eunice Haddon. Miss Haddon was a teacher in the Beaufort graded school several years ago.
Mrs. J.L. Varn attended the commencement at Winthrop college last week, returning home with her daughter, Miss daisy Varn, Wed. afternoon.
Miss Pauline Butler is visiting Miss Indian Handy at her home on Cat island.
Mrs. William LaRoach and child, accompanied by Miss Amy Marscher, returned to her home in Charleston Tuesday, after spending a while with her mother, Mrs. E.M. Bostick. Miss Marscher will be the guest of Mrs. LaRouch for a while.
Miss Annie Sloan left here Sat. for Greenville, where she will visit relatives for a while before going on to her summer home at Cedar Springs, NC.
John Leonard of Charleston was the guest of aunt, Mrs. Geo. L. Tucker, last weekend.
Mr. Howard of the University of South Carolina arrived home last Friday evening to spend the summer holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.T. Danner.
Miss Fannie Brown of Hilton Head spent last weekend here as the guest of Miss Winifred Pratt.
Invitations have been issued to the marriage of Miss Blanch Moore of Lancaster to Sampson Paul of Beaufort, to take place at Lancaster on Thursday evening, June 26.

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