World War Casualties

Calhoun County, South Carolina Genealogy Trails
Transcribed by Dena W.

BRANDENBURG,  W. C., 34645926, Pfc, DNB
DAVIS,   RAYMOND D., 0-733622, 1 Lt, KIA
DENT, HAMPTON   N JR., 0-414312, 1Lt, DNB
DENT,   RICHARD C., 0-537909, 2Lt, KIA
FEDRICK, GLENN, 34027029, Pvt, DNB
CODDARD,   EDWIN W., 0-8 34160, 2Lt, DNB
MAJOR, JAMES, 34027055, Pvt, DNB
MURPH, SHELTON, 3 4 513226, Pvt, DOW
PETERSEN,   LEONARD D., 0-416703 Lt C, DOW
RICKENBAKER,  J.   E. JR., 34129275, Cpl, KIA
RISER,  WILLIAM C., 34847945, Sgt, DNB
SENN,  FLETCHER O., 0-303806, Capt, DNB
SWYGERT,  HENRY R., 34384751, Pvt, DOW
TAYLOR,  GEORGE S., 34513951, Pfc, KIA

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