South Carolina Cemeteries

Paul Kankula and Gary Flynn have located many South Carolina cemeteries, having documented the GPS location on many of them (some of which are estimated locations).  Estimated GPS mapping values will normally get you within eyesight of the cemetery.  Using the GPS location that they have provided, you can use Google Earth Map to locate that cemetery.

Referenced Mapping Resources used by Paul and Gary:
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Paul and Gary note that it's very common for a cemetery to be known by several different names.  If the cemetery's alternate name(s) is known, they have it noted.  Multiple surnames used to describe a cemetery will normally be listed in alphabetical order.  Example:  Brown-Jones-Wilson Cemetery  (not Wilson-Brown-Jones Cemetery).  Surnames will normally come before given names.  Example:  Brown Family, John  (not John Brown Family).  It's very common for a cemetery to be known by several different names..! If known, that alternate name will be noted. 

South Carolina Genealogy Trails appreciates the hard work that Paul and Gary have put into documenting the location of these cemeteries.  Within South Carolina Genealogy Trails cemetery listings, you will also find contributions from our researchers.  We thank them for taking the time to walk the cemetery, read the markers and send the data to South Carolina Genealogy Trails. 

Before going out to any cemetery, check out this page. Here you will find the helpful suggestions.

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