Charleston County - South Carolina
Genealogy Trails

Aiken, William

Adger, John Bailey

Ansel, Martin Frederick

Armstrong, James
Bacot, Thomas Wright
Baker, Archibald E.
Baker, Leonard Theodore

Bailey, Susan Faber

Barnwell, Joseph W.
Barrow, Mrs. Frances Elizabeth
Barbot, Mme. Blanche Hermine
Beatty, Frank Edmund
Beckwith, Samuel Cary
Bee, Thomas
Bishop, Mrs. Emily Mulkin
Blitch, Norman Horace
Boies, William Ely

Branson, John

Brown, C. R.

Brown, H. Guy

Bryan, George Dwight

Bryan, Thomas Smith

Bull, Stephen Esq.

Bullock, Archibald
Burbidge, Frank

Bruns, Henry Dickson

Buist, John Somers

Byrnes, James Francis
Cannon, Joseph H. M. D.
Capers, D.D., Rev. Ellison
Carlton, Henry
Carroll, Edward, Jr
Cathcart, Dr. Robert Spann
Chapin, Mrs. Sallie F.
Chisolm, Edward N.
Cogswell, William Harvey (1) (2)
Condon, James F.

Connor, Genl. James

Cosgrove, Col. James
Currell, William Spencer
Dibble, Andrew Comstock
Dorr, Mrs. Julia C. R.
DuRant, Edward W. Jr.
Dwight, David G.
Fitzsimons, Christopher

Flagg, George Whiting

Fleming, Rev. B. W.

Force, Houston Thomas

Grimke, Sarah Moore

Hanahan, J. Ross

Harby, Mrs. Lee C.

Harrison, J. M.
Hogrefe, Charles W. 
Igoe, James J.
Jenkins, Joseph Chans
Johnson, Dr. William H.
Jones, Francis Fitch
Kennedy, Michael Francis
Leiding, Herman G.

Leland, William F.

Manly, Charles

Massie Family
M 'Donald, Charles James
McDonald, Charles James
Middleton, Edmund R.
Moise, Edwin Warren
Molony, Henry Augustine
Montague, Robert L.
Mood, George McFarlane M. D.
Moultrie, William

Moses, Montgomery

Pinckney, Eliza Lucas

Price, William Jones
Rivers, John
Robertson, Francis Marion
Silcox, James H.

Small, Robert

Stoney, Thomas Porcher
Tobias, Ashley Cowan
Tobias, Ashley Cowan Jr.
Towles, Frank E.
Towles, Francis Winfield
Towles, Daniel Quigley

Walsingham, Mary

Willis, Archie D.
Wilson, Robert Jr. M. D.
Witherspoon, Eugene Luther
Wright, Sir James, Bart


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