Census of the City of Charleston,
South Carolina, For the Year 1861
Illustrated by Statistical Tables. Prepared under the Authority of the City Council by Frederick A. Ford
No. 5 Broad and 109 East Bay Street.
Table Showing the Number, Construction, Owner, Occupant and Ward location  of every house in the city.


Extracts from the Minutes, October 23d, 1860.

        Petition of numerous merchants and others, praying Council to have a correct census of the City taken at as early a day as possible

        Alderman Riggs offered the following resolution, which was adopted:

        Resolved, That the Memorial be referred to a committee of three, who shall recommend to Council proper persons to take a complete Census of the City, together with such statistical information as may be necessary to exhibit the condition and prospects of the City, to superintend the management and publication of the same, and to apportion to the several Wards their representation in Council, in conformity to the Act of the General Assembly, passed June 1st, 1838.

        The Mayor appointed the following committee, viz: Aldermen Riggs, Edgerton, and Ryan.

Extract from the Minutes, March 26th, 1861.

        Alderman Riggs, from the Special Committee, to whom was referred the petition in relation to the City Census, ask leave to report:

        That unavoidable circumstances have prevented their earlier attention to this matter, but in sufficient time to ensure its completion for all practical purposes.

        Your committee contemplated adopting the plan of dividing the City in sections or squares, and availing themselves of the services of such of our citizens (many of whom kindly offered) who would be willing to take the census of the square or block in which they reside; and in this way it was thought an accurate result would be obtained, and at much saving of expense to the City. But we find, on reflection, that whilst this plan has its advantages, it is not certain that it may not cause delay, and in the result disappoint our expectations, as we would have necessarily to engage the services of some competent person in the end, to compile and arrange the publication of the several returns made under this plan. We have, therefore, deemed it best that this system should not be adopted, but that the work be placed under the supervision of a competent person, to prepare and compile an accurate Census of the City, with such statistical information as, we trust, will meet the wants of the community, and to apportion to the several Wards their proper representation in Council, in conformity to the Act of the General Assembly, passed June 1st, 1838. And in order to ensure this result, your committee recommend that authority be given them to engage the services of Mr. FREDERICK A. FORD, at the sum stated in his communication to the Committee, feeling assured he is fully competent to accomplish the work satisfactorily, which your committee are sanguine will result in exhibiting an increase in population, enterprise and growth, in all the essentials that make up a flourishing community.

        All of which is respectfully submitted.

(Signed) J. S. RIGGS.



MAY 15, 1861.

        The Committee on the City Census are of opinion that the numbering of the houses in the City is rather for the convenience of reference to the residences and places of business of the citizens, than for the purpose of ascertaining the number of houses in the City, which is otherwise more accurately attained; and, consequently, where one house, for instance, has been divided on the ground-floor, in front, into two or more business offices, and the upper part is occupied, perhaps, as a boarding-house or private residence--the parties doing business in the offices below, as well as the person residing or keeping a boarding-house above, are entitled each to a separate reference to these places of business or residence by their own numbers respectively. And Mr. FORD, in preparing the City Census, is requested to conform as far as practicable to this principle of numbering.




        Alderman Riggs, from the Special Committee, made the following Report, which was concurred in:

        The Special Census Committee, empowered by resolution of Council, to have the census taken, and the proper representation in Council apportioned according to the Act of the General Assembly, passed June 1st, 1838, beg leave, respectfully, to report: That in obedience to the resolution referred to, your Committee engaged Frederick A. Ford, Esq., for the purpose, who immediately commenced the work, under the plan agreed upon, and having now finished his labors, has delivered the same in manuscript, ready for publication.

        It would scarcely be required in this report to refer in detail to the accuracy, as far as we can judge, attained, as the work will be published as soon as possible, and will, therefore, speak for itself. We have only aimed in the discharge of our duty, to present to the community a correct and reliable census, containing such statistical information as will be of interest, and more especially, to comply with the Act of the General Assembly, requiring a decennial census to be taken for the purpose of giving to the several Wards their proper representation in Council. It will be seen that our City has increased in population, if not in a rapid, certainly in a permanent and prosperous ratio--a result more gratifying than if it were increased by mere numbers, without our orderly, quiet and law-loving people, which we venture to say cannot be surpassed, if equalled, by any city of its size. A fact so encouraging needs no further comment.

        Under the present apportionment Council will hereafter be entitled to an increase of two additional Aldermen in the Upper Wards, making in all eighteen; whilst Ward No. 2 will lose one, and Ward No. 4 will gain one, the same number will be preserved in the Lower Wards as heretofore. It is to be hoped that this additional increase in representation will enure to the interest and prosperity of all the Wards, as the City will hereafter not be designated in making tax returns, as before, in Upper and Lower Wards separately, but as a whole, and all sectional differences, if any exists, will thus be obliterated, and the general good, without particular regard to locality, become the paramount motive, whilst a judicious oversight will be observed by the representatives of their several Wards.

        Your Committee, in conclusion, find it an agreeable duty to refer to the able and faithful manner in which Mr. Ford has discharged the arduous duties incident to his engagement, and we feel confident that when the work is published and submitted to critical examination, it will not fall short of public expectation; for it will not be forgotten that during the present disturbed state of affairs, difficulties, in many instances, must have arisen, and a generous public will not fail to make the proper allowances.

        Mr. Ford's communication, addressed to the Committee, is annexed to this report, and it but remains for us obtain authority to have the work published immediately.

Respectfully submitted,

J. S. RIGGS, Chairman Com. Census.



Charleston, September 20, 1861.

To Messrs. JOHN S. RIGGS, E. W. EDGERTON and THOMAS RYAN, Committee on the Census:

        GENTS--Having completed the taking and arrangement of the Decennial Census of the City, I beg leave to report, briefly, that I find the population to be 48,409--a considerable increase over any number heretofore returned. With a view to accuracy, before I commenced my arrangements your opinions as to the principle upon which an enumeration of the houses of the city should be had were requested. The principle prescribed by you for my guidance has been strictly pursued, and the number of every house within the corporate limits correctly ascertained and preserved. Taking every family under the number of the house in which they resided, it was nearly impossible to omit any one, as the omission would at once be apparent on the face of my schedule, in the line devoted to the number of the house. This plan differs from any heretofore adopted, and I have reason to believe has been effectual in my attaining accurately the population of Charleston. The Census having been ordered for the purpose of ascertaining the representation of Aldermen in Council for the ensuing ten years, I procured the written opinion of Judge Pringle as to the law regulating the representation, and the principle upon which the calculation was to be based. I find that by the increase of population and taxation of Ward No. 4, since the Census taken in 1848, that Ward has become entitled to one additional Alderman, and Ward No. 2 loses one--the other Lower Wards retain their present representation; and Wards No. 5 and 6, by increase of population and taxation, have each become entitled to one additional Alderman. The number, therefore, of Aldermen for the ensuing ten years will be eighteen instead of sixteen, the present number.

        I have made out a set of Tables, shewing the construction of the city, the population, with ages and nativity of the whites, and number and ages of the slaves and free persons of color--the population of each street in the city separately, and the present owners and occupants of every house. These tables, with my calculation of the representation in Council, to which the different Wards are entitled, are herewith submitted.

Respectfully, etc.,


(Transcribers note:  the census count of all males (white/colored), females (white/colored), slaves, and Free person, has been omitted from this database.  Within this database you will find the names and business of those residing at that stated address and street.)


Aiken Street 
Atlantic Street 
Ashton Street 
Alexander Street 
Allway Street 
Ann Street 
Anson Street 
Ashe Street 
Archdale Street 
Ashley Street 
Amherst Street 
America Street


Bay Street 
Berresford Street 
Blake Street 
Beaufain Street 
Bedons Alley 
Bull Street 
Bee Street 
Benseman's Court 
Broad Street 
Borgard Street 
Burns' Lane


Calhoun Street 
Council Street 
Cannon Street
Cordes Street
Cannon's Court
Chapel Street 
Chalmers Street 
Chinquepin Street 
Charlotte Street
Cumberland Street 
Chesnut Street
Clifford Street        
Court House Square
Clifford's Alley
College Street
Church Street
Cromwell's Terrace
Columbus Street
Cedar Court
Congress Street
Cooper Street
Cooper's Court  
Coming Street
Concord Street


Dereef's Court
Desportes' Court
Doughty Street
Duncan Street
Drake Street


Elm Row
Exchange Street
Elliott Street
East Bay Street
English's Row
Elizabeth Street


Ford's Court
Friend Street
Felix Street
Franklin Street


Gadsden Street
Gibbes Street
Glebe Street
Green Street
Greenhill Street
George Street
Gillon Street
Grove Street
Guignard Street


Hacker's Alley
Hunter's Court
Hampden Court
Hard's Alley
Hampstead Mall
Hasell Street
Horlbeck's Alley
Hester Street
Hayne Street
Hanover Street
Hagerman's Court
Heyward's Court
Hewitt's Alley
Henrietta Street
Harney's Court
Horlbeck's Row
Hudson Street


Johnson's Court
Inspection Street
Judith Street
John Street
Islington Court
Jasper Court


Kirkland's Lane
King Street


Lamboll Street
Laurel Street
Laurens Street
Ladson's Court
Legare Street
Lodge Alley
Liberty Street
Linguard Street
Limehouse Street
Lightwood's Alley
Longitude Lane
Line Street
Lilly Court
Lucas Street
Logan Street
Lynch Street


Magazine Street
Maiden Lane
Mount Street
Market Street
Marion Street
Marsh Street
Moultrie Street
Mary Street
Meeting Street
Mckeegan's Court
Mcmahon's Court
Mazyck Street
Middle Street
Mill Street
Mills' Row
Montague Street
Mcbride's Lane
Minority Street
Morris Street
Motte's Lane


Nassau Street
Norman Street
New Street
Nunan Street


Oak Street
Orange Street
Orange Court
Palmetto Street
Park Street
Payne Street
Percy Street
Paine's Court
Pickett's Alley
Pine Street--In Ward No. 7
Pine Street--In Ward No. 8
Pringle Street
Phillip's Court
Prioleau Street
Price's Alley
Philadelphia Street
Pitt Street
Porter's Row
Pinckney Street
President Street
Princess Street
Pritchard Street


Queen Street
Race Street
Reaper's Alley
Roper's Court
Radcliffe Street
Rodger's Alley
Rumney Street
Reid Street
Rose Lane
Rutledge Street
Rutledge Avenue


Shepherd Street
Sans Souci Street
Savage Street
Shell Alley
Short Street
Short Court
Simons Street
Smith's Place
Smith Street
Smith's Lane
Society Street
Sires Street
South Street
Sires Alley
South Bay Street
Secession Streetspring Street
State Street
Saint Michael's Alley
Stoll's Alley
Saint Philip Street


Thomas Street
Thompson's Court
Trout's Court
Tradd Street
Trapmann Street
Trumbo's Court


Unity Alley
Vendue Range
Vanderhorst Street
Vernon Street


Weims' Court
Wall Street
Warren Street
Washington Street
Wescott's Court
Wilson Street
Water Street
Williams' Row
Wentworth Street
Wharf Street
Wragg Street
Woolfe Street
West Street
Wragg Square
Zig Zag Court


Adger's South Wharf
Adger's North Wharf
South Atlantic Wharf
Atlantic Or Central Wharf
North Atlantic Wharf
Accommodation Wharf
Boyce & Co.'S Wharf
Patton's Wharf
South Central Wharf
North Central Wharf
Brown's Wharf
North Commercial Wharf
Dry Dock Wharf
Kerr's Wharf
Market Wharf
Southern Wharf
State Wharf
Vanderhorst Wharf

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