Chester County, South Carolina 1850 Census Index

This database details those persons enumerated in the 1850 United States Federal Census, the Seventh Census of the United States. Copies of the original 1850 census for Chester County, South Carolina, come from the National Archives and Records Administration microfilm roll M432_851.

For the first time in the history of the United States census, enumerators of the 1850 census were instructed to record the names of every person in the household. Added to this, enumerators were presented with printed instructions, which account for the greater degree of accuracy compared with earlier censuses. Enumerators were asked to include the following categories in the census: name; age as of the census day; sex; color; birthplace; occupation of males over age fifteen; value of real estate; whether married within the previous year; whether deaf-mute, blind, insane, or "idiotic", were a pauper or a convict; whether able to read or write for individuals over age twenty; and whether the person attended school within the previous year. No relationships were shown between members of a household. The categories allowed Congress to determine persons residing in the United States for collection of taxes and the appropriation of seats in the House of Representatives.

The official enumeration day of the 1850 census was 1 June 1850. All questions asked were supposed to refer to that date.  The following databases  have  all questions asked of the census taker.  Excluded, for sake of space are the  street address/house number and line number.  As always, refer to the original documents for accuracy.

Abell - Anderson

Archer - Auld

Babacock - Barr

Baskins - Besley

Bigelow - Black

Blackman - Boyles

Bradford - Broach

Brown - Burton

Caboen - Carter

Cashy - Chessor

Chestnut - Coleman

Collins - Coorod

Corder - Crane

Crawford - Curtis

Dadson - Drummond

Duett - Dye

Earl - Fee

Fennell - Friddle

Fry - Giles

Gill - Grier

Griffin - Harris

Harrison - Holly

Holst - Ischower

Jack - Jones

Jordan - Kirkpatrick

Kitchens - Lester

Leston - Marsh

Marshall - McCord

McCormick - McFadden

McGarity - McMullan

McNeel - Miller

Millin - Mitchell

Mobley - Morrow

Morreton - Orr

Osborn - Pittman

Poag - Ratteree

Reap - Robins

Robinson - Russell

Sage - Simms

Simpson - Smith

Snardy - Stringfellow

Strong - Tidwell

Tims - Waldrip

Walker - West

Westbrook - Williams

Wilson - Wright

Wyler - Younge


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