Petition to Close Road 

Signed By  Citizens of Chester District, South Carolina

November 14, 1831 
Petitions to the General Assembly - Item #54, Frames 218-221
SC Dept. of Archives and History 

The Humble Petition of the Undersigned Citizens of Chester District Sheweth that a piece of Road Opened by Virtue of an Act of the Legislature Passed in Dec'r. 1824 ~ Crossing Fishing Creek at Doc'r Charles Boyds Mills, to be a Grievance                                    

The Prayer of Your Pettionsioners is that So much of the said Road be Disanulled as lies between the Point of Intersection with the Road leading by Whites Mills to the Nation Ford near William Montgommery; and the Point of Intersection with the Road Leading by Whites Mills to Chester Court House Near Doc'r Charles Boyds on the South side of Fishing Creek for the following Reasons. 

But Little More than one Mile below s'd Boyd's near Whites Mills, there is a Good Ford across s'd Creek and also a Bridge Under Repairs ~ Where Two Roads may be said to Cross. The one leading from the Nation ford Towards Columbia, the other from Chester Court house to Lands Ford Which Road are kept in Repair by the Commissioners of Roads.  

We also Consider the order for opening said Road to have been Illegally obtained, Not Being Advertized as Law Directs. We also consider the Road by Boyds to be of no Public Utility Whatever, Because When his Bridge Might have been Passed with Tolerable Safety, said Piece of Road was kept in Repair, and Very few (if any) choosed to go that Way When going to market. They all Prefer Crossing at Whites: 

The above piece of Road Praying to discontinued does not Exceed one mile and a half (if that much). The above is Respectfully Submitted, and Petitioners as in Duty Bound will Ever Pray ~


Subscribers Names

Members of the Eastern Board of Commissioners of Road & Bridgges at James Dyes this 14th of Nov'r 1831

John Moore, chairman 
James McDaniel
James Guthrie     
Sam'l. T. Potts
Vincent Brown    Thomas -eder[?]
Rob't McFadden, Clk to the Board Rob't Robinson

Subscribers Names

Wylie Pitman
James Lee
Nathan White
John F. Collins
James Allen
Abijah Pitman
Stephen Honie[?]
David K/H Pittman
William Montgomery
Jonathan McCammon
Henry Lee
John Coleman
Joel Ashcraft
Joseph Crook
Jonathan Davis
Wm. Ferguson
Jas. D. Hamilton
Patrick Hamilton
James McCreight
Edward H. Ingram
Green Owens
John M. Hamilton
Elison Hamilton
Jesse Ashcraft
Joseph H. Hines
John G. Kester
Edward Stedman
Samuel Stedman
James Clinton
George Strait
H. McCullough
Ben' F. Culp
Nath'l  McCammon
Wm. Porter
Samuel McDaniel
Adam Wiley
Robert Ferguson
Charles Drewery
C.S. Thomson
Gideon Drewry
William Crook
Joseph Ferguson
Pleasant Ferguson
Thomas Orr
W.P. Brouch/Branch
- S Gill
Jos. H. Hines
William Wylie
Alfred -------
Joseph A. Gaston
Lewis Chambers
? P Cook
C. McFadden
Elijah H/K Pitman
David A. Boyd
Edward B---
John Cowen
Neal M. Cook
George Craig
S. G. Allen
Ralph McFadden
John Kenney
Henry Ferguson
John Hamilton
Sam'l ---------
Amis? Nunnery
Sam'l N Wherry
Thos. ?. Clinton
A Croset
Ric'd --ild----?
T.N.W. Clinton
Willis Lock
John Culp
Wm McMillan
Wm Wylie
Wm Croset
Henry Culp
Jos/Jas McCamman
William Waters
John Neely
Elijah Hines
Joseph Lock
Stephen Lock
Thomas Tailor
William A Wylie
Harrison Hines
Wm McFadden
John W Adams
John A Boyd
John Drewry
D. Daniel
Joseph Ferguson

Contributed by Sharon S. Ashcraft

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