1850 Mortality Schedule, Chesterfield County, South Carolina
transcribed and contributed by Shauna Williams for Genealogy Trails History Group

Persons who died during the year ending 1st June, 1850, in Chesterfield District, State of S. Carolina, enumerated by me W. Strother, Ass't Marshal






Marital Status

Place of Birth

Month Died



Days ill


Julia Garber

35 F     M SC Nov   Pneumonia 15 days  
Margaret Griggs 35 F     M SC Oct   Dropsy of the chest C  
William Perdue 7 M       Sc March   Worms C  
Thomas P. Henderson 3 M       Sc April   Worms C  

John W. Baker



      Sc Sept   Unknown 5


Duncan McCall 65 M     M Scotland March School Teacher Consumption C  
Amy (Charlotte Lambeth) 32 F B S   SC Feby   Unknown 21 days  
Patience  (W.I. Hanna) 5 F B S   Sc May   Pneumonia 5  
John (W.I. Hanna) 3/12 M M S   Sc June   Unknown Sudden    

Violet (Milly Chapman)


F B S   Sc March   Burning 60 days  
Infant (Thomas Johnson) 6/12 F B S   Sc January   Smothered    
Miles (Lewis Melton) 3 M B S   Sc January   Pneumonia 8 days  

Catharine Morrison






Feb   Consumption C  
Winny King 95 F       Nc March   Old Age    

Nancy King


F       Sc April   Unknown    
Mary Hough 40 F     M Nc Oct   Fever 21  
Austin (Ellbe B.C. Cash) 100 M B S   Va May   Old Age C  

Bill (Ellbe B.C. Cash)

59 M B S   Sc January   Killed by fall of a ass?  


Isaac (C-ther C. Douglas) 49 M B S


Sc June   Dropsy C  
Agatha (Alexander McQueen) 10


B S   Sc March   Unknown    
Wisdom (Alexander McQueen) 4 M B S   Sc August   Drowned    
Billy (Allen McFarland) 19 m B S   Sc February   Unknown C  
John (Allen McFarland) 4 M B S   Sc Sept   Unknown C  

Frank (Allen McFarland)



B S   Sc May   Pneumonia 10  
Hannah (Allen McFarland) 4 (or6)/12 F B S   Sc April   Smothered    

Cinda/Thos. W. Robeson



B S   Sc August   Colic 1  

Milly/Thos. W. Robeson

1 F B S   Sc July   Unknown 30  
Charlotte/Robt. D. Kellin 20 F B S   Sc April   Child Bed C  

Penny/Robt. D. Kellin



B S   Sc March   Croup 3  
Henry/Robt. D. Kellin 2 M B S   Sc August   Unknown 6  
John D. McFarland 74 M     M Scotland May O -- Clergyman ---- C  
Duncan Campbell 72 M     W Scotland December Farmer Dropsy C  

-lly Densby



    M SC April   Unknown 14  
Elvia (Wm. Jowers) 30 F   S     June   Unknown 21


Sarah Fairly 60 F     M NC June   Disease of the heart Sudden  
Jim (Moore)



B S  


August Blacksmith Dropsy C


Amy (Stinemetz) 72 F B S   NC November   Fever 7 days  

Nancy (Buchanan)


F B S   NC September   Fever 10 days  
Henry Little 12 M       Sc September   Fever 3 days  
Mary A. Mallory 1 F       Sc April   Convulsions 7 days  
Henry Wallace 14 M       Sc April   Pleurisy 2 days  
Infant (H.M. Tomlinson) 2/12 F B S   Sc July   Unknown C  
Infant (H.M. Tomlinson) 1/12 M B S   Sc June   Smothered    
John Stafford 63 M     W Scotland March Shoemaker Pneumonia 5 days  
Sarah Stafford 31 F       Nc June     C  
John McQuage 55 M     W Nc November Carriage Maker Fever 14 days  
Milly (T.E. Powe?) 5 F B S   Sc November   Convulsions 1 day  
Infant (I.A. Inglis) 1 F B S   Sc December   Sudden cause unknown 1 day  
Ist? (John P---is) 44 M M S   Sc November   Fever 3 days  
Mary C. Davis 5 F M     Sc September   Fever 4 days  
Isabella (A.P. Lacoste) 60 F B S   Sc October   Unknown C  
Sarah Jane Parker 5 F       Sc September   Fever 9 days  
William Davis 40 M       Virginia February Stage Driver Putrid Sore Throat 21  
Thomas I. Sweat 9/12 M       Sc Sept   Hives 3  
Emanuel Ru--son 3/12 M       Sc Sept   Unknown 7  
Celia /Z. Ellerbe 45 F B S   Sc Nov   Dropsy C  
Serenea/Robert N. Hicks 2 F B S   Sc Jan   Unknown C  
Polly/G.W. Duvall 4 F M S   Sc Aug   Fever 3  
Louisa/G.W. Duvall 3 F B S   Sc Sept   Fever 7  
Mary Jane Steele 25 F     M Nc Oct   Fever 11  
Martha (Martha Powe) 1 F B S   Sc Sept   Fever 14  
Mary H-istess? 55 F     W Sc June   Liver Complaint C  
Ben (McMillan) 70 M B S   Sc Sept   Unknown C  
Slave (David Gregg) 70 M B S   Refuse Particulars          
Daniel Lucas 48 M     M SC Feb Farmer Fever 14  
Infant/Martha Sparks 1/12 F B S   Sc June   Unknown C  
John Braddock 54 M     M Sc Oct Farmer Unknown ?  
Isabella McColeman 38 F     M Nc March   Liver Complaint C  
William Turnage 70 M     M Sc April Farmer Palsy C  
Charles Thomas Edward 15 M       Sc Dec Farmer Pneumonia 10  
Randy (Jacob Mangum) 2 M B S   Sc Oct   Unknown C  
Infant/ Jacob Mangum 2 M B S   Sc April?   Unknown C  
John Wilcox 35 M     M England Nov Miner Fall from horse Sudden  
Mary C. Crawley 46? F     M Sc Apl   Dropsy C  
William E. Crawley 22 M       Sc Feb Farmer Pneumonia 1 day  
Calvin Sullivan 7 M       Sc March   Fever 7 days  
Martha Joplin 6 F       Sc Feb   Croup 8 days  
Mary Ann Jordan 12 F       Sc March   Fever 2 days  
Elisha Mangrem? 35 M     M Sc Nov Farmer Horse running suddenly thrown ------    
Silvia (John Blakeney) 25 F B S   Sc Aug   Consumption C  
Alexander Deas 10 M       Sc April   Pneumonia 2 days  
Rosanna McManus? 20 F       Sc Aug   Fever 12 days  
Ransy? Threatt 35 F     M Sc March   Child Bed 8 days  
Jack (Willis Alsbrook) 70 F B S   Sc June   Unknown C  
Gr---h (Willis Alsbrook) 18 M B S   Sc Feb   Pneumonia 21 days  
Abraham (Willis Alsbrook) 16 M B S   Sc March   Pneumonia 42 days  
La---ia Sellers 39 F     W Sc Aug   Fever 42 days  
Charlotte (William Kendrick?) 22 F B S   Sc March   Burned 5 days  
Mary Knight 49 F       Nc Nov   Hanged her self in ---ranged state?    
Henry (Richard L. Edgemouth) 3 M B S   Sc March   Burned Sudden  
Ned (Stephen Jackson) 19 M B S   Sc July   Fever 7  
El--ia Struter 28 F     M Sc March   Consumption C  
Mary I. Campbell 18 F       Sc Feby   B-----ia (Pneumonia?) 5 days  

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