Jefferson High School
 1946 Torch
Chesterfield County, South Carolina
transcribed and formatted by D. Whitesell

We Dedicate the 1946 Torch

To Miss Alice Sarratt -- our ideal faculty member.  Every Jefferson student who knows her loves her for the genuine qualities that make her a perfect example of learning and teaching.

To her, Our Senior Sponsor, who has given herself unselfishly to Jefferson High.

To our friend, who has won our admiration and devotion.

To Miss Sarratt, whose wisdom gives us a vision of the person we'd like to be.

T.H. McMillan

Dr. Jos. E. Thomas

Geo. W. Gregory

Sue Sullivan and Johnny Hendrix

Mr. T.L. Taylor

Mr. R. N. Salley
Principal and Agriculture

Miss Alice Sarratt, 11th Grade...Commerce
Miss Margaret Allison, 10th Grade...Home Economics
Miss Lillian Catoe, 9th Grade...Mathematics
Mrs. R.M. Hartman, 8th Grade...English and French
Miss Harriet Byrd, 7th Grade and Spanish
Mrs. R. N. Salley, 6th Grade
Miss Ariavie Jenrette, 5th Grade
Miss Christine Perry, 4th Grade
Miss Nettie Roberts, 3rd Grade
Miss Nancy Busby, 2nd Grade
Miss Katherine Ray, 1st Grade


Senior Class
. . . Class History
. . . Superlatives
. . . Class Prophecy
. . . Class Will

Juniors Class

Sophomore Class

Freshman Class

Lower Class
7th grade
6th Grade
5th Grade
4th Grade
3rd Grade
2nd Grade
1st Grade

. . . . Activities . . . .
Torch Staff
Jeffersonian Staff
Student Council
Beta Club
Glee Club
Junior Homemakers Association
Future Farmers of American
Hot Lunch

. . . . Athletics . . . .
Girls and Boys Basketball
. . . . Advertisements . . . .

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