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Scott, Samuel Mosely
Samuel Scott was tortured by the British after burning his home and out buildings. They heard he had money hidden on his plantation. He would not tell. They put a rope around his wife and dragged her through the Savannah River waters almost drowning her but she would not tell either. She rode on horseback earlier to Ninety Six to warn the Americans that the British were storing their stolen supplies and goods on an island on the Savannah. The Americans came and recovered the goods. Samuel`s plantation was in the vicinity of Scott`s Ferry in Edgefield County, SC. Because of Samuel`s physical problems he could not serve in the militia but he provided much needed supplies to the American cause. Samuel was giving the name "Ready Money Scott by his presence at auctions. The other bidders named him for his high bidding. He would always have plenty money and be the highest bidder.
Source: John Chapman's "History of Edgefield County"...contributed by John Howell (note - plantaton located at Scott's Ferry in Edgefield County near today Clark's Hill)

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