History of Edgefield County
Edgefield County, South Carolina





Index and data contributed by D. Whitesell


The author of this book is a native of Edgefield District, born before it was shorn of its fair proportions, as it was in 1817, before a part was cut off to form the County of Aiken, and long before it was further divided to form Saluda County. He was born within three miles of Saluda River on the old Charleston and Ninety-Six Road, which, in Revolutionary times, was one of the main highways leading from the low country and the Congarees to Ninety-Six.    The place is now in Saluda County.

From his boyhood the author was a great reader and student of history. Nothing pleased him better than to get hold of some good book telling of the deeds of other times, and stories of Marion and his men, and others of that heroic age. Unfortunately, books that told the history of that period were too few; but he had Weems* Life of Washington and of Marion, and a book of American Biographies published in 1830, all of which were well suited to cultivate a taste for history and make the reader long for more.

With such a training in early life it is not surprising that, as  he grew older, he read everything that could throw light upon  the early history of his State and the formation of the Union  and the rights and duties of the States in the Union,  writing this book he has faithfully sought and drawn from  every source of information available. All books, of which he  could get hold, giving information of the first settlers and their  struggles, he has used; and individuals and friends in all parts  of the Counties of Edgefield and Saluda, and some outside, have freely and gladly helped him in his work. To these, one and all, he gives his grateful and heartfelt thanks. One dear friend, who loaned him many old books, and who assisted him greatly otherwise, has only recently, 1896, left this stage of  life for a better, William G.Whilden.

Men of Edgefield and Saluda, and you children of Edgefield elsewhere, the author has done his best. This book now belongs to you and to your posterity; and the author cannot permit himself to believe that you will turn coldly from it because you may think that it has some errors and defects. Of one truth you may be sure, that it is absolutely impartial in its treatment of men and their deeds.    Can you desire more?

I - First  Settlement. (page 5)
Roving Traders.
Building Fort Keowee.
Conference At Saluda Old Town.

II - History Of Edgefield.  (page 11)
Settlers Of Various Nationalities.
Culbreaths, Hazels, &C.
Abneys, &C.
Towlses, Carsons, &C.
Stewart Settlement.

III. - Perrys, Colemans, Trotters, Ac. (page 18)
Inconveniences Of The Settlers.
Changes In The Names Of Places.
Opening Of Public Road.
Christian Priber.

IV. (page 24)
Obstructing Water Courses.

V. (page 30)
The Butler Family.

VI. - Muster Roll - Brooks' Company. (page 47)
List of Capt. Zachary Smith Brooks' Company.
Story of George and Sampson Pope.
Zachary Smith Brooks.
Journey of Washington.
Abney Meeting House.

VII. - Roads and Ferries After the Revolution. (page 53)
Mount Willing, S.C.
Catlett Connor.
Townships of Mobley, Norris, &C.
Number of Companies, Comanding Officers, Officers, Sergeants, & Privates.
Major Mayson to Colonel Thompson
Jas. Mayson

VIII. (page 65)
Siege of Ninety-Six.
Tory Marauders.
Cunninghams Raid.

IX. - Condition of the Country. (page 72)
Great Demoralization.
Settlers from Maryland.

X. (page 80)

DR. J. C. Ready.
That Yellow Jacket Company.
A Fight at Edgefield.

XI. (page 86)

A Remarkable Phenomenon.
Secession at Mount Willing.
Ministers of the Gospel.
Watson, Bates and Others.
Division of the District.

XII. (page 95)

Mount Willing - Origin of the Name.

XII. (page 95)
Mount Willing - Origin of the Name
Mad Bill Abney
John A. Crouder
Dr. William Mobley

XIII. (page 102)
Rehoboth, &C.
Skipper's Georgia and the Dark Corner.
An Old Memorandum Book.

XIV. (page 121)
Fruit Hill and Vicinity.

XV. (page 127)
Capt. James Ryan.
Samuel Hammond.
LeRoy and Samuel Hammond.

XVI. (page 143)
Captain Richard Johnson.
Michael Watson.
Francis Salvador.
The Martins.
Cunningham and Hammond.
Mrs. Cruger at Ninety-Six.
Mrs. Dillard and Mrs. Thomas.
Pickens' and Williamson.
Fort Galphin - George Galphin.

XVII. (page 156)
Norris Township.

XVIII. (page 162)
Rev. Alexander Travis.
Nicholas Stallworth, Sr.
Nicholas Stallworth, Jr.
William Barrett Travis, the Hero of the Alamo.
Mark Butler Travis.
Colonel P. D. Bowles.

XIX. (page 171)
Judge Richard Gantt.
Judge William D. Martin.
Judge Ephraim Ramsay.
James J. Caldwell.
John S. Jeter, Solictor.
Edmund Bacon.
John Dunlap.
Abraham Giles Dozier.
Charles Goodwyn.
John S. Glascock.
Nathan Lipscomb Griffin.
George McDuffie.

XX. (page 187)
Thomas H. Pope.
Elred Simkins.
Lieutenant Colonel John C. Simkins.
Charles Martin Gray.

XXI. (page 197)
War of 1812 - Seminole.

XXII. (page 203)
The Tillman Family.
W. B. Dorn.
The Edwardses - Additional.

XXIII. (page 208)
Kansas Troubles - Seccession.

XXIV. (page 218)

XXV. (page 227)
The Seventh Regiment.
Soldiers' Relief Association.
Presentation of a Flag to the Holcombe Legion.

XXVI. (page 236)

XXVII. (page 244)
Francis Hugh Wardlaw.
John E. Bacon.
Joseph Abney.
Joseph Abney - Additional.
Joseph Quattlebaum.
William Walker.

XXVIII. (page 251)
After the War - Reconstruction.
Contest between the Legislature and Governor.

XXIV. (page 263)
Dr. John Landrum.
Colonel James C. Smyley.
Colonel James P. Carroll.
General R. G. M. Dunovant.
Andrew J. Hammond.
Colonel James Tomkins.
Preston S. Brooks.
William Gregg.
Colonel James B. Griffin.
General Martin W. Gary
Colonel W. C. Moragne.

XXV. (page 272)
The Blocker Family.
Death of an Aged and Remarkable Lady (Mrs. Isabella M. Blocker)
Wounded Officers.
John B. Abney.
Mark Madison Abney.
Captain James Pope Bean.
Death of Major Cicero Adams.
Joseph Matthew Abney.
Death of Colonel Joseph Abney.
Pickens B. Watts - In Memoriam.
Joseph Abney.
Joseph Haddon.
The Ouzts Settlement.

XXVI. (page 209)
Churches - Methodist.

XXVII. (page 299)
The Presbyterian Church.
Lutheran - St. Mark's.
Mount Calvary.
Good Hope.
St. James', Graniteville.

XXVIII. (page 306)
Baptist Churches - Red Bank.
Dry Creek.
Richland Spring.
Mountain Creek.
Pleasant Lane.
Good Hope.
Big Stephen's Creek.
Olive Branch and Bold kSpring.
Mount Lebanon.

XXIX. (page 323)
Red Hill.
Red Oak Grove.
Chestnut or Chestnut Ridge.
Episcopal Churches.
Roman Catholic.
Second Adventists.
The Universalists.
Young Men's Christian Association.

XXX. (page 333)
Something Unique.
Ladies' Library Society.

XXXI. (page 343)
Medical Biographies.
Dr. W. Brazier.
Dr. Elbert Bland.
Dr. William Butler.
Dr. A. W. Burt.
Dr. Wall Burt.
Dr. H. Burt.
Dr. M. W. Abney.
Dr. E. J. Mims.
Dr. J. O. Nicholson.
Dr. John Lake.
Dr. W. W. Geiger.
Dr. N. Meriwether.
Dr. A. G. Teague.
Dr. T. H. Pattison.
Dr. J. F. Adams.
W. Scott Sheppard.
Dr. William D. Jennings. Sr.
Dr. George M. Yarbrough.
Dr. William Coleman.
Dr. Charles M. Burkhalter in Life and Death.
Dr. Garrett.

XXXII. (page 365)
Historical Hints of Edgefield.
The County and Town of Edgefield - Descriptive.
Under the Oaks at Lanham's.
Penn's Drug Store.
Waters Family.
Captain Lewis Jones.
Robert W. Jennings.
A granddaughter of Edgefield Distingushed in Paris.
Colonel David Denny.
General James Jones.
Colonel T. P. Shaw.

XXXIII. (page 386)
The Scott Famiy, Who Gave Name to "Scott's Ferry," on the Westside.
The Martins of Martintown.
Werts Family.
Haltiwanger Family.

XXXIV. (page 400)
Recollections and Reflections.
An Act of Heroism.
Anne Kennedy.
The Fires of Edgefield.
The Pine House.
Edgefield Village.

XXXV. (page 418)
Ninety-Six Riflemen.
Cherokee Ponds Guards.
Edgefield Riflemen.
Ninth Regiment Milita.
Ninth Regiment Milita.
Edgefield Hussars.
Company G. First Regiment - Gregg's.
Company E, First REgiment - Gregg's.
Company H. Third Regiment.
Gaines Mill.
Company E. Seventh Regiment.
Company F. Seventh Regiment Infantry.
Sergeant Dick Clary's War List.
Company G. Seventh South Carolina  Infantry.
Company G. Seventh Regiment.

XXXVI. (page 436)
Captain Benjamin Roper's Company I, Seventh Regiment.
Company K, Seventh Regiment.
Company M, Seventh Regiment.
Company A, Nineteenth Regiment.
Company B, Nineteenth Regiment.
Company C, Nineteenth Regiment.
Company D, Nineteenth Regiment.

XXXVII. (page 458)
Company "F", Nineteenth Regiment.
Company K, Nineteenth Regiment.
Company B, Sixth Regiment.
Company I, State Troops.
Company B, Second Regiment.
Company B, Fourteenth Infantry Regiment.
Company D, Fourteenth Regiment Infantry.
Company G, Fourteenth Regiment.

XXXVIII. (page 477)
Company K, Fourteenth Regiment.
Company I, Twenty-Fourth Regiment.
Company K, Twenty-Fourth Regiment.
Company F, Twenty-Seventh Regiment Infantry.

XXXIX. (page 496)
Company E, Seventh Regiment Cavalry.
Company I, Second Cavalry.
Company K, Second Regiment Artillery.
The Citadel Academy.
The Confederte Flag.
Butler and Farley.

XL. (page 509)
Troop for Florida.
Seventh Regiment.
Tenth Regiment.
Ninth Regiment.

XLI. (page 510)
War With Mexico.
Muster Roll of Captain Brooks' Company.

XLII. (page 519)
Saluda County

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