West Family from Edgefield and Newberry County
South Carolina

submitted by Dan Speight, updated March 25, 2010


1st Generation WEST (Unknown). Arrived in Jamestown, VA sometime before 1715.
2nd Generation: WEST Sr., Captain William (b. 1715 Virginia d. 1780 Old 96 District (Edgefield County) SC).
First West descendent born in America. Married twice. First wife name unknown. Second wife Mary (last name unknown). Migrated to Edgecombe County, NC during 1730's, then became earliest known settler in Old 96 District, South Carolina around 1750. Old 96 District derived its name from mistaken belief if was 96 miles from nearest Cherokee Indians. Received colonial plot in 1756 and Kings grant in 1763 of a 250 acre plantation in Little Saludy (Saluda). He and others in the area petitioned for a troop of Rangers in 1755 to protect them from Cherokee Indian raids. Cherokee War broke out in 1776 and area finally ceded by the Cherokees in 1777. Captain of Little Saluda Militia in 1778. Had at least 15 children (12 with first wife and 3 with second wife)  Patience (Gary), William, Elizabeth (Allen), Thomas, Nancy (Myers), James, Martha (Cox), Sarah (Leperd), Mary (Doty), Priscilla, John, Jacob, Arthur, Joseph & Betty. Willed 2 slaves at death  July & Jack.

3rd Generation:   WEST, William  (b. 1740 Old 96 District (Edgefield County) SC  d. 1785 Edgefield County SC). 

Married Jane (last name unknown) in 1770.  Had 1 child â€â€œ Joseph.  Received 150 acres of his father's plantation upon his death 1780.  His brothers Thomas, James, John, Joseph and Jacob received the remaining property.   First land battle of Revolutionary War in the South occurred in 96 District November 1775 (British Victory).  The British were driven out in 1781 and withdrew to Charleston.  Served as Lieutenant under his father in Little Saluda Militia in 1778.

4th Generation:   WEST, Joseph  (b. 1776 Old 96 District (Edgefield County) SC  d. 1821 Edgefield County SC).  

Married in 1796 to Sara CORLEY (1784-1828).  Had 1 child  Arthur Pinkney.  Willed 6 female slaves at death  Dolley ($400), Reaner & child Harriet ($600), Rebecca ($500), Rhiner ($400) and Chaney ($400).    96 District fell into British hands in 1780.  28-day siege by British occurred in 1781.

5th Generation:   WEST Sr., Arthur Pinckney   (b. 1796 Edgefield County SC  d.  1865 Edgefield County SC).  

Married Rebecca PERRY (1806-1845).   Rebecca was the daughter of Ezekiel Perry who willed 18 slaves upon his death in 1833 and the Grand-daughter of Captain Michael Watson who died in 1782 in Deans Swamp, Orangeburg, SC during the American Revolution.  Had 3 children Mary Mattie (Hardy) (1821-1860), Ezekiel Perry (1822-1892) & Chloe Ann (Harrison) (1831-1910).  Owned 29 slaves in 1850 census.

6th Generation:   WEST, Ezekiel Perry  (b. 1822 Edgefield County SC -  d. 1892 Edgefield County SC).  

Married Ellen Ann (Ella) HARDY (1830-1898).  Had 6 children  William (1853-1927), Johnnie (1857-1929), Elizabeth (1861), Mary Ellen (1862-1940), Hillery (1867) & James Pinckney (1870-1948).  Owned 3 slaves in 1850 census.   Served with Confederacy during Civil War as Major of "West's Infantry" in Company "E" of 4th Infantry Battalion, Georgia State Guards.

7th Generation:   WEST, James Pinckney   (b. 1870 Edgefield County SC d. 1948 Lexington SC).  

Married Ella Clara DAVID (b. 1877-1900) in 1894.  Had son Horace (1896-1953).  Second wife Morrie SHEALY (1872-1947). Saluda County formed in 1895.

8th Generation:   WEST, Horace Bernard   (b. 1896 Saluda SC  d. 1953 Charleston SC).   

Married Ethel WESSINGER (1902-1980) in 1919. Served in Army during World War I.  Had 5 children James Bernard (1921-2006), Alfred F. (b. 1924), Clara Mae (1926-1972), Ella Rae (1928-2000) & Horace David (b.1935).    Last 4 children born in Prosperity, SC.

West Family Photo Album

Horace B. West & wife Ethel (Wessinger) West during 1940's

Horace B. West & daughter Clara Mae West during 1940's.

Clara Mae (West) Speight & niece Cheryl West, daughter of J. B. & Docia West

Al & Norma West with children Ben, Michael, Wayne and Guy in Prosperity mid-1950's.

Clara (West) Speight's children Donna, David, Daniel & Dwayne in Prosperity, SC 1956.

Thelma Rawl, Clara (West) Speight with children Mackie Rawl, Donna Speight, David Speight & Daniel Speight in 1954 on Thelma Rawl's farm on Holly Point Rd. in Prosperity, SC.

Alfred F. West in Navy during World War II

James B. (J.B.) West in Army during World War II

Ezekiel West
Saluda Masonic Lodge past presidents' wall

James West
Saluda Masonic Lodge past presidents' wall

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