Pension Application 
Fairfield County, South Carolina 
Transcribed by D. Whitesell for Fairfield County, SC Genealogy Trails

Pensioner & Town Service Company Pension Date
Boulware, Ed Of Leeds Cook And Laundryman Under Pink Boulware Company B, Seventeenth Regt. 04/17/1923
Brown, Zack Of Woodward Body Servant Under Capt. Robert F. Coleman Company B, Fourth Regt, Cavalry 04/20/1923
Coleman, William P. Of Leeds Cook And Launderman Under W. P. Coleman Company A, Seventh Regt. 04/17/1923
Davis, Henry Of Blair Cook And Servant Under J. W. Lyles Company K, First Regt, S.C. Cavalry 04/26/1923
Egleston, Sam Of Winnsboro Waiting Man Under J. W. Coleman Company C, Sixth Regt, S.C. Cavalry 02/29/1924
Lightner, Alex Of Shelton Cook Under Butler Estes Third Battalion 02/16/1924
Miller, Kelly Of Winnsboro Servant Under Capt. John Bell Company F, Twelfth Regt, S.C. Infantry 04/21/1923
Mobley, Harrison Of Winnsboro . Confederate Army 04/30/1923
Moore, Hiram Of Winnsboro Cook Under Capt. Mike Moore 05/11/1924
Young, Isaac Of White Oak Cook Under John Young Company B, Fourth Regt. 04/26/1924

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Source: South Carolina State Archives,  Series 126088, BLACKS, CONFEDERATE SERVICE
Full Pension Records can be obtained through the South Carolina State Archives

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