Abstracts of Moore Records of South Carolina, 1694 - 1865
Fairfield County, South Carolina
by Janie Revill, 1931
transcribed by Transcription Team Member Chris


In gathering the data contained in this book no effort was made to preserve or note the various ways of spelling names. The name "Moore" sometimes appears in one record spelled in several different ways, as "M-o-r-e," "M-o-a-r," or "M-o-o-r" but in most instances the correct spelling is clearly shown as

Dates, given names, names of executors, witnesses, etc., are given as being as nearly correct as is practical. In many instances the records are faded, worn or soiled so that the figures or names could not be well deciphered.

The data was all taken from original records, and publication of book and page, or box and package reference would make the expense prohibitive. Such information may be obtained by addressing the author, enclosing 25c each for postage and clerical expense (NOTE: unfortunately at this date, 2011, the writer may no longer be living, thus a shame the reference information was not given).

Marriages, Revolutionary service, and other information on the Moores of South Carolina may be found in the South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine and in the publications of the South Carolina Historical Commission.

Columbia, SC
August 1, 1931


Reubin Moore Estate. Agness Moore aptd. Admx. Mar. 16, 1804; Admx. Bond signed by Thos. Coleman and Jesse O'Bryant. Return of Admx. dated Jan. 6,1806, shows: "Cash received from estate of Robert Moore; Cash received from Thomas Moore; Cash received from Robert Moore." Return made by Lazarus Moore for his wife, Agness.

Michael Moore Estate. James F. Wade aptd. Admr. Sale held Jan. 15, 1818, shows Mrs. Rebecca Moore purchased most of the personal property for use of the family. Expense account shows: "Paid Mrs. Fleming for tuition for R. and A. Moore." Also shows "Paid John Moore, Jr." Letter in file dated April 26, 1829, from John F. Wade to the Ordinary states: " I have written to my sister, wishing to give her management of the estate."

Henry Moore Will dated 1834. Son, William; Daughters, Margaret Yongue and Jane Caldwell; grandchildren, Robert and Eliza Cathcart, the children of deceased daughter, Eliza. Bequeathed to William two tracts of land "in Ohio on Rillbucks Creek, granted to me by the President of the United States in consideration of military services in the Revolutionary War."

Deed, 1839 Henry Moore to his son William Moore in trust for "my daughter, Harriett Watson," 250 acres on Jacksons' Creek.

Deed, 1839 Henry Moore to John L. Yongue, and Margaret his wife, daughter of said Henry Moore. 119 acres on Jacksons' Creek.

Deed, 1839 Henry Moore to Robert Caldwell and wife, Jane S. Caldwell, daughter of said Henry Moore. 100 acres on Jacksons' Creek.

(Many deeds appear of record showing both Henry Moore and his son William as Sheriffs of Fairfield District.)

Deed 1802 Robert Moore and Reubin Moore, brothers, both of Fairfield District. Agreement as to division of lands.

Deed 1806 John B. Moore, "bricklayer" to Jones Malone; sale of land on Beaver Creek, branch Broad River.

Deed 1808 Michael Moore, "of Fairfield" and Thomas Moore of Richland County, North Carolina, fr. Jesse Havis; 185 acres in Fairfield on South fork Wateree Creek.

Deed 1808 Lazarus Moore "of Fairfield Dist." to Richard Hill, Jr. Dower by Nancy Moore. 233 acres in Fairfield, on Johns Creek.

Deed 1817 Michael Moore to Alex Kincaid, 175 acres on Little River, Fairfield District. Shows: "Whereas Thomas Moore, late of Rutherford County, State of North Carolina, by his last will and testament dated June 12, 1809, authorized and empoweredJohn Moore, sole executor, to sell . " Deed signed "for John Moore," by Michael Moore.

Deed 1833 Henry Moore, Jr. to John Kerr; 100 acres on Jacksons' Creek, "whereon I now live." Dower by Margaret Moore.

Deed 1840 William Moore to Joseph Kennedy, Lot No. 44 in Town of Winnsborough. Dower Carolene Moore.

Deed 1840 Charles Moore to Obidiah Boulware and Coleman Boulware. Land on Thorntree Creek, branch of Wateree River. Dower by Mary H. Moore.

Deed 1837 James Moore to David Aiken; 122 3/4 acres on Wateree Creek, branch of Wateree River. Dower by Isabella Moore.

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