Originally published in "The Carolina Herald and Newsletter', Winter Issue 2005, pgs 16-23, by Robert S. Davis.

Fairfield County - South Carolina Genealogy Trails

In the 1930s and 1940s, employees of the Works Projects Administration interviewed thousands of former slaves and other African Americans about slavery and the white families that owned slaves. The Library of Congress has the original narratives, which have also been published in George P. Rawick, The American Slave (1972).
Given below are the names of the persons in South Carolina interviewed (usually a former slave), with respective year of birth and name of master (in some instances the former owner of the family of the person interviewed).

Victoria Adams, 1846, Samuel and Martha Black
William Ballard, 1848, Jim Aiken
Ed Barber, 1860, James Barber
Millie Barber, 1854, Weir
Anderson Bates, 1850, Dr. Fur man
Anne Bell, 1853, John Glazier Rabb
Samuel Boulware, 1854, Dr. Hunter
Anne Broome, 1850, Billie Brice
Brown, 1852, Tom Dawkins
Savilla Burrell, 1854, Tom Still
Nelson Cameron, 1856, Sam Brice
Thomas Campbell, 1855, John Kennedy
Henry Coleman, 1855, Johnson D. Coleman
Dinah Cunningham, 1853, David Robertson
Charlie Davis, 1858, Nyricks
Jessie Davis, 1852, Dr. Ira Smith
Louisa Davis, 1831, Jim Lemon
Lewis Evans, 1841, William Bell
Philip Evans, 1852, Bratton Canaan
Violent Guntharpe, 1855, Richard Gaither
Thomas Harper, 1853, John Stanley
Abe Harris, 1863, Tom Lyles
Eli Harrison, 1850, Eli Harrison
Eliza Hasta, 1852, John Sterling
Jim Henry, 1860, John Bratton
Adeline Jackson, 1849, John Mobley
Adeline H. Johnson, 1844, William Hall
Miemy Johnson, 1855, Johnnie Mobley
Ben Leitner, 1852, Robin Brice
Amie Lumpkin, 1849, John Mobley
Moses Lyles, 1856, John McMahon
Frank Magwood, 1864, Nora Rines
Andy Marion, 1844, William Brice
George McAilley, 1853, Jno. S. Douglas
Ed McCrorey, 1855, Jim McCrorey
Dr. Henry Lawren McCrory, 1863
Bill McNeil, 1855, Jim True
Cureton Milling, 1857, Levi Bolicks
Charity Moore, 1862, Brice
Mary Raines, 1838, Ed P. Mobley
Alexander Robertson, 1853, James Stewart
Tom Rosboro, 1858, John Propst
Reuben Rosborough, 1855, John Rosborough
Rosa Stark, 1854, Nick Peay
Ned Walker, 1854, David Gaillard
Daniel Waring, 1849, CoL Edward Bookter
Charley Watson, 1850, Daniel Hall
Aleck Woodward, 1854, Johnnie Simonton
Mary Woodward, 1854, Adam Berber

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