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contributed by Peggy Thompson

March 14 - The entire $50,000 obtained by bandits who held up a South Carolina national bank messenger here last Thursday was recovered today.

Where it was found was not disclosed. However, R. P. Willimon, previously under bond in the case, and an unnamed negro were brought in when officers returned with the money.

Willimon, Hugh White, a bank clerk who accompanied the messenger as a guard at the time of the holdup, and two Greenville city detectives are already under charges of embezzlement in the case. (Oregonian, March 15, 1934, page 4)


Lt. George R Mims Missing in Action

Lt. George R. Mims Jr., Navigator of a B25 Aircraft was reported missing in Action over the Philippine Islands in a War Department message received yesterday. The telegram was delivered to his wifes Parents at Greenville and the news was telephoned here where Mrs Mims was visiting her husbands parents, Mr and Mrs G. R. Mims at 220 south Dargan street.

George 1938 graduate of Florence High School has been in the Army almost three years. He went overseas November 1, 1944.

After attending Clemson College for two years , Lt. Mims volunteered for the Air Corps leaving School to enter the service. He was an instructor at the Columbia Army Air base for over a year.

The message said he had been missing since Dec 30, despite receipt yesterday of a letter from a friend of George’s which was not encouraging.

The Family hopes that he is safe. Mr and Mrs Mims have two other sons in the service (Namely) Staff Sgt. James Mims now stationed in Italy and Pvt. Louis Mims who recently left for an overseas assignment after spending a short furlough in the city.

Lt. Mims wife is the former Miss Sarah O’Shields. (Morning Florence News, Florence, South Carolina, Thursday Feb. 8, 1945, contributed by Patrick O'Shields)

Geo. R Mims Jr. Killed in Action Last Dec 30 ,1944

George R Mims Jr.,  a Lieutenant in the Air corps, was killed last Dec 30 while on a mission over Tarakan Island the war department has notified his family. He was first reported missing in action last January and no further word has been received from the government since that time.

A son of Mr. and Mrs G.  R. Mims of 220 south Dargan Street born in Florence September 18 ,1921.

After receiving his education in the city Schools,  having been graduated from the Florence high in 1938 with honors, he attended Clemson College where he also made good Scholastic grades. George, as he was known by his many friends,  volunteered his services in April 1942 after completing his extensive training as a Navigator he received his commission the early part of 1942 He was stationed at the Columbia Army Air Base for a year.

On October 1 , 1943 he married Miss Sarah O’Shields of Greenville who survives along with a son George R Mims III whom he never saw. Lt Mims left for overseas service less than a week before the child was born.

It was his first mission over Borneo that he was killed. Only a few days before he saw his first intial action in New Guinea. Lt Mims was a member of the central Methodist Church of this City, of a quiet and unassuming nature.  He was well liked and made friends easily.

George a tall well built blonde. Was a good christian young man. He was loyal to his church and lived by his conviction. Always thinking about the welfare of the other man and trying to see the brighter side of all problems. Interested in the boy scout work he was active here for many years. Having received high recognition for his service and ability. George worked for the Morning news for a number of years and many sports articles carried his by -line.

He has two brothers James who was recently discharged from the Air Force after serving for two years 12 months which was spent overseas, and Louis now stationed at Tokyo Japan.

The Telegram received from the War Department and signed by Gen. E.T. Wetsell Acting. The adjutant Gen. Reads as follows .

The Secretary of War HAS ASKED ME TO EXPRESS HIS DEEP REGRETS THAT YOUR HUSBAND LT. GEORGE R MIMS WAS KILLED IN ACTION ON TARAKAN ISLAND DEC 30 1944----He was previously reported missing in Action, I regret that officially report received established his death confirming letter follows. (Florence Morning News, December 7, 1945, contributed by Patrick O'Shields)Florence News Friday Dec 7 1945

NOTE by contributor, Patrick O'Shields:
Sarah O’Shields Mims, daughter of James Wesley and Allie Mae Riddle O'Shields of Greenville, SC.

Florence, South Carolina
Florence City

George R Mims W -Male age 49 Locomative Engineer
Wife Bessie A Mims W -Fe age 44
Son- James A Mims W-Male age 7 born in SC
Son- Lewis Mims W-Male age 4-½ years

Mildred & Sara (maid of honor) at the Wedding of  Mildred O’Shields Seaborn.


From the Greenville, SC Republican - Our correspondent in Chester district, under date of the 6th inst. says “A melancholy occurrence took place this week on the south fork of Fishing Creek.  Mr. Pagan observing that a favorite dog of his had something ailing it, confined it in a barrel to prevent accidents; but in a day or two it found means to escape and bit the whole of Mr. P’s family, consisting of seven, himself included.  Mrs. P already shows symptoms of hydrophobia.  Three of Mr. Abraham Gill’s children were also bit by the same dog before it could be secured
. (Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, September 6, 1826)


Pendleton, SC, July 13 - A negro fellow named William, the property of Mr. Cokegee, of the state of Georgia , was found guilty of the murder of Mr. Peter Garrison, late of Greenville district; and agreeable to the sentence of the Court, was burnt on the 31st instant, near Greenville , S.C. (Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, August 24, 1825)


Orange Blossoms in Texas
News has been received lately in Columbia of the marriage of Miss Jessie Chapman of Corpus Christi, Tex., who will be pleasantly remembered by the many friends she made here during a visit to her aunt, Mrs. E. M. Brayton, a year or two ago. Moreover Miss Chapman showed her appreciation of our State by choosing a South Carolinian, the happy man being Mr. E. E. Furman, son of Rev. Dr. Richard Furman, formerly of Greenville. Her Columbia friends wish the young couple all happiness.  [Tuesday, April 24, 1894, State (Columbia, SC)]


Suit for Slander
Greenville, SC, Feb 4 - Papers were filed today in a suit for $20,000 damages for slander, brought by Charles Randolph against Christian Hahn.  Both parties are well known mechanics, Hahn being also a property owner.  The cause for complaint is a charge alleged to have been made by Hahn that plaintiff stole $100 from him when he came to his house one day in May last to collect a bill. (Newberry Observer, February 14, 1889)


Negro Shot and Killed
Greenville - Jim Blassingame was shot and killed by Tom Whitmire at the Southern passenger station in the heart of the city. Both negroes were employes of the Southern. Whitemire who was a cook for a train crew made his escape after the shooting. The fight was over a disreputable white woman. The authorities are now in search of Whitmire. [Edgefield Advertiser, Edgefield, SC. Wednesday, Sept. 12, 1906]


Recapture of an escaped murderer
It will be remembered that in 1866, a negro named William Singleton outraged and murdered a Miss Crook, in Greenville, SC for which he was tried and condemned, but escaped from the Beaufort jail some time in 1869. It appears that he went to Savannah and obtained employment at the mill of Mr. Jeff. Roberts. The sheriff of Beaufort, hearing of his whereabouts, went to Savannah and arrested Singleton; but again he was fortunate, and made a second escape by drawing himself from his coat and swimming the canal, leaving the garment in the hands of the sheriff. He was not again heard of till on Wed. night last, when Mr. T. M. Taylor, engineer at Mr. Robert's mill, recognizing him, interrogated him as to what he was doing, and was informed by Singleton that he was on the hunt for work. Further inquiries elecited information as to his abiding place, when Mr. Taylor took the proper steps for his recapture by calling upon officers Morgan and Endres, at half past twelve o'clock Wed. night, and conducting them to his lodging place, accompanied with a posse to assist in overcoming any resistance that might be offered. The party surrounded the house, when the officers and Mr. Taylor entered it and commenced their search. They found scattered over the floor of the den upwards of eight or ten couples of disreputable character. The last couple reached discovered the game, and Mr. Taylor nailed his captive, who, finding himself recognized, made an effort to escape through the window, but was brought to by a timely shot from the pistol of Mr. Taylor. It was with great difficulty that the officers prevented the crowd which was assembled from rescuing the prisoner. The following day he was committed to jail, to await a requisition from Governor Scott. (Charleston Daily News, Apr 16, 1870)

Frances Brown Jones, wife of John Jones
The Greenville Mountaineer, Nov. 1845
Died at her residence in the Eastern corner of this District, on Thurs., the 27th ult., after a painful and protracted illness of more than 14 years continuance, Mrs. Frances Jones in the 65th year of her age. She was the relict of Mr. John Jones who was cruelly murdered by the slave [Peter] on the 26th day of Feb., 1844. Mrs. Jones left eleven children, all of whom were married, except one son, to lament her death. She was a kind and dutiful wife, a tender and affectionate mother, a benevolent neighbor and kind friend.

Greenville SC chapter of SC GS Journal  Vol 18  # 1 & 2
cb Lora Young

[no date]  George SALMON (Greenville Dist) to William LYNCH son of John (same); for $107 sold 50 ac on a branch of Panther Fork of Mush Cr & branches of N fork of Saluda R; border: begins at a stake on W line of lot owned by heirs of James RODDEN and joins my original line; where James CALLOWAY lives. (signed) Geo SALMON; ((witness) Polley EDWARDS & E J SALMON; wit. oath Apr. 21,1820 by E J SALMON before Philip MERONEY, JQ; Apr.3, 1821  recorded; book L p.222

Aug. 23, 1819  Thomas TERRY (Greenville Dist) to James SMITH (same) for $1,000 sold 2 tracts: (a) 200 ac on waters of Reedy Fork of Reedy R; where Thomas IRVINS lives; part of grant to Maxamilian CONNER and sold Nov. 21, 1816 by William YOUNG to me; & (b) 130 c on Reedy R at place generally  known as Fork Shoal; border: begins at Wm PEDEN’S “late” line on Reedy R, joins said SMITH’S fence, said PEDEN’S fence, new line made today “tho” said TERRY’S field, BAKER, and the river [metes & bounds may be for both tracts together], (signed) Thomas TERRY; (witness) J H HARRISON & Moses COOK; dower renounced Jan.19, 1821 by Nancy TERRY, wife of Thomas, before Hewlet SULLIVAN (signed) Nancy TERRY’S mark “X”  & Hewlet SULLIVAN, JQ; (witness) Aug. 23,1819 by Moses COOK before John H HARRISON; Dec.10, 1821 recorded; book L p.277

NOV. 20, 1819   James ROBERTSON (Greenville Dist) to Esli HUNT (same) for $1,000 sold 150 ac on waters of Saluda R; begins at a white oak joining James WEST & said HUNT, a conditional line, Thomas HOOPER & a small branch. (signed) James ROBERTSON; (witness) W E SALMON & John HAWKINS; wit.oath Nov. 20, 1819 by W E SAMMON before J W HANSELL, JP; Dec.10, 1821  recorded; book L p.56

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