THE Holland Family
South Carolina
[Four Centuries on the Pascagoula by Cyril Edward Cain, 1953 Transcribed by Therman Kellar]

The Revolutionary services of Charles Holland were for the entire war, 1776 to 1783. He was the battle of Cowpens, at the seige of Ninety-Six, and at King's mt., to name a few. Jacob and Thomas seem to have been with him in all these. One, William Holland, also had a land entry in Jackson Co., in 1811, and while his relationship to the others is not of record, he was born in S.C. in 1788 and had a son named Jacob.
 The known children of Charles Holland, R.S. are as follows:
 2. Margaret Holland, b. 11-25-1790 in S.C., to Robert Gammill, b. 1788 in S.C.; d. 3-23-1865 in Webster Co.
 3. Twelve children
 2. Absalom Holland, b. 1792; d. after 1870 in Choctaw Co., Miss.; m. 7-12-1814 in Madison Co., Ala., to Elizabeth Douglas, b. 1793, S.C.; d. after 1850 in Choctaw Co., Miss.
 2. Charles Miller Holland b. 4-7-1793; d. 4-15-1879 in Webster Co., Miss.; m. 5-16-1816 in Ala., Dicy Childress, b. 12-12-1799 in S.C.; d. 11-3-1877 in Webster Co., Miss.
 3. Ten children
 2. Jacob Holland, a clergyman, b. 7-14-1794; d. 2-15-1872 in Choctaw Co., Miss; m. 11-19-1818, Drusilla Dearman, b. 1799 in S.C.; d. 1885 in Lauderdale, Co., Miss.
 3. Elijah holland, b. 3-16-1820 in Jackson Co., Miss; d. after 1870 in Webster Co., Miss.; m. c1840 in Choctaw Co., to Sarah A. Gammill.
 3. William H. Holland, b. 12-20-1821 in Jackson Co., d. after 1872 in Choctaw Co.; m. c1844 Elizabeth _____
 3. Elizabeth Holland, b. 2-22-1824 in Jackson County
 3. Effie Holland, b. 5-19-1826 in Jackson County
 3. Andrew Jackson Holland, b. 2-13-1828 in Jackson Co.; d. 10-17-1921 in Choctaw Co., buried in Fentress cemetery; m. c1849, Cynthia Malinda ___
 3. Jacob H. Holland, Methodist Minister, b. 11-30-1829 in Jackson Co.; d. 1-18-1902 in Berkeley, Cal.; m. ______
 3. Eleanor Holland, b. 12-16-1831 in Pickens Co., AL
 3. Charles Harris Holland, b. 11-30-1833 in Pickens Co.; m. Katherine Frances Tull
 3. Sarah Ann Holland, b. 11-14-1836 in Choctaw Co., Miss.
 3. Thomas J. Holland, b. 11-25-1838 in Choctaw Co.; served in C.S.A.
 3. James D. Holland, b. 2-7-1841 in Choctaw County
 3. Elias Herron Holland, b. 7-15-1843 in Choctaw Co.
 3. Martha Malvina Holland, b. 4-11-1845 in Choctaw Co.; m. 10-26-1865, Wm. Baylys Tull
 3. Henry D. Holland, b. 11-30-1848 in Choctaw Co.
 2. Sarah Holland, b. 1804; d. 1867 in Choctaw Co.; m. c1820, Ignatious Dudley, b. 1799 in Madison Co., Ga.; d. 1864 in Choctaw County
 3. Ten children
 2. Reuben A. Holland, b. between 1800 and 1810; m. 8-20-1831 in Tuscaloosa Co., to Mary Dearman. In 1840 he was living in Choctaw Co., but no further record.
Notes on Jacob and Thomas Holland
 Jacob and Thomas Holland also settled in Alabama after the Revolutionary War. jacob holland married Sarah Miller, was in Madison Co., Ala; Green Co., in 1826; Pickens Co., 1830; died in green Co., Ala. 10-1-1852. A land claim for one Jacob Holland dated 1812 in Jackson County, Miss., was not lived on.
 Thomas Holland married Jane Adair and moved from Ninety-Six District to Wilkes Co., Ga.; back to Pendelton District, S.C.; back to Alabama and is reported to have died Limestone Co., Ala., shortly after 1840.

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