Kershaw County, South Carolina



Married  on the 19th inst., by Rev. S. P. Murshinson, Mr. Dove Segars to Miss C. A. Pitts of Kershaw. (Camden Weekly Journal, Jan. 24, 1860)

Camden , Aug. 22. Mr. and Mrs. T. McKee announce the engagement of their sister, Miss Margaret S. Graham, to Newton C. Boykin of Camden , the marriage to be in early autumn. Miss Graham is not a stranger here where she has often visited as the guest of Mrs. Kerr. Lovely in person and pleasing in manner she has many friends and admirers and will be cordially received in social circles to which she will be quite an addition. Mr. Boykin is a member of one of Camden s oldest and most prominent families, and is among the most progressive young business men. [State 23 Aug. 1915 ; transcribed by Marla Zwakman]

Marriages Notices Abstracted from Newspapers Published in Camden, South Carolina 1822-1842
complied by Janie Revill, Columbia, S C (1936)
Abstracts from the Southern Chronicle and Gazette; transcribed by Mary Gilliam.

ABBOT, Rebecca W. -m. Rev. Henry D. Green.
BARNES, Miss Martha -m. John Pitts.
BARLOW, Samuel H., a merchant of St. Armand, N. Y. -m Miss  Rebecca J. Eccles, daughter of Capt. James Eccles of Canada  Sun. 7th ult., by Rev. Reid. At St. Armand, N. Y.
 (Issue of Dec. 1, 1824)
BELT, Mary -m. Addison Everage.
BLAIR, John J., merchant -m. Miss Martha C. Ray; both of this  Town; Tues. eve. Last; by Rev. Davis. (Issue of Nov. 6,  1822.)
BLANDING, Dr. S. -m. Miss Mary A. Bullard of Mass., 2nd. Inst.  By Rev. Cook. (Issue of Oct. 15, 1823)
BULLARD, Mary A. -m. Dr. S Blanding.
CANTEY, Col. James W., of Camden -m. Miss Camilla Florida  Richardson, daughter of Capt. John P. Richardson of Clarendon;  Tues. 26th. Ult., at Clarendon, by Rev. Chandler. (Issue of April 4, 1 1822)
CARPENTER,  Lydia -m. Archibald Smith.
COLEY, W. D. - m Miss Rebecca King, in Pendleton Dist. 17th.  Ult., by John T. Lewis. Esq. (Issue of Sept. 3, 1823)
COLEMAN, James. "of this town" -m. Elisa Louisa Simpson  Late of Charleston, 10th. ult. (Issue Sept. 1, 1824)
COTTON, Mary Catherine -m. Maj. Wm. Laurens Poole.
CUNNINGHAM, Jane B. -m.  Y. L. Robinson.
DWIGHT, Isaac Mason -m. Martha M., daughter of Col. Thomas  Porcher; all of St. Johns, Berrkley; Thurs. 22nd. Ult., by  Rev. Campbell. (Issue May 12, 1824)
ECCLES, Rebecca J. -m. Samuel H. Barlow.
EVERAGE, Addison, of Darlington -m. Miss Mary elt of Sumter;  Monday evening; last; by Wm. B. Hart, Esq. (Issue of  Dec. 8, 1824)
FRASER, John, of Sumter Dist. -m. Mrs. Margaret W. Pope  Of Kershaw Dist. , by Rev. Rosamond, on beaver Creek;  Tues. last. (Issue of Dec. 24, 1823)
GERALD, Honoria -m. Isaac A. Richbourg.
GRANT, Mary -m. Dr. Joseph S. Inglesby.
GREEN, Rev. Henry D. -m. Miss Rebecca W. Abbott of this place.  Thurs. last, by Rev. Mabre. He was of Sumter Dist.  (Issue of Nov. 26, 1823)
HODGES, Mary -m. William E. Johnson.
HICKS, ______m. James Rutledge.
HONIE, Elizabeth -m. W. K. Ingraham.
HUGER, Emily Ann -m. John Harleston Read.
INGRAM, W. K. -m. Miss Elizabeth Honie, both of this place;  Thurs. last, by Rev. Glenn. (Issue of June 9, 1824)
INGLESBY, Dr. Joseph S., of Charleston -m. Miss Mary Grant,  Daughter of the late Wm. Grant, Esq., at Georgetown;  13th. by Rev. Hartwell of Sumter Dist. (Issue of June 9, 1824)
JOHNSON, William E., merchant -m. Mrs. Hodges; both of  This town; at Beaver Creek; Thurs. last, by Rev. Tucker.  (Issue of May 5, 1824)
JUGNOT, Charles, a merchant of this place -m. Miss Marie  Antionette, daughter of the late Peter Anthony Poincignon,  Deceased; 13th. inst. (Issue of Mar. 24, 1824)
KENNEDY, Capt. J., of this place -m. Miss Charlotte Rochelle  Of Fairfield Dist., Thurs. last, by Rev. R. Tucker.  (ISSUE OF FEB. 11, 1824)
KERSHAW, Sarah -m. Benjamine Perkins.
KING, Rebecca -m. W. D. Coley.
LAWRENCE, Alexander, J. -m. Miss Maria Snow, in February  County, N. C. 7th. ult., one of the editors of the Raleigh Star.  (Issue of Sept. 3, 1823)
MACFEAT, William -m. Mrs. E. P. Sayres; Wed. 10th. inst., by  Rev. Nicholas Tally. (Issue April 18, 1822)
MATHIS, I. G. -m. Miss Mary McKenzie; 31st. ult., by Rev.  Thompson Glenn. All of Sumter Dist. (Issue Aug. 20, 1823)
MURRAY, James S., of Camden, S. C. -m. Miss Aurelia P.  Pearse, daughter of Robert Pearse of Providence, R. I.  In Philadelphia; 22nd. Inst. (Issue of April 4, 1822)
McWILLIE, Tirza -m. Col. Thomas T. Williamson.
PAYNE, Dicey - m. Thomas George.
PEARSEE, Aurelia - m. James S. Murray.
PECK, Deborah -m. Eliphalet Peck.
PECK, Eliphalet -m. Miss Deborah Peck, in Greenwich, Conn.,  By Rev. David Peck. (Issue April 7, 1824) This notice  Carries a bit of verse about the three pecks and a bushel.
PITTS, John, a merchant -m. Miss Martha Barnes; 12th inst.  By rev. Parsons; all of Sumter Dist. (Issue of Dec. 18, 1822)
POINCIGNON, Marie Antionette -m. Charles Jugnot.
POOLE, Major William Laurens -m. Miss Mary Catherine Cotton,  Youngest daughter of the late James Wright Cotton; Tues.  11th. inst., all of Cheraw: by Rev. Copeland of Marlborough;  In Cheraw. (Issue of May 19, 1824)
POPE, Mrs. Margaret W. -m John Fraser.
PORCHER, Martha M. -m. Isaac Mason Dwight.
RAY, Martha C. -m. John J. Blair.
READ, John Harleston -m. Miss Emily Ann Huger, daughter of the  Late Col. Francis Huger; Wed. 17th. inst., at Prospect Hill  The residence of Benj. Huger, Esq., by Rev. Gibbes.
 (Issue of May 2, 1822)
RICHARDSON, Mrs. Anne -m. George F. Norton.
RICHARDSON, Camilla Floride -m. Col. James W. Cantey.
RICHBOURG, Isaac A. -m. Miss Honoria Gerald, both of Sumter  Dist., Sun. eve. Last; by Rev. Henry D. Green. (Issue  Of Dec. 10, 1822)
ROBINSON, Y. L., OF Columbia -m. Miss Jane B. Cunningham  Thurs. 20th May, at Cedar Creek, by Rev. John Boyle.  (Issue of June 9, 1824)
ROCHELE, Charolette -m. Capt. J. Kennedy.
RUTHLEDGE, James -m. Miss Hicks, daughter of James Hicks of  Virginia, and lived on the Salcatches, South Carolina. Husband  Unknown to advertiser-advertisement by Hicks R. Shropshire  Eldest son of John and Dolly Shropshire, in re-estate  Left them. (Issue of June 2, 1824)
Mrs. E. P-m. William Macfest.
SHANNON, Mary -m. John D. Winn.
SIMPSON, Louisa -m. James Coleman
SMITH, Archibald -m. Miss Lydia Carpenter; 20th. inst., Tues. by Rev. Tucker.  (Issue of May 28, 1823)
SNOW, Martha -m. Alexander J. Lawrence.
THOMAS, George -m. Miss Dicey Payne, Sunday last "in this town." By Wm. B. Hart,  Esq. (Issue Aug. 20, 1823)
WILLIAMSON, Col. Thomas T., of Fairfield Dist. -m. Miss Tirza McWillie of Kershaw;  Thurs. 17th inst., by Rev. Boyle. (Issue of June 30, 1824)
WINN, John D. -m. Miss Mary Shannon last eve., by Rev. Tucker; all of this town.  (Issue of Dec. 15, 1824)

Marriages Notices Abstracted from Newspapers Published in Camden, South Carolina 1822-1842
complied by Janie Revill, Columbia, S C (1936)
Abstracts from the Southern Chronicle and Gazette; transcribed by Mary Gilliam.

ADAMS, John, Clerk of Court for Lancaster Dist. -m. Miss Delila M'Niel, formerly  Of York Dist., at Lancasterville; 26th. Ult. By Rev. Robinson. (Issue of June  4, 1831)
ADAMSON, William, of Camden, S. C. -m. Miss Frances A. Carmichael, in Morris-Town, N. J., on 23rd, ult., by Rev. Mr. Holmes. She was daughter of the late  David Carmicheal of Morristown. (Issue June 4, 1836)
ADCHISON, Elisha, of Georgia -m. Miss Margaret Rogers of this Dist.,  Last, by Rev. Thomas Berry. (Issue of June 4, 1836)
ADDISON, George W., formerly of this town -m. Miss Artemize Richard of Oplousa  La. 10th. Ult. (Issue Nov. 9, 1833)
ADDISON, George W., formerly of this town - m. Miss Martha Bell, 16th. Ult., at  Opelousas, La. (Issue of July 14, 1832)
ADKINS, James C., formerly of this place -m. Miss Matlida M. Russell of  Lancaster. Tues. 24t., ult., by Rev. Copeland. (Issue of June 4, 1831).
ALEXANDER, Henry D. W. -m. Miss Mary W. Alexander, in Mecklenberg County,  N.C., Tues. 17th. Inst., by Rev. R. Morrison. (Issue of Oct. 27, 1832)
ALEXANDER, Mary W. -m. Henry D. W. Alexander.
ALLEN, Elizabeth C. -m. Eugene Colzey.
ALLEN, Frances, of this town -m. Miss Mary Brown, in Sumter Dist., Thurs. 29th  Ult., by Rev. Young. (Issue of Jan 7, 1852)
ALLEN, Maria -m. Col. Michael Reinhardt.
AIKEN, Capt. James, "of this town" -m. Miss Mary Dixon, eldest daughter of John  Dixon of Charleston, in Charleston, Tues. eve. 1st. inst., by Rev. Hanckle.  (Issue of Jan.12, 1828)
ANCRUM, William, of Camden -m. Miss Julia Arthur of Columbia; Wed. eve. Last,  By Rev. Benj. Tradewell. (Issue of March 31, 1827 - from the Columbia State Gazette of the 24th. Inst.)
ANDERSON, Margaret L. -m. Samuel D. Carter.
ANDERSON, William -m. Miss B. Douglas, eldest daughter of James K.  Douglas, at Morristown, N. J., on 24th. Ult., (Issue of Aug. 23, 1828)
ANDRE, John S., of a merchant this town e-m. Miss Keziah Stuart, daughter  Of Mr. Allen Stuart; Thurs. last, by Rev. Tucker. (Issue of Feb. 26, 1831)
APPLEWHITE, William -m. Miss Francis Sophia Clarkson; Tues. eve. Last; 19TH  Inst., by Rev. Davis; all of this town. (Issue of April 30, 1831)
ARTHUR, Julia -m. William Ancrum.
ASHCRAFT, John -m. Miss Martha Hasty, daughter of Stephen Hasty, Esq.  7th ult., in Anson County, N. C. (Issue April 14, 1832)
BAIN, Wm. T., of Pittsborough -m. Miss Margaret Ann Hill, daughter of Green  Hill, in Raleigh, N. C. (Issue of Sept. 21, 1833)
BARKELY, Maria L. -m. John Rosser.
BARNES, George W., of Sumter Dist. -m. Miss Emeline Susannah Clarkson  Of this place, in this town; Thur. eve. Last; by Rev. Whiteford Smith.  (Issue of Oct. 21, 1827)
BATHUNE, R. -m Miss Nancy McLoud; 30th ult., by Rev. T. Berry; both of  Sumter. (Issue of June 3, 1826)
BECKHAM, George D., merchant -m. Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Mrs. Dicey  Gaston, at Lancasterville, S. C., Thurs. eve. 26th. Inst., all of that place.  (Issue of Mar. 29, 1828)
BELL, Martha -m. George W. Anderson.
BELL, Vincent, of Autauga Co., Ala., -m. Mrs. Nancy Harrison, relict of the late  Reubin Harrison 7th. Inst., Thorntree Creek, Fairfield Dist., by J. Hickle,  Esq. (Issue of July 23, 1836)
BERRY, James B. -m. Miss Elizabeth Childers; both of this place; Sunday eve.  Last; by Rev. Misseldine. (Issue of Mar. 17, 1827)AM
BLACKWELL, Mary -m. William Sowell.
BLUDSWORTH, Julia Wiley -m. Charles Bullard.
BONNEY, Eli Whitney -m. Miss Rebecca Agnes Lee, daughter of the late Francis  S. Lee, Esq., of this town; Tues. eve. Last, in this town; by Rev. Witherspoon.  (Issue of July 30, 1836)
BONCHELLE, Laura E. D. -m. Harris Smith Evans.
BOUCHINOT, Elisa, of the Cherokee Nations of Indians -m. Miss Harriet B.  Gold, daughter of Deacon Benj. R. Gold, in court. (Issue May 6, 1826)
BOWERS, Jemima -m. Henry Schrock.
BOYKINS, Amanda -m. Maj. B. K. Pierce - see death notice of Mrs. Amanda  Pierce, issue of Feb. 5, 1831.
BOYKINS, Charlotte Lang -m. James Taylor.
BOYKINS, Capt. Burwell -m. Miss Sarah W. Lang, daughter of Thomas Lang, Esq.  9th inst., in this town (Camden); by Rev. John Witherspoon. (Issue April 18, 1833 or 35)
BRACE, Henry -m. Mrs. Jane Rhodes; Thurs. last; by Rev. Mr. Phillips; both of  This place. (Issue May 16, 1835)
BREVARD, Mary M. -m. Richard T. Brumby.
BREWER, Calais -m. Miss Susan, daughter of Lewis Miles DesChamp, grand- Daughter of Rev. Wm. Wayne of Georgetown; on Thurs. eve. 7th  Inst., by Rev. Thos. Berry. (Issue of May 16, 1835)
BROOK, Minerva Eliza -m. Charles H. N. Wheeler.
BROWN, Polly -m. George Tarr.
BROWN, Richard -m. Miss Sarah, daughter of Capt. Ben McCoy; in this Dist.,  Wed. 8th. Inst., by Rev. Thos. Berry. (Issue of April 18, 1835)
BROWN, Sarah Ann -m. John W. F. McKagen.
BRONSON, Francis S., a printer -m. Miss Mary Tillery; both of Columbia  Tues. 30th. July; by Rev. English. (Issue of Aug. 10, 1835)
BRUMBY, Richard T. "of Sumterville" -m. Miss Mary M. Brevard of Lincolnton  County, N. C. on 22nd. April 1828; by Rev. Henry N. Pharr. (Issue May 17, 1828)
BULLARD, Charles -m. Miss Julia Wiley, daughter of Col. A. Bludsworth on  Mon. 30th. March, at Natchitoches, La. "Oh Fortunati Ambo"  (Issue May 16, 1829)
BUSH, Daniel Pomeroy, M. D. -m. Mrs. Mary Douglas, daughter of the late  Benj. Perry, Esq., at Liberty Hill, Kershaw Dist., by Elijah Sill, Esq. 29th.  April. (Issue of May 9, 1835)
BUZZARD, Louisa -m. Robert Riley.
BYNUM, Sarah -m. William Shiver.
CAMPBELL, Hon. John of Marlborough, Representative to Congress from  That Dist. -m. Mrs. Jane Thomas, daughter of the late Alex. McQueen  Esq., at Cheraw on 27th. Ult., by Rev. Powers. (Issue of June 18, 1829)
CAMPBELL, Capt. Peter -m. Miss Maria Pettus of York Dist. On Tues. 21st.  Inst., Capt. Campbell a resident of Harrisburg. (Issue of Sept. 30, 1831)
CANTEY, Sarah -m. P. A. Stockton - see death notice of Mrs. Sarah Cantey  Stockton.
CAPERS, Rev. Samuel W., pastor of the Methodist Church of this place -m.  Miss Abthiah or Alethiah Harvey Thornton, eldest daughter of Phinehas  Thorton of this town. (Issue of Jan. 15, 1831)
CARMICHAEL, Frances A. -m. William Adamson.
CARNES, James A., of Lancasterville -m. Miss Mary DuRant of Sumter Dist.,  1st. inst.,  inst., by Rev. J. H. Thornwell. (Issue of Nov. 5, 1836)
CARPENTER, D., of Camden -m. Miss Carolina Frances Holmes of New York  21st. inst., in Richmond, Va., by Rev. Courtney. (Issue of Oct. 28, 1826)
CARPENTER, Lydia -m. Archibald Smith - see death notice of Mrs. Lydia Smith.
CARTER, Hon. John, a representative in Congress from this Dist. -m. at  Washington City, on the 12th. Inst., to Miss Ellen Marbury, daughter Of Capt. Wm. Marbury of Georgetown, D. C. by Rev. Campbell.  (Issue of Feb. 21, 1829)
CARTER, Matilda Lee -m. Thomas Moore Willing.
CARTER, Samuel D. -m. Miss Margaret L. Anderson, daughter of the late John Anderson, Esq., near Sumterville on 5th. Inst., by Rev. Harrington  (Issue Aug. 10, 1833)
CATONNET, Josephine L. -m. Alexander Wade.
CHAMPION, Eliza H. -m.  M. DeSaussure.
CHESTNUT, Harriett S. -m. William J. Grant.
CHESTNUT, Col. John -m. Miss C. E. Whitaker; all of this place; Wed. 10th.  Inst., by Rev. Joyce. (Issue May 13, 1826)
CHILDERS, Darling J. -m. Miss Martha Thompson of the State of Georgia, at  Hopeville, This Dist., 6th by  Rev. E. L. Fraser. (Issue Sept. 10, 1836)
CHILDERS, Elizabeth -m. James B. Berry.
CLARK, Catherine E. -m. Dr. Joseph Lee.
CLARK, Dr. John T., of Camden -m. Miss Jane C. Dyson, daughter of Aquilla  Dyson; 28th, ult. In York Dist., by Rev. B. Walker. (Issue of Dec. 8, 1832)
CLARK, Sarah C. D. -m. John C. Vaughn.
CLARKSON, Esther Ann -m. Ebenezer P. Niles.
CLARKSON, Emeline Susannah -m. George W. Barnes.
CLANTON, Emily -m. John Hunt.
CLARKSON, Frances Sophia -m. William Applewhite.
CLARKSON, Eliza Jane -m. Wm. J. Gerald.
CLAPP, Mary L. -m. Nathaniel P. Lovering.
CLIFTON, Dr. Algernon S., of Columbia -m. Miss Caledonia C. McCall, of this  Place; 20th. Inst., by Rev. Davis. (Issue of May 24, 1828)
Cloud, Nancy -m. R. Bethune.
COOK, Benjamin, of this town -m. Miss Sarah Stratford, eldest daughter of  Geo. Stratford, Esq., 15th. Inst., by Rev. Capers. (Issue April 24, 1830)
COOK, Francis, "of this place" -m. Miss Margaret M. Ellison, eldest  Daughter of John Ellison of Fairfield; Wed. 25th. June; by Rev. Adams.  (Issue of July 4, 1828)
COOK, W. W. -m. Miss Ann Eliza Benbow, Thurs. 7th. Inst., in Sumter  Dist., by Rev. Joseph B. Cook. (Issue Dec. 23, 1826)
COLZY, Eugene -m. Miss Elizabeth C. Allen, daughter of Francis Allen, Tues.  Eve. Last by Rev. R. Tucker. (Issue of Mar. 1, 1828)
CRAIG, Miss S. E. -m. Dr. Alexander, Williams.
CRANE, Ichabod -m. Miss Susannah Hook, in Newstrad, N. Y., by Rev. Crook;  "By Hook or Crook, this loving pair, are bound in wedlock chains, what  Is a hook without a crook, or hook without a crane." (Issue Feb. 18, 1826)
CRIMM, Eliza S. -m. John J. Little.
CROSBY, Joseph J. -m. Miss Eliza Perry Wed. 18th. Ult., in Sumterville; by Rev. Thomas D. Glenn; all of Sumter Dist. (Issue Nov. 4, 1826)
CURETON, Miss Ann D., daughter of Edward Cureton, Esq., formerly of  This town -m. Thomas C. March of Tuscaloosa, Ala. 29th. Ult.,  By Rev. W. Murrah. (Issue Oct. 17, 1835)
CURETON, Mary -m. Rev. William Murrah.
CURETON, James B. -m. Miss Mary M. Cunningham, daughter of Joseph  Cunningham of Beaver Creek; 12th. inst., by Rev. Campbell. (Issue Of Feb. 28, 1829)
CURETON- see Doby for connection.
CULLY, John W. -m. Miss Polly Quattlerbom; Thurs. 25th. Ult. By John Knox,  Esq., all of Lexington Dist. (Issue of Aug. 10, 1833)
CUNNINGHAM, Mary M. -m. James B. Cureton.
DAVIS, John M. -m. Miss Ann Eliza Grant; Thurs. 6th. Inst., near Society Hill,  By Rev. Dossey. (Issue Oct. 15, 1831)
DEAS, Miss E. Allen -m. John M. Huger.
DEAS, Lynch Horry, M. D.  -m. Ellen, daughter of James K. Douglas 14th.  Inst., by Rev. John Witherspoon. (Issue of Jan. 17, 1835)
DEAS, Sally -m. Dr. Josiah C. Hott.
DesCHAMPS, Susan -m. Calais Brewer.
DeSAUSSURE, Elizabeth F. -m. James G. Holmes - see death of Mrs. Elizabeth  F. Holmes.
DeSAUSSURE, John M. -m. Miss Eliza H. Champion, daughter of the late Richard L. Champion; Thurs. eve., by Rev. Edward Phillips. (Issue of Dec. 1, 1832)
DePASS, Jacob -m. Miss Eliza Jones "both of this place" on Thurs. 19th.  By Rev. Tucker. (Issue of Feb. 21, 1829)
DISMUSHES, Mary Jane-m. E Pickett.
DIXON, Mary -m. Capt. James Aiken.
DOBY, Elizabeth -m. James Dunlap.
DOBY, James -m. Miss Sarah Ann English, daughter of the late James  English; Thurs. eve. Last; by Rev. Davis. (Issue of April 5, 1828)
DOGGETT, Mary A. -m. William S. Hughson.
DONAVAN, Mr. Isaac -m. Miss Rebecca J. Mickle, daughter of the late Robert  Mickle, Esq., both of Kershaw Dist. 17th. Ult., by Rev. Witherspoon.  (Issue Mar. 7, 1836)
DONALDSON, John -m. At Cheraw 12th. Inst., in 25th. Year.  (Sept. 24, 1831)
DONELSON, Sarah Jane -m. James R. M'Kain.
DOUGLAS, Ellen -m. Dr. Lynch Horry Deas.
DOUGLAS, Mrs. Mary -m.  Dr. Daniel Pomeroy Bush
DOUGLAS, Sarah B. -m. William Anderson.
DuBOSE, Sarah C. -m. Dr. Sterling M. Wheaton.
DUNCAN, George -m. Miss Margaret Miller; Tues. 7th, inst., at George  M'Kinney's; by Rev. Campbell; all of this Dist. (Issue of Aug. 25, 1832)
DUNLAP, George H., merchant of this town -m. Miss Louisa Long of  Charleston; 7th. Inst., in Charleston. (Issue of Dec. 25, 1830)
DuRANT, Mary -m. James A. Carnes.
DUNLAP, James -m. Miss Elizabeth A. Doby, daughter of the late John Doby  Esq., all of this town; Tues. 22nd. Inst., by Rev. S. W. Capers. (Issue  Feb. 26, 1831)
DUREN, Jane -m. Dr. E. Mayhew.
DYSON, Jane C. -m. Dr. John T. Clark.
EDWARDS, Thomas H. -m. Miss Margaret Marshall, at Society Hill, on Thurs. 18th.  Inst., Rev. Marshall. (Issue of June 27, 1829)
ELLERSE, Dr. William C. -m. Miss Ephatha M. Sanders of Sumter Dist., Tues. 20th Inst., by Rev. J. B. Cook. (Issue of July 1, 1826)
ELLISON, Margaret M. -m. Francis Cook.
ELMORE, Col. F. H., of Walterborough -m. Miss Harriet C. Taylor of Columbia, in  Columbia, Thurs. 10th. Inst. By Prof. Henry. (Issue May 26, 1827)
ENGLISH, Sarah Ann -m. James Doby.
EVANS, Harris Smith, of Wilcox, Ala. -m. Miss Laura E. D. Bouchelle, late of  South Carolina; 21st. April, in Athens, Ga., by President Church.  (Issue Ma 8, 1830)
FALCONER, Martha -m. Dr. Hugh W. Henry.
FENET, Joseph, a merchant, formerly of this place -m. Miss Rachel Herron  All of Darlington; Thurs. 15th. Inst., at Mount Elon; by Rev. Taylor. (Issue of Apr. 24, 1830)
FETNER, James -m. Miss Rebecca Thompson, Wed. last; both of this town. (Issue of Mar. 9, 1833)
FIELDS, Epsey - m. James M'Kenzie.
FOGG, Susan -m. Moses Hobson.
FRIDAY, Sarah -m. Sampson O'Neal
GASTON, Elizabeth -m. George Beckham.
GERALD, Wm. J., merchant -m. Miss Eliza Jane Clarkson, daughter of Wm. Clarkson, deceased of Charleston; in this town; Thurs. eve. 29th. Ult., by Rev. Murrah. (Issue Dec. 7, 1833)
GLENN, Rev. Joshua N., of Athens, Ga. -m. Miss Sarah G. Wingfield of  Washington, by Rev. L. J. C. DeAmason; 5th. Aug., in George. (Issue Of Sept. 6, 1828)
GOLD, Harriet B. -m. Elisa Bouchinot.
GRANT, Ann Eliza -m. John M. Davis.
GRANT, William J. -m. Miss Harriet S. Chestnut, daughter of Col. James Chestnut; Wed. last, by Rev. Witherspoon. (Issue May 4,1833)
HAILE, Mary W. -m. William Kennedy.
HAMILTON, Jane -m. James C. Pate.
HARDY, Harriet -m. Richard Wilder.
HARRIS, Britton -m. Miss Pherobe Mixon, daughter of John Mixon; Thurs.   15th. Ult., by Rev. James Hudson; both of Darlington Dist. (Issue   July 1, 1821)
HARRISON, Mrs. Nancy -m. Vincent Bell.
HARRISON, Elizabeth -m. John G. Rives.
HASTY, Martha -m. John Ashcraft.
HATCH, Lucy C. -m. Rev. R. W. Bailey. - (See death notice of Lucy C. Bailey)
HATFIELD, Henry P. -m. Miss Margaret A. Reid; Thurs. 31st. ult., by Rev. Edward Phillips (Issue Feb. 9, 1833)
HEALTON, Abigail -m. Joel Love.
HENRY, Dr. Hugh W., of Montgomery, Ala. -m. Miss Martha Falconer Of Montgomery, Ala., a niece of J. Falconer, Postmaster, 6th. Inst., by Rev. Conpere; all formerly of Sumter Dist. (Issue Of Feb. 23, 1828)
HERRON, Rachel -m. Joseph Fenet.
HILL, Margaret Ann -m. Wm. T. Bain.
HOBSON, Moses -m. Miss Susan Fogg, in Salem, Mass. "Hobson's choice."  (Issue Nov. 7, 1829)
HOLLEYMAN, Margaret -m. David Kennedy.
HOLLINGSWORTH, Elizabeth Jane -m. James M. Norment.
HOLMES, Caroline Frances -m. D. Carpenter.
HOOK, Susannah -m. Ichabod Crane.
HUGER, John M. -m. Miss E. Allen Deas, daughter of Col. James S. Deas; Thurs.   12th Inst., by Rev. Phillips. (Issue of April 21, 1832)
HUGHSON, William S. "of this place -m. Miss Mary A. Doggett, daughter of the  Late Henry Doggett of Charleston, S. C., Thurs. 15th. Inst., Columbia, S. C.  By Rev. Dr. Goulding. (Issue of Mar. 24, 1832)
HUNT, John -m. Miss Emily   Clanton, eldest daughter of Nathaniel Clanton;  16th. Inst., at Liberty Hill; both of that place; by Rev. John Boyer.  (Issue Jan. 20, 1827)
INGRAHAM, John A. -m. Miss Margaret Stogner, eldest daughter of John  Stogner, Esq., in Lancaster Dist., 29th. March; by Rev. S. S. Burdett.   (Issue of April 18, 1835)
IRVIN, Dempsey -m. Miss Rebecca Lowery; both of Sawney's Creek, Kershaw  Dist.; 5th. Inst., by "Rev. J___M___"(?) (Issue of Oct. 14, 1826)
JACKSON, Rebecca -m. M. M. Noah.
JENKINS, Harriet B. -m. Allen Moorah.
JENKINS, Sarah Y. -m. Wm. C. Workman.
JONES, Eliza -m. Jacob DePass.
JONES, Izabella, -m. Jesse Thornhill.
JONES, Jemima -m. Dr. Briggs - see death notice of Mrs. Jemima Briggs.
JONES, Nathaniel, age 91 years -m. Miss Rebecca Wheat, age 19 years, at Red Oak Camp, Kershaw Dist. "Frost Bitten Wheat." (Issue Sept. 27, 1828)
JUMELLE, Caroline L. -m. Capt. John C. M'Ra.
KENNEDY, David, of this town -m. Miss Margaret Holleyman daughter of  Herman Holleyman of upper Salem, in upper Salem, Thurs. last; by  Rev. Murro (Issue of Sept. 7, 1833)
KENNEDY, William, merchant -m. Miss Mary W. Haile, daughter of  Capt. Benj. Haile; all of this place; Thurs. last; by Rev. Davis  (Issue of May 7, 1831)
KERSHAW, Mary R. -m. Robert A. Young.
KIRBY, Thomas, of Chesterfield Dist. -m. Miss Isabella Mercheson of this  Dist., by Rev. Wm.  Hudson. (Issue of Oct. 30, 1830)
LAIRD, Nancy -m. D. M'Caskill.
LANG, Sara W. -m. Capt. Burwell Boykin.
LANGLY, Dr. Samuel, of Camden -m. Miss Martha P. Prioleau of Charleston  In Jefferson County, Fla., 4th. Ult., by Rev. Bragg. (Issue Nov. 24, 1832)
LEE, Dr. Joseph -m. Miss Catherine E. Clark, Wed. even last; by Rev. Hoskins;  All of this place. (Issue of June 10, 1826)
LEE, Rebecca Agnes -m. Eli Whitney Boney.
LITTLE, Margaret A. -m. Henry H. Little.
LITTLE, Henry H. of New York -m. Miss Margaret A. Little, daughter of  Wm. Little, Esq. (Issue of Oct. 24, 1829)
LITTLE, John J. -m. Miss Eliza S. Crimm; Sun. eve. 22nd. Inst. By Joseph  Mickle, Esq., both of Sawneys Creek, Kershaw Dist. (Issue of Nov.  28, 1835)
LONG, Louisa -m. George H. Dunlap.
LOVE, Joel -m. Miss Abigail Healton, both of Lancaster Dist. 23rd  April, by Rev. Joseph Copeland. (Issue May 10, 1828)
LOVE, Sarah -m. Thomas W. Love.
LOVE, Thomas W. Love -m Mrs. Sarah Love; both of this Dist., Wed.  Last in Camden, by Rev. Copeland. (Issue May 17, 1828)
LOVERING, Nathaniel P. -m. Mary L. Clapp, daughter of Wm. W.  Clapp, at Boston. (Issue of Oct 24, 1829)
LOWRY, Caroline -m. William Sloan.
LOWRY, Miss Larance -m. Capt. John William.
LOWREY, Rebecca -m. Dempsey Irvine.
MAGRAW, Nathan of this place -m. Miss Tabitha Welden of  Sumter at Sumter, Thurs. eve. Last. (Issue Nov. 12, 1831)
MALLOY, Duncan, merchant of Cheraw, S.C. -m. Miss Mary Ann  Malloy, daughter of the late Charles Malloy of Richmond  County, N.C., 15th. Inst., by Rev. M'Queen. (Issue of March  24, 1832)
MALLOY, Mary Ann -m. Duncan Malloy.
MANDELL, Daniel, of Washington City -m. Miss Angelina C. Matthew  Of this town; Tues. 17th. Inst., by Rev. Davies. (Issue of June 4,  1831)
MARBURY, Ellen -m. Hon. John Carter.
MARSHALL, Alexius Gaither -m. Miss Rebecca Ann Warren, daughter Of the late Thomas Warren; all of this place; 7th. Inst., by Rev. James Stacy. (Issue July 23, 1836)
MARSHALL, Margaret -m. Thomas H. Edwards.
MARTIN, Robert "of Charleston" -m. Miss Serena M. Daniel, daughter  Of Mr. Wm. Daniel of Camden; by Rev. Mr. Davis. (Issue  Sept. 27, 1828)
MATHIEW, Angelius C. -m. Daniel Mandell.
MAY, Ann -m. Joseph J. Rowe.
MAYHEW, Dr. E. -m. Miss Jane Duren, 3rd. inst., all of Beaver Creek. (Issue May 7, 1831)
MENARD, Annette J. -m. Robert Z. Zewill.
MERCHESON, Isabella -m. Thomas Kirbly.
MICKLE, Rebecca J. -m. Issac  Donavan.
MILLER, Margaret -m. George Duncan.
MITTAG, John F. G., Attorney at Law -m. Miss Ann M'Kenna, only daughter  Of Hon. Wm. M'Kenna, Dec. 22nd. 1828; all of Lancasterville, S. C.  By Rev. Campbell. (Issue of Jan. 3, 1829)
MIXON, Pherobe -m. Brittain Harries.,
MOORAH, Allen, of Orangeburg, S.C. -m. Miss Harriett B. Jenkins  Of Sumter, Thurs. 18th. Inst., by Rev. H. D. Green. (Issue  June 27, 1835)
MORRIS, Wibe -m. Miss Charity Short, near Sneedsboro, by P.W.  Kittrell, Esq. (Issue Sept. 14, 1833)
M'INTOSH, George Q., of this place -m. Miss Jane A. Wilson, of  Salem, Sumter Dist., 14th. Inst., by Rev. Herrington.  (Issue of Mar. 23, 1833)
M'KAGEN, John W. P. -m. Miss Sarah Ann Catherine Brown, daughter  Of the late Samuel Brown, Sun. eve. Last; by Rev. Samuel W.  Capers. (Issue April 9, 1831)
M'KAIN, James R. -m. Miss Sarah Jane Donelson; Tues. 24th. Inst., By Rev. B. English, in Columbia. (Issue Sept. 28, 1833)
M'KENNA, Ann -m. John F. G. Mittug.
M'KENZIE, James, Sr., of Sumter Dist. -m. Miss Epsey Fields  (Issue of Jan. 10, 1829)
McMillan, Thomas, a merchant -m. Miss Louisa R. Ray; Thurs. eve. Last;  By Rev. Mr. Davis. (Issue Feb. 27, 1830)
M'NIEL, Delia-m. John Adams.
McQueen, Donald -m. Miss Clarissa H. Prince, daughter of Laurence Prince; all  Of Cheraw; 7th. Inst., by Uris Powers. (Issue Nov. 30, 1833)
M'QUEEN, Jane -m. 1st. Thomas, and 2nd. Hon. John Campbell.
M'RA, Capt. John C. -m. Miss Caroline L. Jumelle; daughter of the late Peter  L. Jumelle, Eqs. by Rev. Davis. (Issue of Nov. 14, 1829)
McWHORTER, -see M'Worter.
M'WORTER, Drusilla -m. Henry; Button (or Britton) -see death notice of Mrs.  Drusilla Britton.
M'WILLIE, Maj. William -m. Miss Catherine Mary Anderson, a daughter of Dr.   H. Anderson; Thurs. last; by Rev. Phillips. (Issue of Mar. 19, 1831)
NILES, Ebanezer P. -m. Miss Esther Ann Clarkson, daughter of the late William  Clarkson, Jr., Thurs. eve. Last; by Rev. Davis. (Issue of Oct. 19, 1829)
NOAH, M. H.  Editor of the "Enquirer" -m. Miss Rebecca Jackson, only  Daughter of Daniel Jackson; in New York; Wed. eve. 28th. Ult., by Rev.  Hart; all of that, city. (Issue of Dec. 4, 1827)
NORMENT, James M., of Charlotte, N. C., Miss Elizabeth Jane Hollingaworth,  Daughter of Hollingsworth, formerly of Robeson County, N. C., at  LaGrange, Ala., 13th. Ult., by Rev. Wm. H. Ellison. (Issue Dec. 7, 1833)
NOTT, Dr. Josiah C., of Columbia -m. Miss Sally Deas, eldest daughter of  Col. James S. Deas, in this town; Wed. last; by Rev. Phillips. (Issue  Mar. 24, 1832)
ONEAL, Sampson -m. Miss Sarah Friday, on Colonel's Creek, 15 miles from  Camden; Thurs. 23rd. ult. (Issue Mar. 5, 1831)
PATE, James C. -m. Miss Jane Hamilton, Wed. last, at the Methodist Church;  Both of this place; by Rev. J. Stacy. (Issue of April 16, 1836)
PEGUES, Thomas W. -m. Miss Sarah J. Roberts, in this place. Sun. eve. Last,  By Rev. Mr. Brasington. (Issue Jan. 3, 1835- paper out of  Order in the bound volume, see back.)
PERRY, Eliza -m. Joseph J. Crosby.
PERRY, Mary -m. 1st. _________Douglas, and 2nd. Dr. Daniel Pomeroy Bush.
PETTUS, Maria -m. Capt. Peter Campbell.
PICKETT, Reuben -m. Miss Mary Jane Dismukes, daughter of Col. Wm. Dismukes,  At Wadeboro, N. C., 1st. inst., by Rev. Wright. (Issue of Oct. 24, 1829)
POOL, E. A., formerly of N. Y. City -m. Miss Ellen Daniel, daughter of Mr. Wm.  Daniel, in this town, Tues. last, by Rev. Philips. (Issue of Sept. 24, 1831)
PRINCE, Clarissa H. -m. Donald M'Queen.
PRICLEAU, Martha P. -m. Dr. Samuel Langly.
PUNCH - see Jos. R. Gilbert.
PURVIANCE, Anthanes -m. Miss Elizabeth F. Schrock "in this town" Tues. eve.  Last; by Rev. Capers. (NOTE: UNCERTAIN as to whether town referred to  Was Camden, S. C., or Boston, Mass., but Rev. Capers was of South  Carolina.)
QUATTLEBON, Polly -m. John W. Cully.
RAY, Ann -m. James P. Richbourg.
RAY, Louisa R. -m. Thomas McMillan.
REID, Lemuel, of this town -m. Miss Eliza A. McCord of St. Mathew; 22nd.  Ult., in St. Mathews Parish; by Rev. Motte. (Issue of Jan. 28, 1829)
REID, Margaret A. -m. Henry F. Hatfield
REINHARDT, Col. Michael, of Lincoln -m. Miss Maria Allen, formerly of New  London, Conn., on 20th. Ult., by Rev. Patrick J. Sparrow. (Issue Of Nov. 14, 1829)
REYNOLDS, Elizabeth -m. Dr. William Reynolds.
RHODES, Jane -m. Henry Brace.
RICHARD, Artemize -m. George W. Addison.
RICHBOURG, James P. -m. Mrs. Ann Ray; all of Sumter Dist. Wed. 25th. Ult.,  By Rev. S. W. Capers. (Issue of April 19, 1828)
RILEY, Robert -m. Miss Louisa Buzzard; 29th. March, in Orangeburg Dist., by  Rev. S. S. Burdett; both of Orangeburg Dist. (Issue of April 19, 1828)
RIVES, John G., -m. Miss Elizabeth Harrison, both of Fairfield Dist., 15th. Inst.,  By G. H. Marches. (Issue Feb. 18, 1826)
ROBERTS, Sarah J. -m. Thomas W. Pegues.
ROCKWELL, John A., atty. At law -m. Miss Mary Watkinson; daughter of  Joseph Perkins, Esq., in Norwich, Conn., by Rev. Mitchell; all of that  City. (Issue of Oct. 22, 1831)
ROGERS, Margaret -m. Elisia Adchison.
ROSSER, John -m. Miss Maria L. Barkely, daughter of James Barkely; 13th.  Inst., at Winnsborough; by Rev. Brearly. (Issue of Aug. 17, 1833)
ROWE, Joseph J. -m. Miss Ann May, at Cheraw; 31st. inst. By Rev. Mr.  Stacey. (Issue March 7, 1835)
RUSSELL, Matilda -m. James C. Adkins.
SANDERS, Elphatha -m. Dr. William C. Ellerbe.
SCHROCK, Elizabeth -m. Anthanes Purviance.
SCHROCK, Henry, of this place -m. Miss Jemima Bowers, daughter of Edward  Bowers; at Beaver Creek; 10th. Inst. (Issue of June 30, 1832)
SEELY, Elizabeth Caroline -m. Joseph D. Humphreyville - see death notice  Mrs. Elizabeth Caroline Humphreyville.
SINGLETON, Mary Rebecca -m. Hon. George M'Duffie.
SHECUT, William -m. Miss C. H. Wells. Thurs. 27th. March; by Rev. Joseph  Copeland; both of Kershaw Dist. (Issue of April 5, 1828)
SHIVER, William, formerly of this place -m. Miss Sarah Bynum, daughter of  Drury Bynum, Esq., at residence of the bride's father; Mon 12th. Inst.  By Rev. Scriven. (Issue Dec. 21, 1836)
SHORT, Charity -m. Willie Morris.
SLOAN, William -m. Miss Caroline Lowery at Ordinary's Office, in this town  (Camden); by Rev. Thos. Perry; Wed. last. (Issue of April 18, 1835)
SOWELL, William, of Kershaw Dist. -m. Miss Mary Blackwell of Chesterfield  Dist., Thurs. 21st. inst. By Rev. Thomas Berry. (Issue of Oct. 30, 1830)
STRATFORD, Sarah -m. Benjamin Cook
STOCKTON, Philip A., of the U. S. Navy -m. Miss Sarah Cantey, daughter of the  Late Gen. Z. Cantey of this place; in Philadelphia; 14th. Feb. last.  (Issue of May 8, 1830)
STOGNER, Margaret -m. John A. Ingraham.
STUART, Keziah -m. John S. Andre.
SYLVESTER, Martha Catherine -m. William F. Wright.
TARR, George -m. Miss Polly Brown, at Glouchester, Mass. (Issue of Jan.  9, 1830)
TAYLOR, Harriet C. -m. Col. F. H. Elmore.
TAYLOR, James, Esq., of Columbia -m. Miss Charlotte Lang Boykin of this  Place, in this town; Wed. last; by Rev. Mr. Philips. (Issue  Of Oct. 17, 1835)
TAYLOR, Joshua -m. Miss Lydia Webber, at Alfred, Maine.  (Issue of Jan. 16, 1830)
TILLER, Edmund -m. Miss Harriett Tiller; Thurs. 8th. Inst., on Lynch's Creek  By Rev. Berry; all of this place. (Issue of April 17, 1830)
TILLER, Harriett -m. Edmund Tiller.
TILLERY, Mary -m. Francis S. Bronson.
THATCH, Mary -m. Albert Anderson.
THOMAS, Mrs. Jane, daughter of Alexander McQueen -m. Hon. John Campbell.
THOMPSON, Martha -m Darling J. Childers.
THOMPSON, Rebecca -m. James Fetner.
THORNHILL, Jesse -m. Miss Izabella Jones, both of this place; Thurs. last; by John  Goodwin, Esq. (Issue Aug. 12, 1826)
THORNTON, Abthiah Harvey -m. Rev. Samuel Treadwell, near Winnsborough,  S. C., age 56 years; born in Hanover, N. J.; Baptist for nearly thirty years.  (Issue of Sept. 24, 1831)
VAUGHAN, John C. of Camden -m. Miss Sarah C. D. Clark of Savannah, Ga.,  At Savannah, on 16th. Ult; by Rev. Neufville. (Issue of March 7,1829)
VERNON, William, merchant of this place -m. Miss Sarah W. Murray,  Daughter of J. S. Murray of Philadelphia, but formerly of this town;  22nd. Ult. (Issue of Oct. 8, 1831)
WADE, Alexander, of Charleston -m. Mrs. Josephine L. Catonnet, formerly  Of this place; 14th. Inst., by Rev. Wm. Capers. (Issue of Oct. 26, 1833)
WATKINSON, Mary -m. John A. Rockwell.
WARREN, Nancy -m. Joseph H. Wheeler.
WARREN, Rebecca Ann -m. Alexius Gaither Marshall.
WEBSTER, Lydia -m. Joshua Taylor.
WELDEN, Tabitha -m. Nathan Magraw.
WELLS, Miss C. H. -m. William Shields.
WEST, John C. -m. Miss F. Nancy C. Eccles, all of Camden; 9th. Inst.,  by Rev. Freeman. (Issue June 16, 1827)
WILDER, Richard -m. Miss Harriet Hardy, in Bertie County, N. C.  (Issue of March 13, 1860)
WILLIAMS, Dr. Alexander of Sumter Dist. -m. Miss S. E. Craig of  Chesterfield Court House; Thurs. 15th. Nov. by Rev. Powers.  (Issue of Nov. 24, 1827)
WILLIAMS, Capt. John, of Kershaw Dist. -m. Miss Larance Lowry, daughter  Of Rev. James R. Lowry of Twig's Country, Ga. In that county.  (Issue Feb. 9, 1828)
WILLIAMS, Col. John H., of Society Hill -m. Miss Sarah C. Witherspoon,  daughter of Hon. John D. Witherspoon of Society Hill; 29th. Ult.  At Rocky River Spring, N. C., by Rev. John Holroy. (Issue Oct. 15,  1831)
WILLING, Thomas Moore -m. Matilda Lee Carter, daughter of Bernard  Carter, Esq., 23rd. July; in London. (Issue of Sept. 24, 1831)
WILSON, Jane A. -m. George Q. McIntosh.
WINGFIELD, Sarah G. - m. Rev. Joshua N. Glenn.
WITHERSPOON, - See death notice Capt. Isaac Donnom.
WITHERSPOON, Sarah C. -m. Col. John N. Williams.
WHEATON, Dr. Sterling M. -m. Miss Sarah c. DuBose; daughter of the  Late Serre DuBose, Esq., Sat. 23rd. ult., by Rev. Hoskins. (Issue  Jan. 13, 1827)
WHEAT, Rebecca -m. Nathaniel Jones.
WHEELER, Charles H. N.  -m. Miss Minerva Eliza Brook; daughter  Of William M. Brook, at Stateburg, Sunday, 6th. Inst.  (Issue Dec. 13, 1829)
WHEELER, Joseph H. -m. Miss Nancy Warren, daughter of Capt. Peter  Warren; Wed. last, by Rev. Davis, in this town. (Issue of Dec.  1, 1829)
WHITAKER, Miss C. E. -m. Col. John Chestnut.
WHITAKER, Major John -m. Miss Margaret M'Ra, daughter of the late  Duncan McRa; Thurs. eve. Last; by Rev. Reynolds Bascom.  (Issue of May 26, 1827)
WHITAKER, L. L.,  of this place -m. Miss Muir, of Charleston; Wed.  eve. At Col. W. J Taylors; by Rev. Witherspoon. (Issue of Nov. 26,  1836)
WORKMAN, Wm. C. -m. Miss Sarah Y. Jenkins, daughter of Rev. James  Jenkins; at Pleasant Hill, Sumter Dist., thurs. 29th. Ult.  (Issue of Jan. 7, 1832)
WRIGHT, William F., of Cheraw. And formerly of this place -m. Miss  Martha Catherine, daughter of Manson Sylvester, Esq. of Sumter  Dist., Wed. eve. Last; by Rev. Whiteford Smith. (Issue of June 13,  1835)
YOUNG, Robert A. -m. Miss Mary R. Kershaw, daughter of the late Col.  John Kershaw; in this town; Wed. last, by Rev. Philips.  (Issue of Jan. 7, 1832)
ZEWILL, Robert Z., of Sumterville -m. Miss Annette J. Menard; 8th.  Inst., by Rev. Birmingham. (Issue Sept. 17, 1836)



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