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Death Notices Abstracted from Newspapers Published in Camden, South Carolina 1822-1842

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A - D

John Adamson

W. Thurlow Caston, ESQ.

Joseph Howland Coit

Mrs. Esther Reynolds Davis

Mamie Epting Porter Davis

E - I

Mary Estridge

John Glass

J. S. Goff

J. W. Hasseltine

Halkard A. Hawkins

Hugh A. Hawkins

Henrietta Higgins

William Hollie

Chalmers B. Horton

Willie K. Humphries

J - M

W. E. Johnson, Sr.

William Wilson Love

H. A. "Hack" Martin

Jessie Mordecai Martin

Mae Estelle Martin

Agnes McLeod

N - R

Mrs. John T. Nettles

Andrew L. Outen

Anna R. Porter

Arnold McCants Porter

Charlie Martin Porter

Herbert Wayland Porter

J. M. Porter

Marion L. Porter

Jody Herbert Porter

Jody H. Porter
Johnny M. Porter

Mrs. Minnie M. Porter

Roger Porter

R. W. (Roger William) Porter

Mrs. Sue Morris Porter

Terry Anthony Porter Jr.

John Gardiner Richards

John G. Rodgers

Patricia Rollens

S - Z

Paul Schenk

Nancy Ellisor Turkett

Susie Miles Porter Walker

John C. West

Joe Wilkerson

William Wilson

Gordon McA. Winges

David Brainard Witherspoon

Major Thomas Jones Wooten

Mrs. F. R. Yarbrough



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