Presbyterian College Yearbook 1901
Laurens County, South Carolina

Transcribed by Andrew Staton


Presbyterian College Seniors 1901


Senior class of Presbyterian College (Class of 1901). (L to R)  Back Row: H. T. Brooks (Watts, SC),  L. W. Brown (Carp, SC),  A. M. Smith (Reidville, SC), J. W. Ligon (Anderson, SC), J. W. Carpenter (Anderson, SC). Front Row: J. J. Brown (Carp, SC), Miss Chester Bell (Brevard, NC), W. Y. Boyd (Clinton, SC).


Junior Class of Presbyterian College (Class of 1902). (L to R) Back Row: Miss Katharine Bean (Clinton, SC), Miss Rosa Bailey (Clinton, SC). Front Row: H. E. Davis (Salters, SC), L. W. Matthews (Wardlaw, NC), A. L. Johnson (Grit, GA).

Presbyterian College 1901 Juniors
Presbyterian College 1901 Sophomores

Sophomore Class of Presbyterian College (Class of 1903). (L to R) Back Row: J. H. Thornwell, Jr. (Fort Mill, SC), B. H. Sadler (Essie, SC), T. H. Smoot (Alcolu, SC), N. A. Jussely (Ridgeville, GA), W. R. Wallace (Rossville, SC), A. G. Fewell (Rock Hill, SC), G. M. Wilcox (Elberton, GA), Front Row: L. B. Stephenson (Kershaw, SC), Miss E. Constine (Springbank, SC), Miss M. A. Fridy (Clinton, SC), Miss C. E. Young (Clinton, SC).


Freshman Class of Presbyterian College (Class of 1904). (L to R) Back Row: J. D. Noel (Martinsville, VA), J. H. Clark/Clarke (Martinsville, VA), J. C. Duncan (Linden, AL), J. Berry (Hillsboro, NC), G. H. Young (Clinton, SC), C. S. Hogan (Greeleyville, SC), L. A. Boggs (Liberty, SC), H. W. McCain (Wardlaw, NC), J. Dubuis (Clinton, SC), O. K. Cooper (Columbia, SC), G. A. Black (Pacolet, SC). Middle Row: W. B. Owens (Clinton, SC), M. R. Kee (Rock Hill, SC), T. V. Bagwell (Bowman, GA), H. H. Hubbard (Chestnut Mt., GA), R. L. Walkup (Walkup, NC). Front Row: L. M. Kennedy (Clinton, SC), O. M. McMurray (Sincerity, SC), Miss M. O. Young (Jacks, SC), Miss E. S. Garvin (Clinton, SC), Miss I. R. Prather (Clinton, SC), Miss E. F. Bean (Clinton, SC).

Presbyterian College Freshmen 1901


Pi Kappa Alpha 1901 PC

Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, 1901, Presbyterian College. (L to R) Back Row: George M. Wilcox (Elberton, GA),  A. Manning Smith (Reidville, SC), Frank G. McCrary (Clinton, SC), J. H. Thornwell, Jr. (Fort Mill, SC), Alexander G. Fewell (Rock Hill, SC), James B. Carpenter (Clinton, SC), A. Linton Johnston (Grit, GA). Front Row: T. Ellison Simpson (Ridgeway, SC), S. B. Alexander (Elberton, GA), Thomas H. Smoot (Alcolu, SC), Lemuel B. Stephenson (Kershaw, SC), W. R. Wallace (Rossville, SC).

Phi Phi Phi (ΦΦΦ)

Phi Phi Phi Fraternity, Presbyterian College, 1901. (L to R) Back Row: N. A. Jussely (Darien, GA), J. W. Ligon (Good Hope, SC), J. C. Duncan (Linden, AL), L. W. Brown (Yorkville, SC). Front Row:  J. J. Brown (Yorkville, SC), B. H. Sadler (Essie, SC), J. D. Noel (Martinsville, VA), J. H. Clarke (Martinsville, VA), T. M. Little (Clinton, SC), B. F. Parrott (Clinton, SC).
Phi Phi Phi Fraternity 1901 PC


YOUNG MENS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION (No Photo) - W. R. Wallace, A. Linden Johnston, J. Berry, Jr., W. Y. Boyd, T. Ellison Smith, A. Manning Smith, L. A. Boggs, J. J. Brown, L. W. Brown, J. H. Clarke, J. C. Duncan, Jr., J. W. Ligon, B. H. Sadler, Lem. B. Stephenson, H. E. Davis, H. H. Hubbard, L. W. Matthews, R. L. Walkup, Thomas H. Smoot.

Presbyterian College Football Team, 1901

Presbyterian College Football Team, 1901. (L to R) Back Row: Wallace, Sadler, McCain, Fewell, Matthews. Middle Row: Jussely, Alexander, Cooper, Scott. Front Row: Walkup, Kee, Bagwell, McMurray.



Presbyterian College Baseball Team, 1901. (L to R) Back Row: L. B. Stephenson, First Base. L. M. Kennedy, Right Field. T. E. Simpson, Third Base. J. W. Ligon, Manager. C. S. Hogan, Second Base. Middle Row: J. D. Noel, Pitcher. A. M. Smith, Captain and Catcher. T. V. Bagwell, Pitcher. G. M. Wilcox, Short-stop. Front Row: B. H. Sadler, Left Field. N. A. Jussely, Center Field.

Presbyterian College Baseball Team 1901

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