Laurens County Genealogy Trails
Laurensville Female College - 1858
Transcribed by Andrew Staton

Catalogue of the Officers and Students of the Laurensville Female College for the year 1858. (Laurensville, SC, Robert M. Stokes, Printer, 1858)

Board of Trustees
J. W. Simpson, M. D., President.
Samuel R. Todd, Treasurer.
J. Wistar Simpson, Rec. and Cor. Sec’y.
Rev. David Wills, Maj. J. A. Eigleberger, Samuel Fleming, Henry C. Young, Esq., Rev. E. T. Buist, D. D., Col. J. D. Williams, Rev. T. I. McBryde, D. D., Rev. Z. L. Holmes, Rev. T. A. Hoyt, Rev. J. McLees, Rev. S. S. Gaillard,
Hon. T. C. Perrin, Hon. J. N. Whitner, Hon. D. L. Wardlaw, Hon. Job Johnston, Col. James Farrow, Rev. George Howe, D. D., Rev. A. D. Montgomery, Rev. J. L. Kennedy, Rev. J. L. Kirkpatrick, D. D., Rev. R. C. Grier, D. D.

Board of Instructors
Rev. E. T. Buist, D. D., President, Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy and Ancient Languages.
Rev. David Wills, Professor of Logic, Rhetoric and Belles Lettres.
Rev. Z. L. Holmes, Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy.
Mr. G. Jaeger, Professor of Music and Modern Languages.
Miss Sarah C. Pelot, Music and Ornamental Branches.
Mrs. C. M. Vernon, Principal of Primary and Academic Department.
Miss Laura Vernon, Assistant Teacher.
Rev. E. T. Buist, D. D., College Treasurer.

Catalogue of Students

Adams, Mary E.
Addy, Augusta G.
Addy, Fanny M.
Anderson, Amelia A.
Anderson, Jane M.
Anderson, Arabella H.
Anderson, Augusta V.
Anderson, Ella L.
Anderson, Mary E.
Anderson, Henrietta A.
Barksdale, Alice J.
Byrd, Mary C.
Brewster, Phebe
Brewster, Nanny
Brewster, Betty
Brown, M. C.
Buist, Emma
Buist, M. S.
Craig, Lizzy
Clary, Nancy E.
Davis, Susan B.
Donnelly, Anna A.**
Donnelly, Fannie D.**
Dorroh, Mary C.
Ferguson, Amanda**
Finley, Emma E.
Finley, Rosanna
Finley, Dorcas V.
Fleming, Martha Emma
Fleming, Mary Cornelia
Fleming, Sarah W.Gore, Frances
Golding, Pamela C.
Gower, Susan Cordelia
Griffin, Martha Virginia
Gunnels, Anna Maria
Gunnels, Eliza H.
Gunnels, Tallulah Mary
Hawkins, Nanny B.
Henderson, Martha Wright
Henderson, Mary F.
Henderson, Isabella C.
Henderson, Louisa V.
Hill, Martha
Hill, Mary
Hill, Emma
Hill, Florence
Hill, Alice
Hill, Alvin
Holmes, Olive J.
Holmes, Ada
Holmes, Ida
Hudgens, Margaret
Irby, Tallulah
Irby, Florence Toccoa
Jones, Margaret
Kyle, Margaret
McElroy, Martha E.
Marshal, Nancy
Milam, Eugenia
Motte, Mary
Motte, Margaret
Motte, Elizabeth H.
Motte, Ella
Nance, Mary
Reeves, Mary
Sharp, Emma C.
Shell, Sarah C.
Simpson, Eliza J.
Simpson, Martha Jane
Simpson, Martha J.
Simpson, Lucy E.
Simpson, Laura W.
Sloan, Susan Mary
Sullivan, Clara
Sullivan, Alice
Sullivan, Mary
Todd, Mary S.**
Traynham, Mary
Traynham, Hortensia C.
Vernon, M. Helen
Vernon, Ida
Vernon, Ella
Vernon, H. Howard
Weatherall, Amelia
Williams, Phebe Y.
Willis, Mary F.
Willis, J. Thornwell
Young, N. Amelia
Young, Drusilla J.

**indicates graduate for 1858

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