World War II Casualties List - Laurens County, SC

Compiled by the War Dept. in 1946

Transcribed by Andrew Staton

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Serial Number


Type of Casualty

Aaron, Carl J. 34779685 PVT Died of Wounds
Abercrombie, Haskell 34128745 CPL Died of Wounds
Abercrombie, H. H. Jr. 34896239 PVT Died of Wounds
Abrams, Robert C. 34388398 PFC Killed in Action
Angelakos, Peter W. 0-684825 1 LT Finding of Death
Anner, David 34841854 PFC Died of Wounds
Bailey, Haskel 34128760 PVT Killed in Action
Barrett, Howard O. 34649109 SGT Killed in Action
Bell, James H. 34893063 PVT Killed in Action
Bellue, Thomas 34385289 TEC 5 Killed in Action
Bennett, Rumsley T. 14117532 SGT Died, Non-Battle
Blackstock, Raymond 34931941 PFC Killed in Action
Blackwell, Reuben F. 6965881 SGT Killed in Action
Blakely, Ewel T. 34085473 SGT Killed in Action
Braggs, Charles M. 34896293 PVT Died of Wounds
Browning, George B. 0-547366 2 LT Killed in Action
Burgess, Earl R. 34649331 PVT Died of Wounds
Burnett, John H. 34649257 PVT Killed in Action
Campbell, Furman B. 34388314 PFC Died of Wounds
Campbell, Victor E. 34095960 PVT Killed in Action
Carlton, Joe E. 34097122 T SG Killed in Action
Cobb, Harold L. 0-430787 MAJ Missing
Cogdill, Tommy 34645435 S SC Finding of Death
Culbertson, Clyde W. 01319106 2 LT Killed in Action
Davis, Harold O. 34099346 PVT Died, Non-Battle
Davis, James W. 34648842 PFC Died, Non-Battle
Davis, John E. 34657618 PFC Killed in Action
Dixon, David G. 6391882 T SG Killed in Action
Edwards, Floyd R. 34214423 PFC Died of Wounds
Elledge, James P. 34098205 PFC Killed in Action
Finley, James C. 34643991 SGT Killed in Action
Franks, Charles H. 14102730 AV C Died, Non-Battle
Freeman, Moultrie P. 0-022555 LT C Died, Non-Battle
Fuller, Willie A. 34642287 PFC Died, Non-Battle
Gambrell, Travis E. 34644005 PFC Died of Wounds
Garrett, William P. 34652126 PFC Died of Wounds
Gary, Robert A. 34513001 TEC5 Died, Non-Battle
Gray, James B. 34097125 SGT Killed in Action
Hall, Doyle J. T-002729 FL 0 Died, Non-Battle
Hames, Aaron E. 34514049 PFC Killed in Action
Hames, Robert E. 34123453 PVT Died, Non-Battle
Hamlin, James A. 0-280716 MAJ Died, Non-Battle
Harris, James E. 34512806 PVT Died, Non-Battle
Harris, Sammie 34512810 PVT Killed in Action
Hazel, Ludie A. 34657643 PFC Killed in Action
Hewitt, Ernest C. Jr. 14118978 PVT Killed in Action
Hunter, Miles R. Jr. 0-461649 2 LT Died, Non-Battle
Jacks, Alexander B. Jr. 34513943 S SG Killed in Action
Jennings, Charles B. 0-312937 CAPT Died, Non-Battle
Jennings, John M. 34385144 PVT Killed in Action
Jones, Harold E. 34099932 S SG Died, Non-Battle
Jones, Robert E. 0-410269 1 LT Died, Non-Battle
Kellett, William T. 14125689 PFC Died, Non-Battle
Kelly, Theodore L. 34643989 PVT Killed in Action
Kilgo, Pierce R. 0-424274 CAPT Finding of Death
King, Orwell L. 34385336 PFC Killed in Action
Lambert, Eugene H. 34931993 PFC Killed in Action
Leopard, Robert B. 34128357 PVT Killed in Action
Long, Langdon D. 0-401191 1 LT Finding of Death
Lynch, William T. 14073155 PVT Killed in Action
Maddox, Marshall E. 14074767 AV C Died, Non-Battle
Mason, Charlie B. 34843525 PFC Died, Non-Battle
Miller, Chester C. 34099964 SGT Killed in Action
Neel, Horace G. 34121659 PVT Died, Non-Battle
Padgett, Edd H. 34657339 PVT Killed in Action
Phillips, Willis 34513989 SGT Died of Wounds
Pitts, Arthur H. 34649162 PFC Killed in Action
Pitts, Carl L. 34513975 PFC Killed in Action
Pope, Roland A. 6352950 T SG Killed in Action
Power, Rex D. 14124924 S SG Finding of Death
Prather, Luther 14049203 PFC Died, Non-Battle
Price, Winford O. 14126564 PVT Died of Wounds
Putman, Robert L. 34388196 PFC Killed in Action
Rabb, Jimmie 34961925 PVT Died, Non-Battle
Ramage, Bennie 34655712 PFC Killed in Action
Reid, James W. 0-796599 1 LT Killed in Action
Rhodes, Allen 34388317 PFC Killed in Action
Rhodes, Robert L. 34648896 PVT Killed in Action
Rhodes, William M. 34644861 S SG Killed in Action
Rice, Leo R. 14073428 PFC Died, Non-Battle
Riser, James L. 6927871 CPL Died, Non-Battle
Satterwhite, Ryan T. 34210775 PFC Killed in Action
Snipes, Raymond E. 34896292 PVT Killed in Action
Starnes, Tolly 7001639 PFC Killed in Action
Taylor, Ralph H. 34645453 SGT Finding of Death
Tolleson, James B. 14181389 S SG Killed in Action
Tucker, Marvin L. 34652496 PVT Killed in Action
Turner, James C. 34648877 PFC Killed in Action
Warren, Albert T. 34388427 TEC5 Killed in Action
Watts, Edward E. 34657694 PVT Killed in Action
Weathers, Carlos A. 34385206 TEC5 Killed in Action
Whelchel, Woodrow W. 34514051 PFC Killed in Action
Williams, Melvin L. 14074267 PVT Killed in Action
Wilson, Henry M. Jr. 0-340636 CAPT Died of Wounds
Winebrenner, James S. 14116238 PFC Killed in Action
Wofford, Daymond C. 34846864 PVT Died, Non-Battle
Wood, James L. 34848608 PVT Died, Non-Battle
Workman, William D. 0-794597 2 LT Died, Non-Battle
Young, William P. 34127506 PFC Killed in Action
Yunkgans, Charles F.0-6671332 LTDied, Non-Battle

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