Church of Prince Frederick's Winyah

When the Church of Prince George's, Winyah, which was established in 1721, was subdivided in 1734, Prince Frederick's Chapel was put within the limits of Prince Frederick's Parish.

When the first church was erected is not known, but the building was framed with a small four-columned portico. It is said to have stood on a high bluff overlooking Black River, about twenty miles southwest of the present structure. A graveyard, which covers at least two acres, located at this site, is overgrown with tangled vines and wild flowers. The tombstones date back a century or more.

The present building is less than a hundred years old, but has all the earmarks of antiquity. It is built of brick covered with a plaster that has crumbled and turned a reddish-pink in color, with a fan lighted entrance, wheel window, and pinnacled belfry in the front tower. It stands by the side of a lonely road where huge oaks covered with grey moss convey an indescribable feeling of sadness to the passerby.

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