Originally published in "The Carolina Herald and Newsletter', Winter Issue 2005, pgs 16-23, by Robert S. Davis.

Marion County - South Carolina Genealogy Trails

In the 1930s and 1940s, employees of the Works Projects Administration interviewed thousands of former slaves and other African Americans about slavery and the white families that owned slaves. The Library of Congress has the original narratives, which have also been published in George P. Rawick, The American Slave (1972).
Given below are the names of the persons in South Carolina interviewed (usually a former slave), with respective year of birth and name of master (in some instances the former owner of the family of the person interviewed).

Maggie Black, 1858, Jim Wilkerson
Louisa Collier, 1859, Col Durant
Charlie Davis, 1849, George Crawford
Heddie Davis, 1865, Evans Lewis
Lizzie Davis, 1862, Foster Brown
William H. Davis, 1865, William J. Davis
Sylvia Durant, 1865
Ryer Emmanuel, 1859, Anthony Ross
Hecter Godbold, 1850, Mary Godbold
Hecter Godbold, 1850, Haselden
Lincy Henderson, 1867, Dr. Durant
Hester Hunter, 1852, John C. Bethea
Agnes James, 1857, Janie Little
Willie McCullough, 1859, Billy Cannon
Jessie Sparrow, 1854, Sam Stevenson
Genia Woodberry, 1848, Ben Gause
Julia Woodberry, 1862, Anthony Phillips
Pauline Worth, 1858, Telathy Henry

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