Missing Air Crew Report
US Army Air Forces, 1941-1945
The National Archives M1380
The original records are located in Record Group 92, Records of the Office of the Quartermaster General in the National Archives.

Trancribed by D. Whitesell, for South Carolina Genealogy Trails.  When I did a search for "South Carolina", I got over 4000 hits.  Below is a small portion of those South Carolina WWII Airmen who's planes went down.

APO 719 Unit 1; command or Air Force Thirteenth; Group 42nd Bomb.; Squadron 70th Bom.
Given Day 16, month 8, year '45; time 120: and location Bet. APO 920 & 926 of last know whereabouts of missing aircraft.

Aircraft type/model/series: R-2600-29
Number  of persons aboard aircraft: 5

1) Pilot: Eatrin, Morton, H. Capt., serial # 0-1287161; missing (KNB)
2) Co-pilot: Tangring, Gustaf L., 2 Lt.; serial # 0-788280; missing (KNB)
3) Navigator: Resnick, Leo, 2 Lt.; serial # 0-706546; missing (KNB)
4) Engineer:  Dougherty, Chester C., Sgt.; serial # 39410626; missing (KNB)
Radio Oper.: Gipp, Daniel B., Sgt.; serial # 34842867; missing (KNB)

Officer in charge of search: 1st Lt. Richard H. Marron
Report date: 23 August 1945

Capt. Morton H. Estrin - Mrs. Murial S. Estrin (Wife), 10 Aberfeldy drive, Trenton, New Jersey

2nd Lt. Gustaf L. Tangring - Mr. Carl H. Tangring (Father), 15 Kosta Street, Worcester, Massachusetts

2nd Lt. Leo Resnick - Mrs. Rose M. Resnick (Mother), 5117 D. Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sgt. Chester G. Dougherty, Jr. - Mrs. Ida Dougherty (Mother), Route One Box 366, Oakdale, California

Sgt. Daniel B. Ginn - Mrs. Mary E. Ginn (Wife), Denmark, South Carolina

Casualty Interrogation form the Adjutant general's Office
The Familiesof many of you comrades have not been as fortunate as yours. Their sons and husbands have been reported missing in action and they are anxiously waiting to learn their fate.  You may be able to supply the information which will help to terminate the suspence and anxiety they are suffering.

If you have information concerning the death in action or during imprisonment of any member of the armed Forces, you are requested to furnish the following information about the deceased:

Name: Louis L. Gain, Tail Gunner, B-17
Home town/state: Clemson, South Carolina
Grade/Rank: Sgt.
Organizaiton: 351 Bomb Gp-- 508 Bomb Sq-- 8th Ay
Date & Place of Death: Sept 5/44, Ludwigshaven, Germany
Cause of Death: Plane hit by flak. Wing tanks and #3 engine on fire. Plane exploded in mid air. I was blown out of the plane in the explosion. I asume that subject was in the plane when it blew up.
Signed: George F. Anello, 2365 E. 1st. St., Brooklyn, New York

8 Feb, 1945 - Aircraft 691 collided with another aircraft. 10 people aboard.

Dead -  8 Feb. 1945. Mittelohmig/Steiermark.

2nd Lt. John D. Reid - Mrs. Flossie L. Reid (Mother), 801 Park Street, High Point, North Carolina

1st Lt. Howard C. Theoblad - Mrs. Eva C. Theobald (Mother), 172 commonwealth Avenue, Springfield, Massachusetts

2nd Lt. John R. Ling - Mr. Dave W. Ling (Father), 344 West Lynwood AVenue, Phoenix, Arizona

SSgt. James E. Rowell - Mrs. Lila V. Rowell (Wife), 3 Wolfe Street, Charleston, South Carolina

SSgt. Francis P. Nichols - Mr. Frank H. Nichols (Father), 223 Sedgewick Street, Syracuse, New York

Cpl. Kenneth E. Blacker - Mrs. Doris E. blacker (Mother), PO Box 223, Neffs, Ohio

Cpt. Phares P. Matthews - Mr. Parley P. Matthews (Father), General Delivery, Grantsville, Utah

Cpl. Dale R. Freeman - Mrs. Emma G. Freeman (Mother), Rural Free Delivery Number Five, Bedford, Indiana

Cpl. James E. Huntsberger - Mrs. Nona B. Huntsberger (Mother), Sunburst, Montana

Cpl. Hulon A. Brown - Mrs. Mary V. Brown (Mother), Box 435, Orange, Texas

Transport list of American Prisoners of War. All captured in Mitterlobwing, Feb.8, 1945
Rowell, James Edward;
Koszyczarek, Erwin John;
Sing John; Brown, Hulos;
Smith, Frank W. Jr. 

On 8 Feb. 1945

---I was flying toggalier on ship #673, piloted by Lt. Clar.  Our ship was flying left w. ig to second element lead.  Over target area, while make a 360 degree turn, two ships in the second group in front of ours, were seen to collide with each other.  One ship went into a flat spin and I saw a large gouge in its wing.  The other ship had its tail completely torn off, and I saw it go down in a steep glide.  I saw one chute and then anotehr body appeared just before one of the ships disappeared into the clouds.  Whether this chute opened or not, I do not know
Edward J. Balog, S/Sgt, AC, toggalier

---Aircraft #673 became separated from group formation at the Key Point Onis, on the coast of Yugoslvia, due to flying through heavy overcast.  Broke out of overcast at 18,000 feet and only squadron ship visible was #071.  We flew for approximately one half hour with #071, then left to attach group formation which had overtaken us.  Ship #071 went on to located 99th Group.

At I.P., we were flying in a nine ship box in group following the 99th Group. The 99th had started a 360 degree turn to the left, at the I.P., evidently to return to Graz, which was clear as we passed it.  As they had completed about 150 degrees of their turn, I heard the pilot of my ship say "Mid-air collision".  I saw the two ships as they separated.  One was fairly intact, the only damage being a gourge out of the leading edge of the wing.  I could not tell whether the engines had been torn off or not.  This ship was in a flat spin, and I did not see any chutes coming from it as it fell.  As it reached the undercast, (7,000-8,000 feet) I saw an object leave the plane which must have been one of the crew, since the ship had at no time been falling apart.  It then disappeared through the clouds.  The other ship had been hit at about the waist door and had been cut in two at that point.  The tail assembly was shattered and pieces of it were breaking off.  There was no explosion that I could see, but the collision had evidently shattered the entire rear of the ship.  I was unable to follow the forward section for long; however it appeared to be falling at first in a flat spin and finally in a straight plunge before I lost sight of it.  I saw no chutes from either ship.  My last sight of either ship were pieces of the tail assembly of the ship which had been hit as they disappeared under us.
James F. Corcoran, F/O, AC, Navigator.

---Aircraft became separated from formation upon entering overcast, over northern Yugoslvaia.  On breaking out above formation of overcast, #071 was nearby, and we rejoined it.  The group formation was not visible, although other scattered elements were in the vicinity.  #071 flew around, apparently aimlessly, (We could not establish radio contact) and we stayed on its left wing for about one-half hour, at about 18,000 feet.  A group formation was sighted, but #071 made no apparent effort to join it, flying behind and several thousand feet below it.  We left #071 in favor of two ships from the 34th Squadron which were trying to reform with the group.  We joined them, flying left wing on #662, and our three aircraft pulled up on the ships flying number four position in the group; resulting in a nine ship box.  We continued in this position for the remainder of the mission, flying left wing to #662, which had rejoined its own squadron.  When last observed, #071 was following the group, at about our altitude, off to the left.  There were other scattered aircraft also following the group, which #071 possibly joined.  We could not dtermine to which these aircraft belonged, and thus held our position.  Our box continued climbing with the group, but still remained considerably lower.  Number two and three boxes appeared to be from the Second Bomb Group, but we were too low to make certain of this. 

The group went into a 360 degree turn to the left on the I.P.  We were between 25,000 fett, the first three boxes being several thousand feet higher.  While on the turn, I observed wreckage falling from high at eleven o'clock position.  A B-17 was falling reapidly, its fuselage from the waist back gone.  It was still throwing wreckage.  It was followed by another B-17, in a flat spin, apparently intact except for a large indentation on the leading edge of the wing, outboard of number one engine.  Last observed to fall was the tail section of the first ship.  I called to the crew and asked if they saw any parachutes.  One parachute was reported and a man was seen to clear the aircraft that was in the spin, just before it went into the undercast, but his chute was not seen to open.  We completed the 360 turn, and bombed on the briefed heading.  After the rally, our box split off from the group and returned alone.  Number six ship left formation over the Adratic, and we pulled into its position.  We kept this position until the peel off.
John B. Clark, 2nd Lt, AC, Pilot.

17 June 1944
Shot down by enemy aircraft; 2 people aboard.

Pilot Kellum, Milton T., 1st Lt. serial # 0-735599 - Mrs. Mary R. Kellum, (Wife), 224 South Nichols, Muncie, Indiana.

Gunner Hinkle, Harry K., S/Sgt, serial # 14073980 - Mrs. Lilly K. Hinkle, (Mother, Routh Number One, Orangeburg, South Carolina

7 August 1944, AAF Station 485, 6 people onboard.

Pilot, Captain Frederick E. Peters, serial # 0-571072 - Mrs. Ruth V. Peters (Wife) 160-12 11th Avenue, New York, New York

CP 1st Lt. Ellis H. Davison, serial # 0-670512 - Mrs. Audrey E. Davison (Wife), 306 Texas Avenue, Texas City, Texas

B/N 2nd Lt. Clyde E. Loomis Jr., serial # 0-682437 - Mr. Clyde E. Loomis (Father) 4004 North 29th Street, Omaha, Nebraska

RG Sgt. George C. White, serial # 31312468 - Mrs Phyllis White (Wife), 566 Prospect Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut

TG Sgt. William M. Racer, 15071596 - Mrs. Della B. Racer (Mother), Rural Route Number One, Saint Albans, West Virginia

RG Sgt. Otha B. Huckaby, serial # 34098401 - Mrs. Sarah M. Huckaby (Mother), Rural Free Deliver, Lykesland, South Carolina

11 June 1944, 827th Bomb Squadron, 10 people onboard.

Pilot Silven, Edward A 2d Lt. 0-680319 - Mrs. William J. Silven (Mother), 129 Maple Ave., Toocma Park, Maryland

Co-Pilot Lindsay, James C., 2d Lt. 0-814602 - Mrs. Jean M. Lindsay (Mother), 1802 Pine St., Lumberton, North Carolina

Navigator Nigus, Bernard (NMI), F/P, T-123993 - Mrs. Betty Nigus (Wife), 2500 S. camac St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Bombardier Turk, Theodore A., 2d Lt, 0-698519, Mrs. Beatrice Turk (Mother), 1775 E. 18th St., Brooklyn, New York

Engr. Gunner Meacham, Charles T., S/Sgt, 34704030 - Mrs. Mary H. Meacham (Wife), Theodore, Ala.

Radio Opr. Gunner Reese, David P., S/Sgt. 38473065 - Mrs. Nettie M. Reese (Mother) 1818 Wolthenius St., Texarkana, Texas

Lower Gunner Burkhardt, John J., S/Sgt, 32764843 - Mrs. Theresa Burkhardt (Mother) Maplewood, New Jersey

Tail Gunner Everson, Romaine K., Sgt. 19125124 - Matilda O. Grina (Mother), 1105 6th West, Kalispell, Montana

Upper Gunner Richardson, William M., Sgt. 7087633 - Mr. Walter O. Richardson (Father), Gresham, South Carolina

Nose Gunner Richardson,  Woodrow W., Sgt. 7087629 - Mrs. Walter O. Richardson (Father), Gresham, South Carolina

29 Dec. 1944,Staff Sergeant Thomas M. Bradford, Killed in Action - Mrs. Annie J. Bradford (Mother) Box 174, Fort Mill, South Carolina

Crew of Miss B-Haven, aircraft 42-95920
photo courtesy of b24bestweb.com

Aircraft 42-95620, piloted by 1st Lt. James J. Shafter, 0-771554

The following information was obtained from T/Sgt. Walter E. Petrovich, 35601207 714th Bomb Sq. 448th Bomb Gp(H), this staton, relative to present status of remaiing personnel of his crew who were declared MIA per Initial Battle CAsualty Report of Aircraft No. B-24-J 42-95620, submitted 5 April 1945.

The data was reported verbally by T/Sgt. Petrovich.  The personnel listed as KIA were not officially identified by Sgt. Petrovich, however he was told by officers who interrogated him that they had been killed and was shown their clothing and personal belongings. All survivors wre in German hands at one time and the three reported as POW were moved to a POW camp just prior to release of the remaining men.  Sgts. Beall and Kearney were in friendly hands in Hanover, Germany when last seen by Sgt. Petrovich.

KIA - Bombardier, 1st Lt. Calvin J. Ellis Jr - (Mrs. Mary Ellis (Wife), Kings Street, West Hanover, Massachusetts)

RMC - Navigator, 1st Lt. Neal W. Pettit - (Mr. Wallace L. Pettit (Father), 215 Oklahoma Ave., Weslaco, Texas)

POW - Pilot, 1st Lt. James J. Shafter - (Mrs. Christine B. Shafter (Mother), 703 Center Street, Cairo, Illinois)

KIA - Co-pilot, 2nd Lt. Harold Major Jr. - (Mr. Harold Major (Father), Anderson, South Carolina)

KIA - Left Waist, T/Sgt. Anderson C. Wright - (Mrs. Freida Keeman (Mother), North Lane and Mector Street, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania)

POW - Top turrent, Sgt. Daniel G. Graham Jr. - (Mrs. Gladys I. Graham (Mother), 509 South 15th Street, Niles, Michigan)

RMC - Right Waist, Sgt. Virgil F. Beall - (Mrs. Irma I. Beall (Mother) 4111 Raritan Street, Denver Colorado)

POW - Nose turrent, Sgt. William L. Kaiser - (Mrs. Ella V. Kaiser (Wife), 4314 Jacaranda Avenue, Burbank, California)

POW - RCM Fligh Deck, Sgt. Harry A. Kearney Jr. - (Mrs. May G. Kearney (Mother), 10 North Ridgewood Road, South Orange, New Jersey)

KIA - Tail turret, Sgt. Taylor L. Tarkington - (Mrs. Frances E. Tarkington (Wife), Box Number 394, Temple, Oklahoma)

6 October 1944 at 1215 hours, near Brandanburg.

Dead, buried in the community cemetery of K.Behnits on 8 Oct. 1944 - 1st Lt. Everett L. Isaacson - Mr. Waino T. Isaacson (Father, Box 51, Republic, Michigan

Dead, buried in the community cemetery of K.Behnits on 8 Oct. 1944 - 2nd Lt. Filbert F. Dye - Mrs. Eartha M. Dye (Mother), 14461 Rutherford Avenue, Detroit, Michigan

2nd Lt. Warren G. Story - Mrs. Marcella A. Story (Wife), 1405 South Third Street, Norfolk, Nebraska

POW - F/G Donald K. McQuade - Mrs. Anna McQuade (Mother), 124 East Marlin Drive, Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania

POW - S/Sgt Joseph M. Matuszak - Mrs. Anna Matuszak (Mother), 531 Madison Street, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

Dead, buried in the community cemetery of Buscho on 7 Oct. 1944 - S/Sgt Joseph M. Mandarano - Mrs. Carmela Mandarano (Mother), 123 Second Street, New Rochelle, New York

KIA - S/Sgt. William T. Ligon Jr. - Mrs. Minnie R. Ligon (Mother), 409 South Polk Street, Dallas, Texas

Dead, buried in the community cemetery of Buscho on 7 Oct. 1944 - T/Sgt. Howard C. Ryan - Mr. Charles R. Ryan (Father), 2866 North 25th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

POW - T/Sgt. Irvin W. Poole - Mr. Otto K. Poole (Father), North, South Carolina

20 June 1944

Pilot, 2nd Lt. William N. Forsythe - Mrs. Mildred P. Forsythe (Wife), 220o Westwood Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee

Co-pilot, 2nd Lt. William E. Olive - Mrs. RAchel F. Olive (Wife), 410 Chandler, Marianna, Arkansas

Navigator, 2nd Lt. Norton M.Bean - Mr. benjamin B. Bean (Father), Williamstown, Massachusetts

Bombardiar, 2nd Lt. Casimir C. Cechowski - Mrs. Eleanor B. Cechowski (Wife), 1323 West 78th Stree,t Chicago, Illinois

Engineer, S/Sgt Francis E. Young - Mrs. Mildred L. Young (Mother), Rural Free Deliver #1, Alcolu, South Carolina

Radio Operator, S/Sgt. Roy C. Weber - Mrs. Ella G. Wever (Mother), 2852 South 13th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Waist Gunner, Sgt. Gerald R. Plank - Mrs. Emma L. Plank (Mother), Industry, Illinois

Waist Gunner, Sgt. James C. Barton - Mrs. Teacie Barton (Mother), Number 6 North Franklin Road, Greenville, North Carolina

Tail Gunner, Sgt. Gilbert S. Brockway - Mr. Howard W. Brockway (Father), 2345 27 Street, Troy, New York

1 December 1943
Squadron 547th. Destination Solingen, Germany
No crew members killed.

Pilot, Major Maurice S. Dillingham - Mrs. Hazel L. Dillingham (Wife), 9214  Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida. Mrs. Ben Burrough (Sister), 24 Cleveland Road, Caldwell, New Jersey.

Co-pilot, 1st Lt. Edmund S. Goulder - Mr. Adolph P. Goulder (Father), 1052 East 174th Street, Cleveland, Ohio

Navigator, 1st Lt. Arthur C. Harris - Mr. Claude C. Harris (Father), 5332 Xerxes Avenue, South, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bombardier, 1st Lt. William Boomhower - Mr. Clarence Boomhower (Father), Box 224, Greenville, Green County, New York

Tail Gunner, 2nd Lt. Ernest M. Boyce Jr. - Mrs. Virginia M. Boyce (Wife), 1903 University Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin

Radio Operator, Technical Sergeant William F. Sears - Mr. Vearl V. Sears (Father), 5823 Cedar Street, Omaha, Nebraska

Top Turret, Eng., Technical Sergeant Edward A. Thomasson - Mrs. Madena S. Thomasson (Mother), 895 Fair Street, Newberry South Carolina

Staff Sergeant Claude R. Leslie - Mr. Claude W. Leslie (Father), 1284 Detzen Avenue, Dayton, Ohio

Right Gunner, Staff Sergeant Michael J. Vodilko - Mrs. Anna S. Vodilko (Mother), 138 South Hazelwood Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio

Left Gunner, Staff Sergeant Paul R. Saunders - Mrs. Laura Saunders (Mother), 711 West 18th Street, Kansas City, Missouri

The following is a list of crew flying with 1st Lt. Chester M. Angell on 16 March 1944.   1st Lt. Chester M. Angell was a first pilot in the 37th Bombardment Squadron (M), 17th Bombardment Group (M), AAF. The plane collided with another aircraft as both planes were attempting to get into position in Squadron formation previous to flying on course for a bombing mission.  Accident occured 7 miles west of Villacidro Airdrome, Sardida, on 16 March 1944.  All members of the crew were KIA.

2nd Lt. Robert E. Newville - Mrs. Billie E. Newville (Wife), 3214 West College St., Shreveport, Louisiana

1st Lt. Bradford R. Roberts - Mrs. Stella M. Roberts (Wife), 213 East Ratacliff St., Shreveport, Louisiana

S/Sgt Virgle E. Miller - Mrs. Catherine E. Miller (Wife), 359 Cleveland Ave., Columbus, Ohio

Sgt Jack Thorne - Mrs. Maude E. Thorne (Mother), 724 Oallahan, Muskogee, Oklahoma

S/Sgt Clarence R. Wise - Mrs. Eugenia S. Wise (Mother), 2003 Johnstone St., Newberry, South Carolina

S/Sgt. John E. O'Stalfi - Mrs. Anna O'Stalfi (Mother), 152 Walnut St., Mont Clare, Pennsylvania

1st Lt. Chester M. Angell - Mrs. Elaline E. Angell (Wfie), 3915 South St. Andrews Pl., Los Angles, California

January 2, 1945

1st Lt. Billy B. Blackman - Mr. Walter K. Blackman (Father), Kimball, Nebraska

KIA - 2nd Lt. Robert E. Lee Freshour - Mrs Robert E. L. Freshour (Wife), 911 WEst Millwood Street, Houston, Texas.

2nd Lt. William M. Sterrett - Mrs. Louise G. Sterrett (Mother), Rockbridge Baths, Virginia. Captured, transfer to Oberursel on 2 Jan 45.

S/Sgt. Andrew M. Herbert Jr. - Mr. Andrew M. Herbert Sr., 1934 South Main Street, Anderson, South Carolina. Captured between Langeloh and Sprengel (Soltau County, Hann) on 31 December 1944, at 1200 h.  Transferred to Oberursel on 2 January 1945.

S/Sgt. Robert E. Fortney - Mrs. Ruth Fortney (Mother), 359 East 6th Street, Rushville, Indiana. Cemetery Wintermoor on 4 February 1945.

S/Sgt Joseph T. Pearl - Mrs. Anne F. Pearl (Mother), 712 West Cass Street, Greenville, Michigan

S/Sgt. Stanley P. Carson - Mrs. Dolly E. Carson (Mother), Rural Free Delivery Number 1, Woodburn, Iowa. Cemetery Wesseloh.

S/Sgt. Thomas C. Pace - Mrs. Nellie Pace (Mother), 443 WEst Capitol Street, Salt Lake City, Utah. Captured, wounded at Insel, 31 December 1944.

S/Sgt Basil Numack - Mr. Walter Numack (Father), 148 South Main Street, Silver Springs, New York. Cemetery Wesseloh

2nd Lt. Freshour, Robert E., serial # 0-2059161 -  Mrs. Robert E.E. Freshour (Wife), 911 Est Millwood Street, Houston, Texas; cemetery Wesseloh

1 unknown dead: Wasseloh

Pilot, Major Joseph H. Richardson - Mrs. Arden T. Richardson (Wife), 120 Prevost Street, Anderson, South Carolina. KIA, 25 Feb. 1944. Returning from Venlo, on course. Eyewitness report by Wilson J. Cushing, 2nd Lt.: Flames were seen to come from the right wing.

LW, S/Sgt Thomas J. Burnette - Mrs. Margaret Burnette (Wife), 29 G. Street, Anderson, South Carolina. Plane went down, Lecce, Italy, 18 August 1944.

MACR / Accident report # 3020    Aircraft Model  B-25 G1  _S/N # 42-64881Organization: Location Durand Field New Guinea; Command or AAF/AF – Fifth AAF; Group - 38th Bomber  (Medium); Squadron *23rd Bomber; Place of Departure Townsville Australia; Target or Intended destination; Durand Field New Guinea; Type of Mission- Administrative Flight:  Date: January 28, 1944; Time; Unknown; Location of Crash; Between Townsville Australia and Durand Fiels N. G; Reason Aircraft was Lost;  Cause of loss Unknown; Number of persons aboard aircraft; Crew - 5  Passengers- 6  Total – 11.

List of Crew:
Pilot             1LT  Donald T. Renshaw, O-796885
Co-Pilot      2LT  Jesus P. Badia, O-678139
Nav            1LT  Calhoun P. Narten, O-795435
Crew Chief  T/S  Norman L. Nelson
Radio Op    S/S  Charles D. Plageman

Passenger    Capt Coleman, James F. - and five others

Narrative statements; B25G-1, number 42-64881 was received from the 4th Air Depot Group, Townsville for transfer to 38th Bomb Group. Took off from Garbutt Field, Townsville for Durand Field, Port Moresby at 11:30 January 28, 1944. Plane never reached destination. A radio check of all fields in Australia and New Guinea within range failed to reveal 881's whereabouts. Radio message requesting crew and passenger list was sent to Base Operations, Garbutt Field, was received and answered, but message was garbled. Another radio message was sent requesting written crew and passenger list to be sent Safe Hand Courier answer not yet received. Rescue Service, Advance Echelon Fifth Air Force, APO 929 was immediately notified. Extent of Rescue Service search unknown. Aircraft of 38th Bomb Group made intensive search of sea and coast with 100 miles range of Port Moresby. Aircraft of 38th Bomb Group enroute to Townsville for modification reported sighting possible wreckage 97 miles south of Port Moresby. Other aircraft of 38th Bomb Group made intensive search of this area. While searching this area, plane 42-64810 is also missing. Search for both planes continuing. Added Note: All crew and passangers were killed.

Second Lieutenant Jesus Badia, Clemson Class of 1943, was the aircraft co-pilot.


MACR/Accident Report #: 12433 Aircraft Model: A25F S/N#: 41-39256
Organization: Location – Couvran, France; Command or AAF/AF – 9th Air Force; Group – 409th Bomb Gp. (L); Squadron – 642nd Bomb Sq. (L)
Place of Departure - Station A-70; Target or Intended Destination – See atchd map
Type of Mission – Combat
Date: 16 February 1945 Time: 1229 Location of Crash – Northwest of Unna, Germany Reason Aircraft was Lost: Enemy Anti-Aircraft
Number of Persons Aboard Aircraft: Crew – 3 Passengers – 0 Total – 3

List of Crew:
Pilot William Wahl,  2nd Lt. 0-686292 MIA
Mech. Gunner William N. Price Sgt,. 33497646 MIA
Arm Gunner Henry G. Muldrow, Sgt. 34027535 MIA (Bishopville, Lee County, South Carolina)

Eye Witness Statement:
APO 140, U.S. Army, 22 February 1945.

On the 16th of February 1945 I saw the Turret Gunner in a plane that flew in the second flight of the second box. From the position that I was in, I saw Lt. Wahl’s ship get a Flak hit one minute after Bombs Away. He peeled off to the left with parts of his cowling flying off and his left engine smoking. He had the ship under control but both engines were smoking when I last saw him going under a cloud layer about three minutes after being hit. To the best of my knowledge no parachutes opened.

Earl B. Smith, S/Sgt., 11040805, 642nd Bomb Sq. (L) 409th Bomb Gp. (L)

MACR/Accident Report #: 9809 Aircraft Model: B-24J; Nickname: “Sweet Charioat” S/N#: 42-50829: Organization: Location – Harwick England; Command or AAF/AF – 8th A.F.; Group – 93rd; Squadron – 330th

Place of Departure – Hardwick; Target or Intended Target – Eindhoven Germany; Type of Mission – Supply; Date: Day 18 Month 9 Year ’44 Time: 1738 Location of Crash: 5157N 0233E; Reason Aircraft was Lost: Enemy small arms fire

Number of Persons Aboard Aircraft: Crew – 11 Passengers – 0 Total – 11

List of Crew:
Pilot Geer, John H. Capt. 0-690206 MIA
Command Pilot Segars, Henry K., Major 0-352171 MIA (Hartsville, Darlington County, South Carolina)
Navigator Marshel, James H., Jr. 1st Lt. 0-702469 MIA
Bomb. Blackenship, George S. 1st Lt. 0-696197 MIA
Pilot, Nav. Karian, George G. 2nd. Lt. 0-716459 MIA
Top G Janiszewski, Ervin R. S/Sgt. 16092729 MIA
Tail G Tomkins, Raymond M. S/Sgt. 32383208 MIA
Radio Reed, Heil R. T/Sgt. 15324246 MIA
RWG Lamoureux, Robert R. T/Sgt 31246532 Duty
LWG Seiegaj, Joseph A. S/Sgt. 31324530 Duty
Drop Master Runetzky, Albert T/5 37413156 MIA

Subject: Statement made by 1st Lt. Carlos (NMI) Vasquez, 0-765155
To: Statistical Officer, 93rd Bomb Gp. (H) AAF.

1. On mission of September 18, 1944, as we approached I.P. at 1609 the no. 2 engine of Capt. Geer’s plane 829/I was apparently hit by small arms fire from the ground, it caught fire and was immediately feathered. At this time the #3 engine was observed to be smoking. Capt. Geer maintained lead and continued to target at airspeed of 175 indicated. After dropping supplies, a right turn was made and a climb made to approximately 3000 feet, at speed of 165. At this point I left Capt. Geer and continued to a height of 6000 feet, keeping his plane in sight. Visual contact was maintained with Capt. Geer until approximately 5 miles west over Flakes Island, at which time he was lost because of intervening haze. Two 360 degree turns and a decent to two thousand feet were made by me in an effort to relocate Capt. Geer. When last seen three engines were still operating, #3 was smoking. I heard him make a call to Air Sea Rescue giving altitude as 1800 feet, and doing okay. I do not know what happened to Capt. Geer after this time.
Carlos (NMI) Vasquez, 1st Lt. Air Corps, Airplane Commander.

MACR/Accident report # 768 Aircraft Model: C-47A S/N#: 42-235706
Organization: Location – Enfidaville, Tunisia; Command – NAAF Group- 316th T.C. Group; Squadron – 45th T.C. Squadron.
Place of Departure: Enfidaville, Field No. 1 ; Target or Intended Target – DZ near Gala, Sicily; Type of Mission – Night paratroop drop.
Date: 11 July, 1943 Time: App. 2107 GMT; Location of Crash: App. 3 mi. NW of Gala Reason Aircraft was Lost: Accidentally fired on by friendly ground and naval A/A guns; Number of Persons Aboard Aircraft: Crew – 5 Passengers – 18 Total – 23

List of Crew:
Pilot Dekker, Williams N. Major 0-395478
Co-Pilot Dobbins, Charles M. Captain 0-789693
Navigator Armstrong, Don (NMI) 1st. Lieut. 0-426329
Crew Chief Morgan, Edwin T. T/Sgt. 39021529
Radio Operator Mayo, Williams K. M/Sgt. 14077852
Passenger Kerrans, Charles M. Brig. Gen. 0-12504
Passenger Jackson, Tracy H., Captain 0-315620 (Greenwood, South Carolina)
Also 16 paratroopers who are definitely known to have jumped at predetermined drop zone prior to plane’s difficulties.

Eye Witness Account by Captain Edwin L. Minor on Circumstances Pertaining to Disappearance of Missing Aircraft 42-23506 -

I last saw 506 piloted by Major Dekker and Captain Dobbins heading along the coast northeast from Gala, just off shore. At this time (approximately 2113 GMT) the plane flew through a barrage of anti-aircraft fire, both from the ground and from the naval vessels, at which time I lost sight of it and proceeded home. The guns are believed to be friendly because they were located at points known to be in our possession, and also because in some cases they ceased firing when the recognition signal was flashed. The attached drawing of the Gala area indicates the approximate location of the plane where I last saw it.

MACR/Accident Report #: 1631 Aircraft Model: B-25D S/N#: 41-30451
Organization: Location – A.P.O. 430; Command or AAF/AF – 14th U.S. Air Force
Group – 341st Bomb Gp (M); Squadron – 11th Bomb Squad (M)
Place of Departure – Suichwan, China; Target or Intended Destination – River Sweep, Yangtze River; Type of Mission – Combat
Date: 12/30/43 Time: 08:50 Location of Crash: 30 10’ N 116 50’ E
Reason Aircraft was Lost: Believed to hit mast with right wing ripping approximately six feet off outer end.
Number of Persons Aboard Aircraft: Crew – 4 Passengers – 0 Total – 4

List of Crew:
Pilot Arnold, William C. 2nd Lt. 02051767 KIA
Co-Pilot Keating, Harland B. 1st Lt. 0662567 KIA
Bomb-Navi White, William H. C., 1st Lt. 0730761 KIA (Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina)
Eng-Gunner Smith, Lynnwood W. Sgt. 13049624 KIA

Plane #57 was approaching river boat on a low-level bomb dropping run. Direction was toward the north bank of the Yangtze River at the location of 30 10’ N 116 50’ E.

After dropping bomb the aircraft proceeded to pull up over the boat at which time the last six feet (approximately) of the right wing came off. The ship yawed and nosed up, then down, and appeared to be almost controllable when it hit the high mud bank of the river. The released bomb skipped and landed close by, exploding. The ship also exploded and burned.  We then circled and took photos...Robert A. Nice, 1st Lt., Air Corps, Pilot, Ship No. 56.

Plane #57 piloted by Lt. Arnold and his squadron crashed and exploded on the north bank of the Yangtze River approximately 10 miles up the river west of Anking. The plane made a pass on a ship at this spot dropping only one bomb that I saw. It hit the deck and tumbled after the plane but was clear of it. The outboard section of the right wing came off just after the pass over the ship. The plane veered to the right and down, striking the bank on the north side. A gasoline explosion was seen on impact. The fire burned and flared up intermittently until we a few minutes later. Very little wreckage remained above the water. The fuselage was not visible. Five or six 250 pound bombs were in the plane at the time of the crash. I saw no survives which is entirely reasonable since the plane hit the water at about 200 miles per hour taking the greater speed of the run into consideration.

Thomas H. Anderson, 0738062, 2nd Lt., A.C., 11th Bomb Sq. (M), Pilot.

Subject: Missing Air Crew Report.
To: Commanding General, Rear Rohelon U.S.A.F., C.B.I., A.P.O. 885.
1. Additional information is submitted concerning B-25 D airplane No. 41-30456 which was subject of report sent to your Headquarters, 6 January 1944.

2. Report has been received from Chinese authorities to the effect that three of the crew were taken prisoner by the Japanese. The source of the report cannot be considered as absolutely reliable but damage done to enemy shipping on this mission in Chinese report agrees closely with combat intelligence report. The opinions of other crews in mission is that if anyone was alive after the crash it is miraculous.

For the commanding general:
Fred C. Milner, Colonel, A.G.D., Adjutant General.

MACR # 12889-44-102450:
Group: 95th
Squadron: 335th
Aircraft Type/Model: B-17G
Aircraft Serial Number: 42-102450

List of Crew:

Pilot     Duncan, Robert L.   2nd Lt.   MIA
C.P       Harvey, Thomas J.     2nd Lt.    MIA
Nvgtr    Koledy, Rudolph W.    2nd Lt.    MIA
N.G       McKerran, Elbert R.     Sgt.       MIA
TTG      Bohlender, Chester F.  Sgt.       MIA
ROG     Peter, Edwin C.           Sgt.       MIA
BTG      Carr, John C.             Sgt.       MIA
WG       Wirth, Harvey             Sgt.       MIA
TG        Lelly, Courtney           Sgt.       MIA

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