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Newberry County was formed in 1785 as a part of Ninety Six District, with the county seat in the town of Newberry. The community was named for Capt. John Newberry, Revolutionary War officer. This part of the country was settled largely by Scotch-Irish, English, and German immigrants in the mid-1700's. The German region was given the name Dutch Fork. This title is still carried to this day. Historians John Belton O'Neall (1795-1863) and David Duncan Wallace (1874-1951) were Newberry County natives, as was governor and U. S. Senator Coleman L. Blease (1868-1942).

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The Pen of Charlie Senn - Charlie has written many short stories about Newberry County and it's residences.


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Newberry County Courthouse

  • P.O. Box 442
  • Newberry, SC 29108
  • Telephone: (803) 321-2118
  • (Probate records: wills, estate inventories, guardianships, etc.)

Newberry County Clerk

  • P.O. Box 278
  • Newberry, SC 29108-0278
  • (803) 276-3494

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