Newberry County Biographies and Short Sketches
South Carolina Genealogy Trails

Bio's A - B

Assorted Short Bio's - Page, Gary, Blackburn, Wm. Davis, Richey, Gallager

Assorted Short Bio's - Gregg, Spence, McCalla, Todd
Jasper Abrams
Rev. Herman Aull and family

Barre Family

Thomas Bauskett
James M. Baxter
Bedenbaugh Family
Gaspar Berly
Coleman Livingston Blease
Eugene Satterwhite Blease
Henry H. Blease
John Boland
Mrs. Thomas Bond
Jacob Boozer Family
Bowers Family
John A. Boyd M. D.
John Brown and family
Robert Brown Family
Casper Byerley 

Bio's C - D

James Fitz James Caldwell
Joe Caldwell
Patrick Calhoun Caldwell
William Calmes
Major Z. W. Carwile
Ben Caughman
Diary of Drayton Israel Jacob Chandler - written during his service in the Civil War
Giles Chapman
John W. Chapman
Charles Charity
John Counts Family
P. W. Counts Family
George Benedict Cromer
James Ivey Cromer Family
Cromer Family
Drayton Margart Crosson
Crosson Family
Crump - Diary of Mrs. Sue Sample Crump

Chesley and Wm. C. Davis
James Wood Davidson
Derrick, Sidney Jacob
Dominick Family
Dominick and Spouses 
Dominick, Fred. H

William Dugan

Bio's E - H

Robert P. Fair
Lawrence Feagle
Jacob Folk
Rev. Thomas Frean

A. C. Garlington

Hampson Gary - son of Franklin Newman Gary
Gary Family
Jacob F. Gilliam, Dr.
Pettus Wales Gilliam
Robert Glenn Gilliam
Louise Glasgow - a news article celebrating her 111th birthday
John Glenn
Alexander Goggans
The Goggans Family
Goggins Store
James Graham
Thomas Ferguson Greneker
Lewis A. Griffith, M.D.

Rev. William Harmon
William H. Harrington
Haubt to Hope - written by Mary Boozer
Hawkins Family
Hentz Family
Chesley W. Herbert
Benjamin Z. Herndon
Francis B. Higgins
John Christian Hope
James Cornelius Hope
James Haskell Hope
William Walter Houseal
Jacob Hunt

Hunter Family

Bio's I - M

Chancellor Job Johnstone

John and Michael Kibler and Family

James Pinckney Kinard
John Martin Kinard
John Martin Kinard - Kershaw's Brigade
General H. H. Kinard
Middleton T. Kinard

William James Lake
Dr. A. F. Langsford
James N. Lipscomb
Lester Family
John Rowland Leavell

R. C. Maffett
James M. Maffett
The Major Family - John Major and Rebecca Chandler
The Martin Family
James McIntosh
William W. McMorries
Esther Spence Montgomery
Abram Moore
John A. Moore

Casper Mounts 

Bio's N - R

John Drayton Nance
John K. Nance

James Packer
John O. Peoples
Thomas Harrington Pope, Jr.
Young John Pope

Burr Johnstone Ramage
David Reid
J. W. Reid
John S. Renwick
Zaccheus V.  Right
Riser Family
Dr. P. B. Ruff

William Drayton Rutherford

Bio's S -Z

Clifford Shull
Jacob K. Schumpert
John Windell Shealy
John C. Simkins
James Spence
Christian Henry Suber
John Summer Jr

The Arthmur Thomasson Saga
Samuel Tribble
Andrew Turner
Henry M. Turner

Thomas Wadlington, Sr.
Welch Family
Werts Family
Wheeler Family
James H. Williams
Colonel James H. Williams
Wise Family

Young Family

Julius Zobel


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