General H. H. Kinard

Annals of Newberry, Part Two by John A. Chapman, page 382-83

Gen. H. H. Kinard was certainly for many years one of the most influential men of Newberry County. He was born in the Dutch Fork of Newberry on 29th March, 1806. When Judge O’Neall was writing his Annals Gen. Kinard was serving his second term as Sheriff. Thus being placed alongside of Mr. John S. Carwile as worthy, in the judgment of the people, of being twice Sheriff of Newberry. He was afterwards elected for the third term. For twelve years he filled the responsible office of Sheriff, a great of number of years than any other person has ever held the office in Newberry.

Gen. Kinard was twice married. Only three children, a son and two daughters, survive him. There are, however, several grandchildren. He left a widow who became in due time the wife of my long time friend, Dr. 0. B. Mayer. His eldest daughter married first, Col. W. B. D’Oyley. Being left a widow she married Rev. J. W. Humbert of the Methodist Church. Mrs. Humbert is the Secretary of the “Woman’s Missionary Society” of the Methodist Church of this Slate. A sketch of the history ct this Society will be given elsewhere. His youngest daughter is happily married to Rev, A. Coke Smith D. D., of the Methodist Conference of South Carolina. His grand-daughter, Alice, who is also the grand-daughter of my old friend, Dr. P. B. Huff, married Mt E. H. Aull, of New-berry. Of her father, Capt. J. H. Kinard, who was killed during the war, I shall have more to say at the proper time. His grandson, John H. Kinard, is Clerk of the Court by ap­pointment and by election (1888). His son Henry is new liv­ing in Newberry. His other grandson, brother to John M., is a graduate of the Citadel Academy and was a Professor or teacher in that Institution, but is now a student of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. Gen. Kinard had one son whom I never knew, who was said to have been a young man of great promise. He died in Paris while attending a course of medical lectures in that city in the year 1856 or 1857. I write from memory. His remains were brought home and buried here.

Gen. Kinard was a native of Newberry County, born in the Dutch Fork. Having been elected Sheriff he removed to the County Seat about the year 1840 where he passed the remainder of his life, He lived some years after the war, dying on the 17th of June, 1869.


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